Gang stalking emails and comments: I get letters!

The case of Richard Moore has taken a bad turn as named persons, public figures, and people who seek the limelight very vocally, and publicly stalk and harass him, filing false restraining orders because he names and shame them on Quora, Facebook, and elsewhere–especially in his lawsuits against Union and Lee County Mississippi.

You can donate to his GoFundMe here, and connect with his Youtube and Quora channels here at his blog. They really are trying to kill the guy, with abuse of process, under color of law, and it shows how NOT a democracy the USA is.

Meanwhile, I have been getting the wotd out, separating #fakeTIs from real targeted individuals, and working that angle for well over a decade. And, the letters I get have improved greatly too.

Whereas once I got a lot of “F@CK YOU!” and other wonderful gibberish, these days, TIs are sending me factual accounts of how the system in the USA is so easily abused by Freemasons in policing and community capacities. Richard Moore’s case, however, is one of the most egregious abuses I have ever watched–and mind you, I have seen murders, and endless violence of every kind–I once saw a man’s innards sprayed out in front of me on a sidewalk in the bowery of Los Angeles–and believe me, death is no joke.

And neither is Moore’s case–he is truly being targeted by wealthy and powerful people, and an actual Freemason named Bobby Bean, Lodge#87, MS–take a look at this one case to understand gang stalking.

Well–my favorite letters are those where people have an epiphany, and saved themselves–like this guy who fled the US, and the gang stalking shut off quicker than you or I could flip a light switch.

Or one of the many letters where someone leaves the US, and enlists the assistance of foreign governments and doctors who aren’t all caught up milking the health care system while sending burnt offerings to Ba’al or some other Masonic scam.

That recent writer had been talked around Dublin, CA, which is a notorious gang stalking area, where prison industrial agents work in the capacity of the old slave patrols, forming mobs of current and former military, police, and the usual suspects.

He moved to Sweden, a country with humane prison system, and health care that isn’t deendent on Masonic pyramid billing scams, or child sacrifice, like what happened to little Christopher Bowen, where the mother of the boy ( a “singlemom”) milked the state systems for cash, and allowed doctors to carve her son up in 13 totally medically unnecessary surgeries! Appalling–that case was all over the news, and the doctors who did that stuff skated from criminal prosecution.

SO, as we see Elon Musk saying out loud what a lot of others are thinking, this week, he pointed the finger at Freemasons on Twitter, saying that “Ultimately, the downfall of the Freemasons was giving away their stonecutting services for nothing” and suggested they need to pay their way now. I am sure they will be calling him Hitler soon, and blaming the Holocaust on him–sending Twitter mobs comprised of crisis PR concern trolls to dig up dirt.

And expectedly, I got one interesting letters too. Here’s one of them, documenting what I call Kommunity Kulture Klubs and Kovens (K4) stalking him–:the diversity stalkers:

I have left wing/ADL/Gov stalking me because of a business dispute with a few Jewish guys and a conflict with a gov agent I knew. . I caught them with their hand in the cookie jar and they started stalking the hell out of me to silence me. They hire a lot of minorities to do the ground stalking to harass you and try and provoke you into fights and such. Police and firemen are involved too. I am not sure who does the cyberstalking. Probably military contractors or contracted psychiatrists to see if they can drive you nuts. JUST CALL THEM SHYSTER KOOKS AND DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Lol.

Another writer documents th corruption in Maine:

USPS, IRS, DHHS, DOR, County Court Clerk’s, Family, acquaintances and friends all ghost or gaslight me every time. I move around all the time, I am always being harassed. From random insults, to getting ripped off by Hertz, Enterprise. My attorney took 50 days to pay a third of my settlement.
I could go on and on

My last apartment had neighbors move out above me after a week or two…then it was (irritating) noise 24/7.

I’m wearing out. I’m losing it.
I have housing, a car but no gas or food. Nothing comes from this, lol.
Go Lightning!
Hunger Strike is happening wether i like it or not…

So what do I Protest?

This 🌎????

Hopeless in Maine

Well–Hopeless–do not lose hope: use my search feature, KW: asylum, gang stalking lawsuit, free tools, how to, help for, and so on–I have many sections where you can begin documenting your gang of stalkers, and sue them–which will get you enough money to get the hell out of the US, where gang stalking really does shut off exactly as if you had flushed garbage down a garbage disposal.

As always–stay safe out there–these people gang stalkers are insane sociopaths who deserve a prison cell, not city/state/federal employment, and corporate boardrooms to infest.

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