Full guilty plea in eBay gang stalking case as former executive James Baugh slaps out, won’t rat on his bosses, maybe becomes a capo after release from prison.

James Baugh, former eBay security executive upholds the code of silence, won’t cop a plea deal, protects “the bosses.” A “good news-bad news” ending for targeted individuals who have watched this case closely–this is guilty plea Lucky Number 7 in the case.

My most popular posts in the last week have been an odd mixture of people reading up on how the CIA was integral in the foundation of Disney World in Florida, and then, the eBay gang stalking case, and both cases are in the news again in BIG ways, demonstrating the efficacy of targeted individuals utilizing ROGS Analysis to sort through the facts of gang stalking cases.

By far, the eBay gang stalking case has no rival in gang stalking lawsuits and other court cases: this one case single-handedly demonstrates how bizarre these “gangs” of current and former police are, the absurd and absurdist measures taken by these domestic terrorists to target individuals, and the purely sick and twisted state of policing today; and offers the public a glimpse at the gang structure and hierarchy of this class of stalkers:

Seven of the eBay gang of stalkers have pleaded guilty, or taken deals. Gang stalkers LOVE the number SEVEN! Now let’s go for NINE. Image: Cape Coral Mortgage

From Boston Globe:

Former eBay exec who ran bizarre harassment campaign against Natick couple to plead guilty

Jim Baugh is giving up his legal battle after judge declined to dismiss the charges

The former head of security for eBay who was charged with masterminding a bizarre harassment and stalking campaign against a Natick couple is abandoning his legal fight and will plead guilty in the case.

Jim Baugh, who traveled to Boston in 2019 to direct the campaign against Ina and David Steiner, initially pleaded innocent when he was charged in a 15-count criminal indictment along with a subordinate last year. Five other former eBay employees who worked for Baugh have already pleaded guilty.

But after US District Judge Patti Saris rejected several motions to have the charges dismissed, Baugh will change his plea to guilty and avoid a trial that had been scheduled to begin next month. Baugh does not have a deal with prosecutors in the US attorney’s office in Boston

Obviously, one scumbag gang stalker taken off the streets is a win all around. BUt the loss part is harder to stomache: most gang stalking cases don’t go to trial, or end in settlements, long after the target has been murdered, or some other bad outcome. So the public at large has NO IDEA how bizarre these private contractors are, or the assinine, illegal, and amoral lengths they go to to terrorize their victims.

IN other words: gang stalking victims often lack clear cases to point to whereby they can draw parallels to their wown case, much the way “qualified immunity” protects bad cops from being jailed or sued: if you can’t find a case that is EXACTLY the same as the one you seek to litigate, tough luck for you, TI!

And this case was disgusting at all levels, and gang stalkers are disgusting people at all levels–take a look, from MassLive, to see exactly why targeted individuals call these people deranged psychopaths and “organized crime:”

In 2019, Baugh and other former eBay employees began a harassment campaign against Ina and David Steiner, the editor and published of a newsletter that eBay executives saw as critical of the e-commerce company.

The harassment included sending disturbing deliveries like a bloody pig mask and pig fetus to the Steiners’ home, flooding the couple’s Twitter direct messages, threatening them, and traveling to Natick to install a GPS tracking device on their car, according to authorities.

Baugh, of San Jose, California, allegedly convened meetings to plan and coordinate the harassment and directed David Harville, eBay’s former director of global resiliency, to go to Boston with him for an “op” targeting the Steiners and their website…Harville, of New York City, purchased tools to break into the Steiners’ garage and place a GPS tracking device on their car, authorities said.

Baugh and Harville were indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit stalking through interstate travel and through facilities of interstate commerce, witness tampering and destruction, alteration and falsification of records in a federal investigation, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Had Baugh taken a guilty plea, he would have had to testify against his bosses, former CEO Devin Norse Wenig, and COO former Steve “the Stalker” Wymer, both of whom stepped down from eBay after they were outed as criminally deranged stalkers.

But that didn’t happen–instead, like all underworld crime families and gangs, he will do the time, knowing that he will get a gang stalker promotion from street level enforcer to capo once he gets out–that he will ALWAYS be guaranteed a place at the table in the underworld of corporate stalking–he took one for the team! He will forever have “protection” hereon–because that’s what this unique form of crime is–a syndicate that operates in the shadows of policing itself.

