Amber Heard, Johnny Depp: Milani cosmetic line pulls a Legally Blonde move, slaps Heard in her “disaster of a human being” face on TikTok

Amber Heard is a “a ‘disaster of a human being,'” and a blackmailing skank, and like ALL of these “empowered” white females who descend from the code’s of chivalry handed down to them by the matriarchs of whiteness–Lulu Markwell and the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan Kamelias–these deserve only scorn from anyone for what they are, and less obviously what theyare not: women seeking equality, actual justice, and human rights for ALL peoples, not just the white female ones with a few more tricks in their trunks for the right buck$, as they fade to 40-something, never having materialized any substantial meaning in their own, or other peoples lives.

It’s also worth noting that the ideology they hearken to is primarily Protestant derived white knighted sexism, and its gendered brutality which was once reserved for and directed at European descended males, and now extends the length and breadth of the human family, most recently on display when Will Smith ritually slapped comedian Chris Rock in the face on live TV, to defend his wife’s “honor.”

These women seek the next generation f whoever will uphold their privilege as they live–the future be damned! The white female must perpetuate! Or, not, as we see in case after case of these types hitting 40-50 years old, no husband, no kids of any substance, no serious prospects of how they can turn daddies wealth over to the future–a real win for the banksters, these women

Related Story: Read “A Woman Scorned,” as Jennifer San Marco, shot up her stalkers in a post office in California (a major gang stalking hub). Her targets? All non-white people. But there is MUCH MORE to that story–San Marco was stalked across the country, and her stalking–like so many eventual mass shooters, revolved around alternative narrative, and charges of racism–but whose?

Heard had a nasty habit of following Johnny Depp around through his own house, filming him*, as he drank booze, doing what skanks like Amber Heard do: mock you, belittle you, assault your sense of dignity and pride–and they do it in your own home.

Today’s bombshell from the #fakeabuse defamation trial:

Makeup Company Calls Out Amber Heard After She Claimed To Use Their Product To Conceal Alleged Abuse From Johnny Deppthe product didn’t exist until ONE YEAR AFTER she said she used it.

I mean–why isn’t this trial about blackmail? Extortion? Because the actions of this skank are the exact actions of a blackmailer, not a victim of anything at all but her own extortion scheme.

extortion: the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

But wait! Amber Heard didn’t issue any known demand for money–did she? So–what could she have otherwise gained? Well, for starters, as a B-list actress, she was able to single-handedly destroy an A-list actors reputation with an inference that he was a wife beater–a lie that has travelled the world, and seen itself repeated millions of times around the world, and in Britain’s [Jewish-Protestant-Catholic] oriented press.

And possibly, in a typical white female fashion, she was attempting to become a brand ambassador for the DVIC, and in so doing, also a brand ambassador for the cosmetic line Milani–should they have accepted her feeble and obvious product “like.”

“Hey look at meee, I’m Amber Something or Other a total B-list actor, and I use this to sell DVIC ideology!”

Seriously, Milani be llike “let’s bite on THAT cannonball of a selling point!”–which they didn’t–but hey–thanks for the plug, #fakevictim! The problem with the fake victim though, is that the market is glutted with white females vying and dying to be the liar-of-the-month in the news and brand awareness cycle.

Oh Noooooooes! Kidnapped white women are everywhere!!!–They are SOOOO HARD TO FIND!!! PLEASE DONATE/LIKE/SUPPORT MISSING WHITE WOMEN!!!! WHERE’S Sherri Papini!!!!????

Wheeew! Praise the Lord! They FOUND Sherri!!! She faked her own kidnapping, and a MASSIVE manhunt ensued. She later popped up with some fake injuries and blamed some non-white women for the fake abduction. As it turned out, Sherri had found the man, just not the right one–it’s NEVER HER FAULT!!!


–but when do we get to talk about extortion? Blackmail? Liars and frauds? The Kate’s and the Karen’s?

In societies that accept and especially encourage full scale war on men–men of all colors I mind you–there’s good reason some women meet violence: because they deserve a good ass kicking, just like the societies that uphold these crackpots dole out to men across the west. Put up or shut up lady–learn some f@cking Ka Ra TAY or something–but we have heard enough of your schtick, and that barrel of sour pickles sold as sausages gets lots of people maimed, mauled, maligned; incarcerated and killed.

