Sooner or later you realize that the FBI are “obstruction of justice specialists” and you run like hell.

I am watching as one David Morrow flees from “gangs” who “stalk” him, and Richard Moore is watching too. We believe that something is very, very wrong about how policing utilizes “gangs” to stop free speech, or to monitor, stalk, and harass people online and offline.

Oh my, how the agencies occlude their disruptions of free association, every time they infiltrate human beings lives, and cause mayhem. And few cases are more highlighted than the case of the #fakeplot in Michigan, where certain named FBI agents flubbed a manufactured terrorism case, and sent the dregs and scum of their compromised assets to target ordinary US citizens.

I think it’s high time for US citizens to use common, ordinary social media monitoring tools, and contact chaining, to begin to uncover these FBI agents and their community assets–and post them as widely as we can on social media.

Not at all a doxxing campaign, so much as a “save yourself, save your family” campaign of awareness–these people are heartless and toxic invaders and destroyers of our laws and constitution, and they should be discussed as such.

So, unlike a DOXXing campaign, we need to write about whom these people are–name them, name their relatives and kin, and shame them for what they do as they “create terrorism.” These are the monsters that we must fight, but we must fight them within the law.

Beyond DOXXing, we must write stories about them–friends, family, news clippings and more–tell the public what scum we are dealing with, on a human, and journalistic level. Lend “humanity” to these monsters, and make them pay for it on the back end.

Start with my gang stalker awareness package–FREE AND LOW COST TOOLS TO FIGHT GANG STALKERS WITHIN THE LAW.

Then, we must access the pundits, and the spaces whereby we can provide that data. I have done that for several decades, and you can too. Take a look as I chase down some asshats who had chased me. Take a look as I name names.

Any savvy reader will note only ONE THING about what I write: every single mass shooting anywhere in the world has a web of current, and former police, military, and intel agents or their children stalking individuals for very long and even absurd periods of time BEFORE they take up arms against their stalkers. Their stalkers are from those EXACT same groups.

See the Ten Thousand Oaks shooting, where 20% of the so-called “victims” were undercover cops and their family members. See the famous Columbine school shooting, where and FBI agents son filmed a dry run of that mass killing two years before it happened.

Or watch as David Hogg, the darling of gun control and also the son of an FBI agent takes to Twitter to out his dad as a “terror manufacturer.”

These are NOT nice people–and I doubt they are human on any level–they are careerist scum, and they cause death, lies, fabrications and false narratives. Lets lock them up, or in the least, publicize their activity.

Here’s more on that:

Outing FBI agents, a wayward informant, anti-government threat in dispute as Gov. Whitmer kidnap trial looms

Published: Feb. 25, 2022, 9:44 a.m.

By John Agar |

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The attorney for one of the men accused of plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said the FBI tried to silence an undercover informant who was charged during the course of the investigation.

Attorney Josh Blanchard, representing Barry Croft Jr., said he discovered that an FBI confidential human source known as “CHS Steve” signed a non-disclosure agreement that prevented the witness from talking to the defense.

The source, Stephen Robeson of Wisconsin, described as a “double agent,” had information that could help the defense, Blanchard said.

“This is particularly concerning because at the time the FBI had Mr. Robeson agree to remain quiet, they knew he had committed federal and state crimes during his cooperation in this case,” the attorney said. “The FBI had to know that the information they were asking CHS Steve to conceal was material to the defense.”

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