Amber Heard rhymes with….

Of all the excesses of western narrative fictions, and western societies that are drowning in their own false narratives, these lurid domestic violence tales of the tabloids are pure comic relief and a good way for sane people to get through the day. I myself find the testimony of Johnny Depp hilarious, and I enjoy the bitter, Louise Fletcher*, Nurse Ratchet-like daggers of Amber Heards eyes.

♫ All the boys she stalks–and she lies! She’s got Nurse Ratched eye’s! ♫

The Depp Household v. the Deep State DVIC Narrative

Rhymes with….

The most important story you will ever read about modern western societies, and how they have carefully and craftily hidden religion in narratives is the story One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, by Ken Kesey. While the movie script is one of the best of all time(.pdf here), the novel is soooo much better because it reveals the subtlety of how organized religion hides itself in weaponized psychiatry.

Writer Joseph Atwill of documents the deep state criminality embedded in psychiatry, but most poignantly documents the Free Mason symbolism that is peppered heavilly throughout the novel. But what is most striking, is how the white female can never ever be disturbed! The white female is the head nurse, ministering to the heathens (the mentally ill), and using black people to do her violence for her.

This is so striking because it pounds home the ideas that are embodied in white feminism, and derive from white, Anglo Saxon culture. That no matter what white women do, they cannot be held accountable–Its Never Her Fault!

So, Amber Heard comes from THAT world configuration.

Compare the following images–two women who are criminal blackmailers liars, and frauds:

Amber Heard after some kind of dust up at Johnny Depp’s house. She had a bad habit of stalking him through his home, haranguing him, and filming him as he drank legal substances. What a buzzkill! These DVIC conceived, after the facts selfies are the female bullies go-to gotcha moment–Baby/house/car/weekly wifey money–or-else!!!
Tracy West beat herself up, tied herself up, and then called the police. She said her then-divorcing husband had done it, which was later proven to be a total lie, based in Catholic-type teachings about “rape” and “rape theater. It is a staple of custody fights and other Domestic Violence Industrial Complex policies. She lost her custody fight because she is a horrible person.

There is a certain erotic and powerful energy that such women can project through those resolute and gorgeous eyes–and real men (cis-gendered, heteronormative, heterosexual men) know a lioness when they see one. Its usually what gets the breeding done. The only problem is, it’s not good for much after that–these types of women are also predators and bullies.

And such eyes can also project other things, like scorn and hatred–and in Depp’s case she would stab at him, her yes like daggers, stalking him around his own damned house–insulting his masculinity, with constant berating, dick withering, humiliating tirades–so much so that he had to lock himself in his own bathroom to escape THAT MOUTH!!!

Blackmailing stalker Amber Heard is definitely a lioness, and a stalker–her own video’s prove that–see this if you are in doubt. These types of women will do ANYTHING to win–they will eat fetuses, and gnash the ballsacks off of hyena’s*with that CONSTANT HUNGER.

Here below, take a look at one of the Deep State’s most famous vignette’s of what was about to be foist upon America and the world via the New World Order, and its forced drugging, emasculation, and Christ-cuckoldry via the white female and her black goons:

Louise Fletcher can shoot laser beams out of her eyes

So, one of the outcomes of dealing with such women is that you could end up with a diagnoses, or even some shock treament or a lobotomy, as we saw with the poor Randal P. McMurphy in the novel.

This is all quite well planned out by the Deep State and it’s enforcement mechanisms like the DVIC and its gendered narratives of violence–the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest predicted the entirety of the last 60 years of western domestic policy.

What are you crazy? Drinking, carousing with willing women?—>Take yer meds! Jack Nicholson as Randall P. McMurphy, undergoing CIA-Big Pharma-Nazi-Wild Bill O’Donovan styled shock therapy, a staple of early DVIC social experiments. And all of that as the US-FVEY’s Big Pharma bioweapons labs are spread across the world like an Jewish-christian octopus.

Yeah–if all of that up here sounds ok to you, you, like Amber Heard, rhyme with turd.

Thou Shalt Not Shit Thine Own Bed [fine print clauses that absolve white females with Nurse Ratched eyes, who might be able to latch on to some heathen man’s wealth, power and status apply, and absolve her of bed-shitting]!

*Female hyena’s are all bisexual, and males are totally impotent in hyena society–all female hyena’s have a penis that is actually a vagina. Weird, I know, right? SO does Amber Heard, and women that the DVIC adulates. They can auto-spawn themselves in a process known as The Immaculate Conception, aka parthenogenesis, much like wasps, bees, ants; some lizards, sharks and snakes, and other slimy creatures.

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