‘Ndrangheta hierarchy is not much different from the mafia; and little different from we see in general gang structures, which mirror corporate structures Image: ‘Ndrangheta in Lombardy: Culture and Organizational Structure

Related Story:After this case nearly destroyed eBay’s reputation, and left the stench of criminality in the air, eBay ‘Refreshes’ Board of Directors; Annual Meeting Set for June

And, like any gang–these gangs are extremely easy to trace and trap using ROGS Analysis–these gang members have so far copped many pleas. From eCommercebytes, the website they stalked, run by the couple they harassed, we find that this gang is quite large:

Brian Gilbert, 52, of San Jose, Calif., a former Senior Manager of Special Operations for eBay’s Global Security Team, and Stephanie Stockwell, 26, of Redwood City, Calif., the former manager of eBay’s Global Intelligence Center, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses. U.S. District Court Judge William G. Young scheduled sentencing for Stockwell on March 11, 2021, and for Gilbert on May 6, 2021…On Oct. 8, 2020, co-defendants Stephanie Popp, 32, and Veronica Zea, 26, pleaded guilty to the same charges and are scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 25, 2021. On Oct. 27, 2020, co-conspirator Philip Cooke, 55, pleaded guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 24, 2021…Former eBay executives, James Baugh, 45, and David Harville, 48, were arrested and charged on June 15, 2020.

That’s seven down, and two to go, as the Baugh plea likely circumvents the top executive shot callers from being indicted. And that’s why he copped the plea he did–likeany gang member anywhere, he knows his survival depends upon not ratting out his bosses, and thereby maintains his place in the hierarchy.

Gang stalking cases and “gang stalkers” are nearly 100% current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, working for a larger entity such as a state, institution, or corporation, and working with community assets, exactly as we see in this case, and the Feds are generally not interested in pursuing these cases, because these gangs work greasy hand in dirty black glove with the government, most of the time in a very incestuous and cloistered manner–you scratch my perineum, I wash your reusable lambskin condom**, and never ever tell stories about who we are f@cking over.

While the FBI is referred to as “the corporation” when it comes to what they are, and what they do, these fringe associated police gangs have no specific name–private contractors, corporate intelligence division, the Fraternal Order of Police, unions, etc.–the gang membership and hierarchy is spread out much further than one agency–by design.

And while the FBI may own the franchise of secret policing in the USA, and their main efforts are always a business that furthers the business of those who own and control corporations and institutions as we saw in the Michigan #fakeplot to kidnap a governor–and neither the corporation, or the gangs of stalkers work for ordinary people, who ARE who their VICTIMS ARE.

The eBay case is an extremely rare prosecution, as they pursued a “gang” that had “stalked” some people in Nattick, MA, and that gang did what they did on the direct orders of then eBay stalker in chief former CEO Devin Norse Wenig, and his second in command Steve Wymer. Both of those stalkers went on to other careers after eBay. Wenig sits on the board of GM, and Wymer heads up the Boys and Girls club of Silicon Valley–and it is worth noting that the B&G Club are implicated as training young stalkers themselves.

Unfortunately for TI’s around the country, you will have to follow the civil case against those two shot callers to get more details–and maybe bring your own lawsuits too.

* Gang stalkers are nearly ALWAYS 100% current and former police, military, and intelligence trained agents using their community assets to stalk people–and they DO bizarre stuff. Electronic weapons, and “electronic harassment” all figured in to this case, as the targets were cyberstalker on Twitter, GPS devices were left in their car, home break-ins, wiretaps and in-home listening devices were used, and likely computer hacking,

The hallmark of these cases is the sloppy and bizarre nature of the stalking, designed to make the targets sound “crazy,” utilizing tactics such as conspicuous (obvious) surveillance stalking, sending the bloody pigs mask, cockroaches, and pornography subscriptions in the mail–these were all features of the stalking, EXACTLY as actual gang stalking targets discuss online.

Especially worthy of note is the high numbers of female stalkers in this case, 33%a pattern that repeats in EVERY CASE.

**a deliberately foul reference, befitting these types of people. Reuse, Recycle!….um, naaah.

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