The neocon agenda and its Domestic Violence Industrial Complex added a few carve-outs to doctrines of truth, fairness, and law when it was codified that ALL violence is a MALE problem. Essentially, the banksters, and the corporations, and the tribal-religious powerhouses that sold us all to the anti-democratic concept of the DVIC, whose mechanisms and institutions demanded that we speak only of violence as if ALL violence is MALE–that women are not capable of violence, or that if they are, it’s somehow a man’s fault, is the very linchpin holding the whole western shitshow together.

Damsel’s in distress, Virgin Mary’s and all of those white knights dying for a joust under their virginal veils. SO, what the DVIC really means is that these types of women have a bigger man, or more men, or entire armies of men (and Twitter armies, HR departments, all kinds of save-de-wimmin’s “advocates”–and gaggles of Karen’s and Kate’s) waiting behind the bedroom curtains–that women’s violence takes place by proxy–and that is exactly what gang stalking is too. Women, using institutionalized power, and using men–or others with power– to do their violence for them.

And so–Lulu Markwell, the head of the Women’s auxiliary of the KKK was one such woman who did that, and established that as an “establishment” practice–it IS what gang stalking IS. Let’s take a look at how this works in practice–keeping in mind that Hillary Clinton’s entire reign was inherited directly from her ability to manipulate the wealth and power of the white, female, Dixie Democrats, while ALSO extending her reach across the ocean to the Protestant British Crown, and enlisting rabid, racist Zionists to her cause.

For starters, Lulu Markwell was a war baby–a Civil War baby boomer, born in 1865, to a carpenter and a housewife. She was college educated–part of what could be called “empowerment.” She married a dentist, and became involved in the causes of her day, mainly Presbyterianism, Prohibition, censorship, and the Ku Klux Klan–she was a Dixie Democrat.

IN other words–her causes THEN are the exact causes that similar white females espouse NOW: censorship and abstinence being foremost amongst them. The presumption being that either censorship or abstinence are good things to begin with–and that moral choices are based not just on the opinions of these types of women, but ALSO on the moral enforcement that these are responsible for–these are the people who seek to impose THEIR morality on others.

All of that, upheld by the courtesy of The White Knight and the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex code of honor: Thou Shalt Never Striketh a Womaneth–even if she outweighs you by several hundred pounds; even if she is an insane murderer, or if she is a decapitator of children!!–even if it would be much to her benefit to be knocked out in the cold, or locked in jail for a night. Poooor poor Gabby–Hopes-N-Prayers©!…if only the white knights would lock these violent, nagging crackpots up for their own safety!

Right–what an insane model of culture!

So back to Johnny Depp: there he is in his own home, a man who once was a boy, and who watched his own father tormented ad harassed by his mother–Johnny Depp, sloshing him some juice, stumbling around in drunken bliss, as Amber Heard stalks him from room to room–for whatever rrason these insane bullying women do such things–and telling him what a useless drunken slob he is, and a few other choice, dick-withering things–and as he said on the stand “I would lock myself in the bathroom–anywhere that she could not get into!–just to get away from her.

Amber Heard is one of millions of morality-negotiable women who whored herself as high as she could go, and leveraged a man in order to disguise the horror that she is as a person–and that should be punished–but olikely won’t be punished, because in societies controlled by hidden religion and white knightery that upholds it–the boys get beaten in order to make them “become men” while we never, ever hit girls–a primitive, out-dated, and brutal model of a society, yet it is exactly how the middle class is built–because when the “herd” is happy, the Heards can produce wealth, power, and babies to perpetuate such a society.

In this case, the Heard cow might walk away unhappy–I enjoy the look in her icy cold Mean Girls stare into the cameras–I feel no pity for a person who would stalk a guy through his house, flinging objects at him, and belittling his habits–because the entire #MeToo movement reeks of a KKK gang stalking and extortion scheme, but also, the bizarre morality forcing and enforcing the hidden mechanism of religion working its black magic in so-called “free” societies.

It is no coincidence that complaints of gang stalking mirror the tactics of organized race gangs, organized religions, and the institutions they underwrite and control in form of society–and gendering domestic violence as a male problem only allows the festering dysfunction of women’s violence to percolate into the soil of generations,, a poison that has so far had a several thousand-year-long shelf life. This one case highlights that exactly.

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