What happens to targeted individuals? Richard Moore SWATted by taskfarce, two days before convoy of sheriffs stalks him at home

So–the Richard Moore gang stalking.case study just got a lot more interesting. He might be sitting in jail as I write this, due to Ku Klux Klan affiliated activity. Use my search feature for posts about him, KW: Richard Moore, Mississippi, KKK, Union County, Lee County, WIlliam Falukner, travel, tourism

My readers will recall that Moore is an intergenerational target of KKK spying and harassment–his cousin Charles Lee Moore is the most famous civil rights era photographer of all time–the guy who took this picture:

Charles Lee Moore took the civil rights era’s most iconic photo’s, and his cousin, Richard Moore has been targeted by the KKK and named Freemasons in a scheme of intergenerational harrassment Lately, he has been targeted by every agent of brutal state control that can be kicked from under any rock in Mississippi. His story has the potential for a documentary.

Folks: STAY AWAY FROM MISSISSIPPI–it is a civil rights nightmare to this very day.

Richard Moore was SWATted two days ago in or around Okolona MS by what appears to be a task force, and then, twoday, he wrote me a letter saying that a convoy of two counties deputies–Union and Lee County Mississippi– had swarmed his house, and beat on his windows. As I write this, they are waging a war of attrition against his right to speak freely about his case on Youtube, Facebook, and Quora–they are trying to stop him from raising funds of any kind.

And I can name some of those who are associated with that campaign of terror: Kristen Harrison Kimbrell, who I wrote about here and here; Astra Miglayne Stanwyck, a “pro mini-golfer” and former Russian asset; and many sheriffs and deputies in that area, mostly named “Jimmy” after the King Jame Bible tradition of naming every boy after the King of Incestuous Hillfolk. These sheriffs and deputies include known pedophiles too.

I write a lot about Richard Moore, because he is a gang stalking case study. His one case alone invalidates every single junk science pushing cultist and on-the-record psychologist whose work can be seen anywhere in “the police science of gang stalking.” You can start here to find such psychologists–bad sources— and their nefarious work.

Teri Webster has written about Richard Moore’s case too, and soon I will be heading over to Wikipedia to alter its content as regards gang stalking, but for now here’s Teri’s latest coverage of his case–she calls gang stalking pure evil–, and that piece is bouncing off of earlier work she has done in this area.

Well–this is the heart of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi–which, believe me, is multi-racial now in some respects–see this post for reference as to how those counties work, and how the modern KKK works in policing, utilizing tokenism, and how white female leaders like that state’s attorney general Lynn Fitch–herself descended from slave holders–utilize public funding and taxpayer dollars to line the pockets of corrupt law enforcement agents and others.

My readers might not recall who Lynn Fitch is, but she’s the nutcase psychopath from Mississippi who wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, and take abortion rights away from women (who seldom use that right anyway, preferring almost ALWAYS to have the child, and use it as a revenue source, as the state exploits the federal grant system in the child’s name–Slavery By Another Name).

Related Local Gossip: Lynn Fitch uses state resources like a criminal syndicate. She even used state thugs to accost her stepmother She “sent state “bodyguards” to intimidate her stepmother during an ongoing legal feud over control of the attorney general’s 88-year-old father and family assets, an attorney for her stepmother says.Fitch’s stepmother, Aleita Fitch, claims the attorney general sent officers unannounced to her home, the family farm and the hospital where Bill Fitch, the attorney general’s father, was being treated. They took money, firearms and personal belongings from the house without permission, Aleita Fitch claims.Ray Hill, Aleita Fitch’s attorney, told The Associated Press that he doesn’t know if the bodyguards were highway patrolmen, but it’s a clear abuse of power if they were.

Like all of these Eastern Star type hand-picked candidates across the country who were installed or elected to uphold ultra-conservative causes (slavery), after the KKK lost its power and appeal in an increasingly diverse America, Fitch descends from the defeated ConfedeRATs of the deep south–she hosts fundraisers on an actual plantation, and uses state “bodyguards” as her own personal goon squad to intimidate people–she loves the KKK’s most cruel general, and had his cabin “lovingly restored.”

That’s the kind of women I am talking about here on my blog when I discuss white females, and especially when I discusss how the Women’s Auxilliary of the KKK has gone into hiding under the banner of women’s empowerment–these aren’t merely female bullies–these are truly dirty rotten bitches to their core. Here is more on Fitch “empowering women” by trying to topple Roe and thus encouraging the single mother society and all of it’s baby mama dramas, the DVIC and the PIC, and the federal-state cash tit milking that goes along with it.

They participate in modern slavery of all kinds, though we don’t call it “slavery” anymore–we call it the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC), and its sister in slavery, the Prison Industrial Complex(PIC). A noted documentary pointed out that such a system is “Slavery By Another Name.

SO, again, please contribute to Richard Moore’s Go Fund Me if you can, or just follow along as I continue to document his case. He documents it all at his blog too, and his Youtube video’s are quite revealing as well. That YT channel is linked at his blog.

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