New report by the DOJ says Mississippis prisons Violate the constitution

All gang stalking echoes the “slave catching system” that was in place to hold African American slaves in perpetual custody.

The modern form of this is how states across America are using a two tiered system of justice to brand anyone who comes into contact with the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC), or the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) as slaves.

What is less talked about though, is that lower class whites were lower on the totem pole than even slaves, suffered similar and even worse fates (the noble tradition of Protestant buggery comes to mind)who had a roof over their heads, and even today there is no one to speak for the lower tiers of our society regardless of skin color–whites have been wholesale sold off to those who derive profits from these systems.

The tactics of this system are well known, but seldom discussed in polite company. Richard Moore brings you a first person account, and opinion about these systems.

“Tate Reeves appointment of Sean Tindell the director of the Mississippi department of Public Safety over sees Mississippi Department of Homeland security Fusion Center and community oriented policing which is responsible for single handedly violating the civil and constitutional rights of Mississippians….They purposely ” chill” the rights of citizens and offer no process to petetion or object to their treatment by citizens ( state actors) and law enforcement. The main process denied thousands of Mississippians is part of a longer word called Due-Process.

United States anti gang stalking association

After reading the article below, I thought it would be a good time for me to throw my experience in the ring.

I was once an inmate in the very prison this aritical is referring to. So, I can give a first hand account of what’s really going on. It is what this aritical dosent say that alarms me. First of all the aritical quotes U.S.Attornet Clay Joyner from Oxford Mississippi. Joyner says that the prison is essentialy a nightmare or constitutional rights violations. What Joynwr dosent say is that he is a large supporter of Project Safe Neighborhoods a community oriented policing program that targets all ex-cons.

The targeting of ex-cons begin when they are cons still in the system. All inmates are subjected to harsh treatment while incarcerated. Treatment that often end in death. Inmates are pitted against each other by staff. I’ve personally witnessed staff calling ”…

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