What do I know about “gang stalking” anyways? See this

The Vue clan included murderers, and police, in a small crime family that stretched from Sacramento to Minesota–and has ties in several other countries.

Everyone has their “moldie oldies,” and from my files, a story now documented on Killer Siblings” on Oxygen.I seldom write about things I know unless they can be validated with evidence, and I never yammer on about electronic weapons, as #fakeTI’s are known to do all over online.

Instead, I simply document what gang stalking IS and what it ISN’T. The case at hand is one that fits the ROGS Analysis profile:

  • a “gang” of “stalkers” that includes current and former police
  • confidential informants
  • a powerful network of police affilliated persons
  • etc.–my regular readers know what I am writing about

So, I knew two out of three of these men pictured above, as well as several of their associates. What happens in gag stalking? Who are the gang stalkers? Take a look at today’s story, from Oxygen, in 2019–and gang stalkers, know this–your game is up.

Sheriff’s Deputy Hires His Gangster Brothers To Gun Down His Wife’s Lover

When Steven Lo was found shot to death in Sacramento, California, investigators uncovered a twisted plot by one of their own — Deputy Chu Vue — that was almost beyond belief. 

By Erik Hawkins

When authorities in Sacramento, California, investigated the October 2008 shooting death of a young corrections officer, they had no idea that the evidence would lead them right back to their own sheriff’s department. 

Steven Lo, 39, was discovered shot in the head outside his own garage in the early morning hours of Oct. 15. A motive for killing the 13-year veteran corrections officer and respected member of the Hmong American community in Sacramento, California, wasn’t immediately apparent, according to “Killer Siblings” on Oxygen.

Things began to come into focus when investigators learned of a law-enforcement love triangle, however. At the time of his murder, Lo had been carrying on an affair with a woman named Chia Vue. She worked alongside Lo at the California Medical Facility, an all-male prison facility in Vacaville. Vue had a jealous husband, though — with the means to go after his wife’s lover. 

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Chu Vue, 44 at the time, heard through his professional circles about the affair that was going on at his wife’s work, and he angrily confronted her about it a couple months before the slaying. Chia was reticent at first, but eventually gave up just the first letter — “S” — of her lover’s name, according to “Killer Siblings.” 

….follow the link, connect the dot! Read the rest of the story!

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