Who can help the widd’er’s son? Seeking persons interested in a writing excursion into William Faulkner territory of Union County, MS

As a writer, I am driven by passion, as we all are. I am also driven by a sense of justice–and a loathing for injustice. As such, who can help me smoke-bomb a hornet’s nest? I offer a $tipend for your assistance, from initial draft to publishing the case of Richard Moore in Mississippi media.

Use my keyword search “Richard Moore” “Mississippi,” “Union County,” “Wiliam Faulkner,” “Witches,” and so on

Qualified assistants must possess the following qualifications:

  • Writing ability, proven in academic paper writing, or other publishing–extra merit if you have covered civil rights, law, and social justice in your work
  • internet skills, SOCMINT, OSINT, extra credit if you have SIGINT training, and social media campaign skills
  • a proven record as a fighter
  • the ability to root out corruption, and connect with the right people in Jackson Mississippi, and the surrounding areas
  • Contact me via my contact page. I will respond to serious candidates via throw-away and burner email addresses, so check your spam folder often

This is related to a case study of the police practice of “gang stalking” and specifically to a gang stalking case study, where a viable movie is potential. Any and all applicants chosen will be participating in a work of copyrighted materials, and as such, your participation will potentially share writing credit, or copyright, depending upon your contribution.

To further interest you, see my posts about “Bobby Bean,” “Jim Johnson,” “Freemason’s,” and “Union County Sheriff.” This is a groundbreaking study that might go viral, and only activist writers and journalists are encouraged to apply.

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