US wins extradition of Julian Assange in British court, as so-called “Nazi” websites find web hosting in Russia, China–ah, ‘Murica so free!

As we see all over the west, banning, and shadow-banning of alternative narratives is a real thing. The controlled opposition counter-culture news source The Daily Stormer is an internet phenomenon without parallel–it is banned, because it is a rear guard action of free speech itself, forcing the so-called “altRight” issue on communist nations who know now better–and it’s a very forward action on the part of western “banners” against these countries themselves.

For those who grew up in an era where this banning and cancelling is “normal” keep in mind that one of the West’s big selling points was once that they stood against censorship, proclaiming at all opportunities that “the communists” censor speech, control the press, burn books, and jail speakers!! Tianenmen Square!! Gulags!!!; whereas today, western nations LEAD in censorship by-proxy, political repression, and a prison industrial complex–the size and scope of which that has no parallel in human history.

Corporations that act as gatekeepers of free speech are shadow financed by the CIA’s venture capital firm, InQtel, and then as they gain steam, and begin censoring speakers, they all screech “it’s not censorship if it happens on a private platform!”

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Julian Assange and Wikileaks released footage of US soldiers murdering children and journalists in Iraq. The USA has pursued him as a criminal for doing what journalists DO. His “crime” was to have access to media that was not favorable to the illegal Iraq war.

A lot of the last generation’s talk was about the “rise of the right” as Democrats wagged their fingers at every internet platform that allowed free speech, eventually shitting down platforms like Lavabit, 8chan, and others, while and completely destroying democratic discourse and civility on Twitter with their military backed troll armies.

Everywhere one could look, the cry of “Nazi’s!! Racism!!! anti-Semitism!!” were ringing out like shots fired from screeching cannons.

Here we see the recent headline “Why are Mocscow and Beijing happy to host the U.S. far right?!!!” screeched loudly in this week’s media. And all of that as western nations decry China’s closed internet and despise the “Great Firewall of China” and stating that “the government of China wants to keep its population under control *gasp!*” and so on.

This follows a long pattern of censorship BY western interests, and to attempt to position themselves as somehow not what they, in fact, are: a runaway pirate ship, terrorizing everyone else, while claiming they are hunting terrorists!

Bizarre–after a nearly two decade outcries about the so-called far right, the movement to crush the far right (by the so-called left)explored every angle “they” could use to escape western censorship, running stories full of images of rampaging (FBI infiltrated) alt Right groups, and headlines like Why the alt-right can’t build an alt-internet, and as these forces attacked the free flow of capital across the world, they hod behind headlines claiming that ONLY the far right has an interest in a “shadow economy, screeching “Extreme right groups turn to ‘shadow economy.’

But through all of that–and while racism and other toxic dialogues are indeed offensive–it was slowly revealed who was doing all the screeching: deep state actors ranging from corporations, to CIA, to the Anti Defamation League and its spawn, to actual right wing religious interests that infiltrate all left wing dialogues–the entirety of such an alliance does in fact represent a globalist cabal–it’s simply good for the business of capitalism to shut down certain dialogues, and hide certain facts.

And, through all of that, we see a more nefarious group of actors and their actions revealed: in mass shootings, we frequently find actual CIA or other agency covert operators behind the scenes, and such is the case of the Parkland shootings most famous crisis actor, David Hogg, now Tweeting about how his father was a covert “black ops” agent–these are not coincidences, these are activities of the deep state–how the CIA gets things done in domestic spaces.

And where can we find such stories? Yup–at so-called Nazi websites, run from eastern bloc and communist nations–the places that free speech has fled, or been forced to exist, because the western democracies have all fallen–to the deep state, “whoever they are.”

Oh nooooooes!! Nazi’s in the Ukraine!! Nazi’s in Hong Kong!!! –armed and organized by the CIA and its democracy crushing NED NGO’s, or by British-Israel.

And now the truth outs: the Parkland school where a mass shooting “occured” as the lead school police officer cowered as the shots rang out–yeah--that school was FULL of the children of current and former CIA and other agencies.

This proximity of the children of America’s deep state–current and former police, military and intelligence agents present BEFORE, DURING and AFTER these events is a fact of all mass shootings

Maybe he was MK Ultra’d and has multiple personality disorder, one of those being “Baby Hogg” the helpless child. Perhaps his hateful personality – AKA Boss Hogg, who decides everyone in America’s personal decisions for them – that we all know and love exists to protect Baby Hogg, the helpless child who thinks he’s not even a crisis actor?

“My dad is in the CIA” or “my dad is the leader of a prison gang” are stories children tell. But if his father is in top secret black ops, is it not possible that he would put his son in an MK Ultra program?

