Meet Lt. Bruce Bletz, Lousiana gang stalker, a named party in a “gang stalking” lawsuit going forwards in the courts today, after the Fifth Circuit calls him a liar to his stupid pig-like face.

Techdirt’s amazing writer, Tim Cushing is on the beat of gang stalking lawsuits, but like most journalists, myself included, he hesitates to call them either “gang stalking lawsuits,” or name the actions of these deranged detectives and others who “are who the gang stalkers are” by their colloquial name, gang stalkers.

Here is a glimpse of just one case, where gang stalking tactics were used to target an individual, who just prevailed against a “qualified immunity” claim, because a Masonic asshat stood in the way of facts and evidence, and tried to frame a family man for fake crimes–no kidding, these people are like shit on your shoe. This POS even planted bombs to try to incriminate a father, and get close to that man’s daughters–truly sick, perverse, scheming and treacherous evil people by EVERY definition of evil.

Well–about fake heroism–this is one such case where a heroic “first responder” (who was nowhere NEAR the Twin Towers on 911) is honored AS a first responder AS IF he was there–meet Lt. Bruce Bletz, of Bossier Parish Lousiana–a named party to one of the most bizarre gang stalking lawsuits you will ever read through.

Bletz, it turns out is a huge liar, and that verified by the Fifth Circuit Court–a court not known for debunking lying cops–and he and his gang stalking rats were planting fake bombs. Perpetrating fake crimes–planting all kinds of evidence over a period of time that spanned a decade, in order to entrap informants, or do…who knows what the fuck these crazies are doing! Read the case–bizarre is the hallmark of these people.

Fake bombs, planted evidence, constant harassment of an entire family, including children, informants–this case is a gang stalking BINGO in every sense of the term–ROGS Analysis predicts every feature of this case, and you can use ROGS Analysis to scientifically destroy these monsters.

Detective Bruce Bletz, third from the left, is a gang stalker who literally planted bombs in a targeted individuals life, and scummy informants to attempt to destroy a family who just wanted a horse farm. He even used big white signs with bible verses written on them to intimidate and harass that family, and later, was caught in so many bizarre lies and factual mis-statements, that his version of gang stalking was revealed in the 5th Circuit federal court. Most southern Baptists do not believe that telling the truth is important–and they lie at will–it’s in their genealogy. And a BONUS: the covert Masonic symbolism cannot be avoided in the picture above–trained readers can easily spot it. These people are garbage.

Just look at the Masonic numerology in the following headline–it really is surreal what these gang stalking asshats do, and do again and again in every generation. Like rats, they are able to spawn, and proliferate. A few well placed boots might solve this problem for humanity.

First responders honored on Sept. 11 By Sean Green, September 13, 2013

Ahhh. Those 11’s. 12’s and 13’s have deep symbolic meaning to these murdering ne’er do’wells. Lets observe how these people blur fact and fiction:

First responders were honored Wednesday with the 2013 Patriot Awards Banquet hosted by the Bossier Chamber of Commerce.

Six recipients of the prestigious Patriot Award were selected:

  • Emergency Communications, Fred McAnn, Assistant Director, Bossier Parish Communications District
  • Bossier City Law Enforcement, Detective Matthew Bragg, Bossier City Police Department
  • Bossier Parish Law Enforcement, Lt. Bruce Bletz, Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Bossier City Fire Protection, District Chief Melvin Singleton, Bossier City Fire Department
  • Reserve/Guard Military, Tech. Sgt. Keyne Mosley, 307th Maintenance Squadron, Barksdale Air Force Base
  • Active Duty Military, Maj. Jason Dymond, 96th Bomb Squadron, Barksdale Air Force Base

“We want to thank the Bossier Chamber of Commerce and other local sponsors for honoring our local heroes on this day, the 12th anniversary of 9-11. First responders play a critical role in keeping our community safe, and we are humbled to be recognized along with our fellow law enforcement officers, firefighters, military personnel and emergency communications personnel,” said Sheriff Julian Whittington.

Do you see any actual 911 First Responders there in the picture and story?

Yeah–neither do I. These Masonic asshats and their community asshat patrols perpetuate mythology by tying their names to headlines, and acting out a script of heroism Yet here below, we now see what a true hero” both Bletz and Chief Whittington are, as they are caught gang stalking an individual:

And now, because we know these types are indeed what is causing democracies to fail all around the western world–that these Masons. and their religions indeed are like rats munching away at human rights, and supplanting theor spawn of God First, then rights!–we need to knw how to locate them–maybe trap and trace them, so we can sue them, or ….whatever else my readers might find expedient.

