The eBay gang of stalkers: final guilty plea from David Harville seals the deal–gang stalking is real!

The eBay gang of stalkers terrorized Ina and David Steiner, a couple of writers in Natick, MA, and they demonstrated how the scourge of corporate gangs, comprised of former police officers, intelligence agents, and security personnel are a very real threat to the peace and safety of our communities.

They also demonstrated that first amendment protected speech is a major target of these gangs. The Steiner’s are suing them in civil court now, as we see the latest guilty plea, as such cases now have a template for victims to gain evidence, and for prosecutors to follow.

When the case first hit the news, it read like badly crafted fiction: a corporate CEO with an axe to grind sends his security staff off on a stalking mission. The goal: to terrorize them into silence, because their commentary on the corporation is taking a toll.

The Mission: stalk them, invade their home, plant listening devices, and GPS trackers–send them pornography subscriptions, cockroaches and a bloody pig mask–throw in a funeral wreath for giggles. Except–it wasn’t funny, and it wasn’t a badly written Hollywood film.

Even Hollywood screen-writers can recognize these over-the-top gimmicks as poorly carried out, almost comically bad tactics. Yet there they were, the eBay Gang, doing exactly that, because these bizarre activities are standard procedure in gang stalking cases.

The initial headlines read Former eBay employees hit with cyberstalking charges, a completely corporate narrative designed to occlude these bizarre tactics, and make it sound as if the “good corporation” had rooted out some “bad actors” by stating these were former employees.

The Department of Justice couldn’t bend over far enough to occlude the bizarre activity either, merely calling the case a “aggressive cyberstalking.”

Obviously the Feds don’t want to call it “gang stalking” by “gangs” of security trained persons who “stalk” their targets–because in this case and most others, the FBI itself trains them to do the bad, illegal, psychological operations oriented, bizarre stuff they do.

Here–let another convicted eBay stalker, James Baugh tell you that, in his own words–” I did the bad, ilegal, unethical, psychological operations oriented stalking that I did because I was trained to do that at BY the FBI, AT Quantico, Virginia.”

Indeed, the Feds threw the book at this gang, though their motivation for doing so is still unclear, as these gangs are RAMPANT across America today.

But then, something happened: journalists connected the A, B, C’s in this bizarre case with bizarre activity that actual targeted individuals have been complaining about for years, and the headlines shifted to something new: headlines properly began calling this “gang” of “stalkers” a “cult.”

Well–the world of gang stalking has taken a turn for the better, as we see now that these cases can be prosecuted. But the recent guilty plea by former eBay executive David Harville isn’t the icing on the cake, because the icing will be getting at the CEO, Devin Norse Wenig, and the COO Steve Wymer, who the Steiner’s are suing in civil court.

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