So, of course we now see the Daily Stormer operating from a communist country–but not why you might think: the Daily Stormer, like US CIA funded NGO’s is a rear guard action–an attempt to force a dialogue on Russian and Chinese party members who don’t know any better–because the Stormer, love it or hate it, is controlled opposition. Actual Nazi’s hate it, and call it a fake news site!

So–free speech is complicated. Like Edward Snowden, who believed in all of the promises of the so-called American Dream and freedom, is a refugee in Russia today, and Julian Assange is being MKultra’d and terrorized in Britain for blowing the whistle on US-British-Israel atrocities in the Iraq War–democracy is in sorry shape as this Jewischristian hegemony, and it’s Abrahamic Trifecta of Masonic organized religion terorrizes the world.

As I am on record noting, all true socialism is an organic impulse, co-opted by one or another incarnation of Jewish-christianity, and it’s little brothers in the Islamic world. In other words, both Jews and christians actually conspire to destroy actual socialism, and failing that, they label it “racist” because they cannot control it–cannot have “hegemony” over it, co-opt its organic desire for equality, or erase the tribal and patriarchal lineages of other races.

In other words–Jewishchristians seek to destroy the warrior class, which is exactly what they did post-WW2 when then OSS, cum CIA brain doctors and propagandists went to work on Germany, using Dr. D.E. Cameron, aka “Dr. White” (himself descended from a defeated patriarchal warrior caste) to orchestrate the downfall of that countries’ warrior class.

So–because we can’t view western press as anything BUT propaganda for that cause–and because actual Nazi’s HATE the Daily Stormer, what we see then, is that the Stormer is in fact, middle ground–and a centrist perspective in it’s own right.

We see time and again that the deep state is nearly 100% current and former police, military, and intelligence agents mobilizing their community assets for one or another purpose, EXACTLY how we saw the lead FBI agent in the Columbine shooting had a son who filmed a dry run of that shooting two years before the actual event.

So, WTF!–let’s have the Nazi’s tell us more about how the lead crisis actor David Hogg–who wasn’t even in the school as the Manchurian Langleyan Candidate Nikolas Cruz is alleged to have shot the school up, and now he outs his father as working for the deep state–a story of “Baby Hogg” the helpless child, and his alter ego Boss Hogg”–you won’t find THIS story amplified in the MSM.:

Crisis Actor David Hogg Tweets About His Father Working Black Ops

Andrew Anglin April 13, 2022

Popular crisis actor David Hogg appears to be experiencing some kind of revelation.

We were probably the first ones to note that crisis actor David Hogg might not even know he is a crisis actor.

Has anyone else had the experience of having a parent who did a lot of classified stuff and while they can’t tell you about it- you start connecting the dots and realize if you’re even 10% right your parent did some insane stuff?

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

Like got a awards that don’t even say what they are for (very clearly like redacted) or literally get a reward and can’t even take it home because it’s that secret?

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

I didn’t realize how like not normal this was until I was older. And now im thinking about all the random things throughout my childhood and though I don’t know what it was exactly he was doing im like

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

But makes sense he knows how to shoot guns, fly a plane, fly a helicopter, scuba dive and skydive and more. And both my grandpas did a lot of secret stuff too (according to family lore) some stuff so crazy I don’t believe it.

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

It was the same path I wanted to go down prior to everything happening follow in their footsteps. Learn a couple languages, computer science, international affairs and then drop off the face of the earth and go work for the state dept 😉

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

Obviously not doing that now and I did want to follow in their footsteps I’d have to run, get elected and work on the intel committee or something.

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

It’s funny how many conspiracy theories there are because while it’s true my dad was a fed who did a lot of stuff a can’t talk about that’s it. We really are just kids and the fact you think we are so good we must be FBI or CIA or something is flattering, it’s false.

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

Trust me if we were we would be a lot more successful, I wouldn’t be talking about this and I certainly wouldn’t have so many spelling errors lol

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

But it has made it easier to figure out which of my classmates I will probably never see or hear from again after college because they are going to work for “the government” haha

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

I only talk about this at all because I literally know nothing about what he did so it doesn’t feel like a risk and he’s been retired for over 5 years

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022


He noted also that his friends are also the children of spooks.

while I’m flattered you think we’re so impactful there’s no way it’s just kids it must be the FBI or CIA or whatever you’re wrong. We really are just young people who don’t want our friends getting shor

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

My grandfather did a lot of crazy stuff (supposedly) and later would go on to be a higher up a GD to

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

I have other friends who’ve had the same. Along with their fathers drunkenly talking about stuff they shouldn’t have or going under and talking about getting a “company representative” over and over

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 12, 2022

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