Here is Detective Bruce D. Bletz, via ClustrMaps, and keep in mind, I have traced these types of shitbag stalkers as high as the FBI too, in this post here.

SO–about writing on targeted individuals–it’s a risky deal, because most of them actually deserve what they get, because they don’t play along well with the rules of evidence, nor respect the rule of actual law. Instead, they vie for space in Masonic, or tribal dialogues, throwing out the rules the rest of us must play by–they think their concept of “god” trumps due process–and in so doing, they fall under the exact problematic scheme of their oppressors–they both believe the same garbage.

Tim Cushing is one of any writers keen enough to sort these facts from TI fictions–and to navigate away from the inevitable TI garbage of electronics–listen folks: I have been shot with bullets, faced down hordes of over 70 armed persons, battled actual Nazi’s, been profiled by Israeli Mossadi Jihad’s and wiretapped at all times with “electronic harassment”–but never once have I fallen into the trap of discussing that in terms that these people do: “”electronic harassment, 24-7. aliens! Zappers! Mobs!!!”

And so to go legitimate journalist for the cause–if you cant shut the fuck up about the garbage you are allowing into your own life, then so be it–fuck your case, and let it fester in the courts.

I occasionally extend my time to actual TI’s, but inevitably, the DEW b.s. shitshow begins–it is how they proselytize their religion–and Cushing is also hesitant to take up cases where asshats claim they are being zapped with electronic weapons–for a very good reason: most who claim electronic zapping are actually sidelining as religion toting wordslingers, and not capable of defending their cases in courts of law.

The problem is, time after time, some actual targeted individuals insist upon blabbering up on “directed energy weapons,” rather than focus on the simple facts of law, or facts in general–their cases are like a hybrid sandwich of PB&J slathered with BLT–they can’t make their minds up if they want justice in the courts, or justice “in heaven.

If the former, then STFU about electronic weapons. If the latter, then prove your damned case already, just like the rest of us have had to do–by playing by the rules of “facts and evidence.”

The former claims are like we see in every case ever filed by serial fraudster Lin Wood Esq., part fact, part gibberish, all thrown out of the courts, with very, very rare wins in any sense of law or justice.

Real claims of constitutional deprivation of rights claims, corruption in policing, claims of stalking even do get taken to task in the courts, but NOT when claimants insist upon their end times prophecy bullshit–such litigants probably do in fact bring misery upon themselves, and by doing so, lead ONLY to failed lawsuits.

High profile targeted individuals like Stanley Cohen, Esq., and Dr. Stuart Bramhall, Keith LaBella, Esq., and the excellent webauthor of NEVER talk about being targeted with “electronic weapons, satellite brain blasters, and electronic harassment!!!!!”

Like myself, they have all waged lawsuits in the courts, or documented the fanatical gang stalking that western cuture is known for in other ways; waged campaigns for justice against unjust local, state, and federal bastards and their hidden religion–and none of us talk about Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s), or being zapped in the ass with Morgellon’s micro-raptor probes that seeded us with Frankenstein viruses and so on. No–that sort of psychobabble seems reserved for the religious right, and their associates.

But for some reason–for whatever reason–some actual targeted individuals choose the blabbering about electronics route is beyond me to comprehend, though the evidence points to a religious rationale of “end times prophecy” and so on.

Here is just one example from those religious persons who conflate electronic weapons harassment and end times prophecy–these people call it “spiritual weaponry” or “spiritual warfare,” and absolutely fail generation after generation to take legitimate stands to support actual targeted individuals, like Dr. Martin Luther King, or many others, because they are too caught up in selling religion.

This is like a disease–carried by rats to t new host, one generation after the next, and the true “prophets” are always murdered off, because the fake preachers allow for the possibility of “electronic weaponry” in one form or another, while forsaking actual activists.

And so there you go, Jesus on a cross, crying out to his father in heaven, and next thing you know ZAPPPPPPPING!!!! and a shot of vinegar to the gut, courtesy of a “god” Roman soldier, followed shortly thereafter by death; and Abrahamic Trifecta mythology after that.

Yeah–whata weepy sad story about that poor Jew–in the myth, he died for YOUR sins–what a guy!!!–And if that’s justice, or prophecy, please send me directly to hell-all of my besties are there already. And I am ok with that.

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