Dear James Baugh, eBay gang stalker: please do tell us what you learned at Quantico!? The story the Feds won’t let you tell!

Dear James Baugh, former head of intelligence and security at eBay, now convicted gang stalker:

You pleaded guilty to gang stalking a couple of writers, and as you have since learned, writers don’t like to be gang stalked–that writers will reach out to others to publicize our cases. Writers gonna write! Your sentencing will be in September, and you know you have an opportunity to make things right with your victims and the public.

While I understand that what you did was at the request of your superiors, Devin Norse Wenig and Steve Wymer–and that current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, private contractors and investigators all do creepy sh!t, your case was different, and I think you know why: because you were trained at Quantico VA, BY The federal government to DO what you DID to those people.

And that makes your case worth exploring in depth, because your only opportunities after you get out of prison will be “on the dark side.” And, that dark side is as you know a lucrative and thriving industry–gang stalking opportunities abound in the private contractor field, and other mercenary professions.

But you will have to do that AS a CRIMINAL–you are now the exact type of person you once stalked–level playing field now. See how that works when we the people collaborate on a story? I think that can work to your advantage!

And so, I want to ask you a favor, ok?

Could you please contact the journalists who are dying to hear from people like you–Glenn Greenwald is an unbiased observer–and Teri Webster of the Fort Worth Weekly has been covering the gang stalking beat for a while now, describing to the public how “gangs” of current and former police, military, intelligence agents, and their hordes of flying monkeys ARE who the gang stalkers ARE.

And myself of course–we are literally eager to hear from your own mouth, the story that the Feds wouldn’t allow you to tell in court, about how the bad, criminal, dirty and “arguably illegal” things you did, you did because “nashunul sekurity.”

You recall, of course, that you initially tried to gain favor or leniency, by noting that the sick and twisted stuff you did is the direct by-product of training that you received from the government–that the US government trained you that it is OK to do sick and twisted stuff to targets?

Then, the Feds stonewalled that defense. And of course Devin and Steve–you know they are the ones who should be doing time, not you–and that the public would love to see them take a bullet in this skirmish.

Mr. Baugh–the public has a right to know the extent of that training that you received at Quantico–we need to hear it from the horse’s mouth, as it were; that testimony like that would be a valuable asset to the history of our fragile democracy; but it’s classified–the government fights hoof and pigtail to occlude insight into these pogroms programs, and how they target citizens–that they hide the ball about what exactly goes on in the world of “gang stalking by the federal government and its private contractors.” That Michigan #fakebomb plot ay?

So, with that in mind, know that there are GOOD PEOPLE on the dark side–that many fall guys and ne’erdowells are actually THE GOOD PEOPLE, and that the BAD PEOPLE who trained you to be a lawbreaking gang stalker are not THE GOOD PEOPLE, OK?

You can contact me at my contact feature–as you know, you are Googling your name frantically, trying to see how this thing plays out–to see what damage it has done to your reputation to be allied with THE BAD PEOPLE.

But a heads-up about whom the GOOD JOURNALISTS are out here–anyone who supports Edward Snowden, and other whistle-blowers is a good start. Many tech wroters find this story facinating–Techdirt, Wired, and others are writing about you too–and I would contact the Intercept, or Glenn Greenwald–that guy knows how to keep secrets, and cover his sources. Like you and many of us, these domestic Fed-terrorists destroyed our careers or marginalized us to the point where we must get only the BEST stories–your story is one of those!

I mean–look at this below if you are in doubt about how the MSM downplays all the BAD people in your story while prominently featuring you there, dangling like an effigy–a pinata!–in court–and as usual, we’ll keep the light on for ya’ should you decide to reach out!

Former eBay Exec James Baugh Pleads Guilty To Role In Cyberstalking Campaign

James Baugh, 47, of San Jose, — eBay’s former senior director of safety and security — admitted Monday in federal court in Boston to nine charges in connection with the campaign that involved disturbing deliveries — among them, live insects, a bloody pig face mask and a book on surviving the loss of a spouse — to the victims’ home, federal prosecutors said.READ MORE: Baby Brandon’s Kidnapping Leaves San Jose Neighborhood Shaken To The Core

The intimidation started when senior executives at eBay became frustrated with the newsletter’s tone and content, according to federal documents.

The harassment campaign also included online posts inviting the public for sexual encounters at the victims’ home, and a trip to the Boston area to spy on the victims with the intention of installing a GPS device in their vehicle, federal authorities said.

The couple from Natick spotted the surveillance and contacted local police. After learning of police involvement, Baugh lied to investigators, deleted digital evidence and falsified records, authorities said.

A voicemail was left Tuesday with Baugh’s attorney.

Baugh was one of seven eBay employees or contractors charged in the harassment scheme that ran from August 2019 until August 2020. He is the sixth to plead guilty. One has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial. San Jose-based eBay has previously said they were fired.READ MORE: EBMUD Enacts Mandatory Water Restrictions; Drought Surcharge May Follow

Baugh faces decades in prison at sentencing scheduled for Sept. 22, if he receives the maximum sentence.

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