Riding too close to the front lines can get you killed–a brief note about one of my letter writers, and a lesson about a cavalier general

SO, this is written for my new follower–you know who you are. And you should also study up on those Confederate Generals of lore–because despite what you may think today about heroism? Being too cavalier can really get you messed up, even killed.

Follow along, new reader–you know who you are. I need you to listen, and listen closely to this: WHO CAN YOU TRUST, and who are your true friends? YOU NEED BACKUP NOW. You need support, and you need real friends–not internet people like myself–the internet is FULL Of bad people who will target you with many things worse than sexiual harassment, or identity theft–they will target you with psychological operations, and then, outside in the real world–they will stalk you. This is a thing” now.

But first, a disclaimer: “anything I tell you from this point forwards cannot and should not be taken as advice, and nothing I say legally indemnifies my words to be construed as legal advice, and because the “experts” all agree–and the media repeats their claims in agreement–gang stalking is not real, and as such, anything I say herein can only be construed to be a partial explication of the internet dialogues about gang stalking–as such, are part of an artistic work in progress.

Looking back at one of my letter writers from a few years ago, I realized that Travis Reinking, the Waffle House Shooter had written to my other blog, formerly known as “ResearchOrganizedGangStalking,”and had complained about being stalked by Taylor Swift–no kidding.

I wrote him off as a nutter or a #fakeTI, and now, I sort of regret not getting more deeply involved in his narrative, because many of the things he claimed have been claimed by others, and we even have the names of some programs used to do things that he described being done–and he was not found to be “insane” despite his so-called “delusions.”

I could have made a difference in his life, and in the lives of four people who he murdered, and four other people that he injured in his shooting spree. But also, TBH, I actually chuckle, and feel a certain satisfaction when gang stalkers get killed, because yeah–stalking people and trying to make them crazy is seriously not ok, and as we see repeatedly in each and every mass shooting, the FBI, and police, their friends, families and associates are who are in fact, stalking people.

The pattern repeats as early as the Columbine school shooting, and most recently as we saw the Parkland High School shootings most famous gun control mouthpiece David Hogg on Twitter, talking about his deep state daddy Kevin Hogg, who is a former FBI agent–ALL of these weird cases are like that. The FBI mobilises groups of people to stalk others, and in so doing, manufactures terror events.

As for Reinking, he was also a christian, he was a gun owner, and the police refused to take his reports of odd events seriously–they called him a “severe schizophrenic,” not because he is or necessarily was a schizo, but because they could get away with doing that, and only then, after he shot up a few folks, who for all practical purposes, probably weren’t sitting where they were out of coincidence–gang stalking is really weird bad stuff, and often times these “innocent victims” are actually real life stalkers.

I would have to dig up that blog–wherever did I leave it?–but I have a few copies, or portions of Reinkings comments because I always meant to get back to that later, but never did.

Here is what I recently wrote about him, as he was convicted of the shooting–and I can tell you my personal opinion is that he was neither insane nor delusional–gang stalkers are weird, bad people, who do bizarre, insane things, and what Reinking was complaining about was being stalked by Freemasons and cops, with an undercurrent of gun control narrative, spliced into the Hollywood mafia and the gangs that operate in major entertainment venues (don’t try to figure out what I just wrote there yet.)

Have a look yourself: internet research terms “Travis Reinking, Waffle House, Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey”

I could go on and on about the case, but what I want you–my new reader to know–is that this shit is REAL. Gangs of stalkers are real, girl-gangs and pink haired women with tattoos following you around and doing weird stuff are real, and so on–and the FBI adopting ADL tactical positioning on your internet is real, and local police who get grants and free vacations to Israel to learn how to target people here in America is real too–so be careful out there.

His case, like many–Shoeless Nathan Allen comes to mind–mirrors what we saw in a B-movie from the 1990’s called “Surviving the Game.” It is 100% about Freemason gang stalking, and well worth watching to understand such cases.

I have no idea why you followed me, after all, so many “christian” websites offer Hopes-N-Prayers, or why my blog gets your attention, but I do know this: you know a bit about guns, and those who know a lot about guns can be both perpetrators, and victims–Reinking was likely a victim of some race-based ethnic stalking, targeting him as a white supremacist or other smear, in what I call the Kommunity Kulture Klubs and Kovens (K4) stalkers.


Let me tell you a few things I know about you right now:

  • you own weapons, and one of those that you are knowledgeable about has been cited as a favorite of mass shooters
  • you believe that V2K and microchips are real–a long discussion
  • You go back and forth in your religious beliefs in “end times prophecy,” and seek leaders to help you clarify your own positions
  • you are an anti-vaxxer, and solidly believe that Satan has a plan to create a “Bizarro World” that imitates the world that your “God” has made, including promises of immortality, and so on, by uploading our consciousness online–so, if ANYTHING I said about you, or your beliefs in these bullet points is actually you, you are entirely correct that part of your “consciousness” has indeed been uploaded online–be careful where you leave breadcrumbs.

I could go on follower, but let me just say this: before you get too paranoid, or freaked out, know that I am one of the good people out here–and that despite me being an absolute non-believer in the “God” that you claim, and in fact despise most religionists by default, yet here I am in your own mind, Satan himself, and I am trying to help you.

And by help, I mean this: you fit a profile, and that profile can be found online, and gangs of stalkers can easily manipulate you according to that information–and they ARE doing that–and that as we see in the lame-ass Michigan Fake Kidnapping plot, where some crooks who work/ed at the FBI created a manufactured terror event by manipulating some stooges.

