I am thinking of renaming my blogs Justice For Mississippi: Richard Moore, a gang stalking case study–but that’s an awfully long title for a blog.

So, maybe my next blog will be “BOYCOTT MISSISSIPPI” in honor of the absurd policing I am watching in his case–I just watched his Ring camera document another shooting in front of his house, mere days after he was stopped by a task farce, and days later, a cavalcade of sheriff’s deputies surrounded him like wild Indians ConfedeRats who were beating on his doors and windows–it really is absurd to watch weaponized policing—someone shooting guns off on Moore’s lawn, and the sheriff does nothing!

Amazing. Richard Moore fearessly documents this absurd activity, on film, and the police will do nothing about it–because it is THEM doing it.

The good news is that I am making some in-roads to the local colleges and universities, whereby we can get active in solving the problem of the KKK in Union and Lee County sheriff’s departments. I simply need more help getting this case some local attention.

For now, I think a little talk in international circles about a Boycott Mississippi Products campaign is in order. I will update this campaign periodically to let my readers know how far it goes.

As we often hear, the Russian’s are waging “genocide!!!” on the neo-Nazi Azov battalion, armed by Israeli Jews of course–OF COURSE!–and those poor Chinese Wiggers! But what we hear much less about is cases like Richard Moore’s, where a sheriffs department wages these individualized campaigns of terror at people who simply want to use America’s Promise of Free Speech!

Yeah–that ain’t happening in America–which is killing off activists faster than the word of these types of homicides can get out. So–I am being proactive, and ask you to join me: BOYCOTT MIsSIsSIpPI! It’s a backwater shithole state, long overdue for a new wave of boycotts.


So–what does that shithole state produce anyways, other than inbred cowards who are all named Jimmy, Junior, Billy, Bobby, or Bud?

Let’s take a look:

The Tonya Barlow Wooden Necklace–I am sure those are a hot item all around the world:

BOYCOTT the Tonya Barlow Wooden Necklace!

The Apple Farms Framed Wooden Sign–BOYCOTT!

Mississippi is home to some unique products and people–the problem is that they are usually too petrified of the corrupt law enforcement in that area to come out of the woodwork!

Yeah–with products like these, I imagine that it will be hard to put a dent in MS $125 Bn dollar economy real soon, so maybe the BOYCOTT MisSisSIpPI campaign will have to look deeper at ways to stop the activity that I just witnessed via Mr. Moore’s Ring camera–or at least get these lawless asshats charged with something.

Red Oceans! Blue Oceans! The economy is where we must start. Maybe those chicken farmers that keep producing all of those Jimmy’s and Aberts….Let’s start with chicken farming….Moore seems to have a few of them scratching around his digs, and the police in that area will do nothing about it.

Hmmmmm……chicken farming…..

Factory Farms are animal cruelty. Internment camps full of fowl play.

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