So–it’s all complex, and stupid what they do, and there are in fact many other explanations for what you are experiencing. I won’t even try to guess about your actual situation, but I can tell you this: in your area the K4 gangs of stalkers are extremely active, targeting people just like you. And, Reinking was a similar case. Had I taken him more seriously, he might not have done what he did. Which Is why I urge you to dialogue here below, in the comments section using a bullshit name and an @slopsbox.com throwaway email.

Finally, this: “my source tells me since I hear this through the TV, and get fake phone calls asking about a niece of mine.” Yup–that’s what Fusion Centers DO. It’s 100% psychological operatins (PSYOP) turned upon the American citizens.

And so, what exactly might those phone calls be saying? That you raped or abused her? Or that she will be sold into child slavery?

I would love to hear more about that, so feel free to comment below, and I will dialogue with you. But you must comment, or I will drop this case.

5 thoughts on “Riding too close to the front lines can get you killed–a brief note about one of my letter writers, and a lesson about a cavalier general

  1. Well OK yeah the first one was a total warning of some kind. or threat. I heard gangstalkers but elongated out or your in trouble elongated out, and then several voices saying stuff. One said we’ve killed people before. The other ones calling about a niece didn’t say anything like I’ve done anything to her, just one of those fake calls leaving fake case numbers about her and to call or have her call some number, that when I called or looked up the number they called from, and the number they said to call both were disconnected. But that’s been about it so far only one that was a threat the rest fake calls about some case or something.
    Pretty much no to all you said though. I don’t know about RFID chips but I’ve read some people have found them, but I’ve also read that they don’t need that to do what they do with v2k or sonic weapons. I hear the crap it’s loud and it’s all the time it’s when I think it’s when I talk I don’t sub vocal the stuff for I can’t play drums and sound like a kids and old men and other people all at one time.
    I mention sub vocal because of an article I read about that to explain Schizophrenia. One Dr I guess was studding some guy and put a microphone under his neck while he was supposedly hearing these voices, and I guess she could hear him vocalize the voices that he was supposed to be hearing. Which is new knowledge in that fields since it was only found in 2018.
    Even in the newest one I recorded which is my wife sleeping and me watching a show i hear join us several times and or early on they wanted me to join them!
    I put the voice recorder in the room before I went to bed to see if she’s in on it since she does weird crap while I try to sleep. So I wanted to see if she does the same crap when I’m not in bed or if it’s the same. it’s hard to tell. Hope this answers your questions.


    1. You know–there are hundreds of ways to get the result that you are claiming with electronics, and regardless, its a waste of time. People have been wasting their time that way for decades–and CIA notoriously waged the “reverse speech” PSYOP to successfully mobilize the far and fringe right wingers every election cycle, like trained parrots.

      About Reinking, the Waffle House shooter, and his victims, I simply do not care–innocent people are dying of bioweapons lab created coronavirus, so innocent deaths are everywhere. Yet in these cases of mass shootings what we see is an incredibly high reccurrence of undercover police, relatives of police, Masonic asshats, christian stalkers, and others getting whacked, and I have no pity for any of them–they should have sent their time more wisely than stalking sone guy.

      So–again–you might want to look at the internet profile of the email you are using, because if the “you” that I describe in the article is not “you” in any way, than you or the other you are leaving an internet trail that doesn’t check out.


  2. I don’t follow you so much as I saw you thing on how some cases are coming to light and hope more come too. These criminals whether they’re kids or adults since I’ve read some parents get their kids into it need to do lots of time behind bars. and lose lots of money.
    The lie is that they’re doing a service to the community, but from what I’ve read most of the victims have been women and children. So what community good could they possibly do if they’re basically raping women and kids? Men I read the call pedophiles regardless if it’s true or not. Even Epstein should have had his trial and even if acquitted which he probably wouldn’t have been I’d be OK with that. My guess is they had something to do with his murder or suicide. But like you say mass shootings these scum are part of so again true vigilantes that are not since most the people who they hit are innocent people. And from what I know people who are on those kinds of lists aren’t being bothered at all by these people so hypocrites!
    So yeah no not really following you per-se just always looking for news about how these scum are to be in Jail and soon!


    1. Right, this is the rise of the KKK, and white Protestantism, but with a multi-ethnic twist. It has always been aroud in one form or another, but with cel phones and computers it has taken over every aspect of our lives, and the databases that they installled i nthe 1990’s are now drownig democracy, warehousing infractions fro the 90’s and augmenting them with predictive policing.
      Itsa new form of slavery, no doubt.
      You will be able to track thee people yoself eventually, and sue them.

      I am documenting a case of a sex offender–his conviction was garbage–and wow! These people who stalk him are insane. Use my search feature “Richard Moore,” its an eye opening case.

      As for Epstein, yeah, my opinion is who cares about some 17 year old giving handjobs? Riiiight. This has always existed, and always will, but what the neocon’s and ultra-right did was to engineer a society that calls such activity rape. On its surface, it looks like extremist feminism, but in reality, it is ultra-right sexual value judgement and morality plays. The feminists have always been united with the religious right, which is how this happened to our society–also why Roe v. Wade is on the chopping block too.


  3. Alright. Well, then maybe you should do web search, using ONLY your current nym, and see that what I say checks out 100%. Or, someone else is using the exact email address as you are right now, because the profile of that addy is exactly what I wrote above.

    AS for the rest of it, it’s all Masonic gib with mentioned that famous line out of the kabbalist Coen Brothers film “Raising Arizona” to whit “a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase,” and the connotations of Freemasons, polluting the land where freedom could otherwise occur. See this for reference.

    These gangs of stalkers are 100% exactly configured as the KKK but these days with multi-ethinic configurations. Racism only works for these people 100 years at a time, but these enemies of freedom think n 1000 year time slots.


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