ROGS Analysis of gang stalking, proof, evidence, and facts: from hypotheses to results, a gang stalking case study

So, again I am rolling in my own wee like a happy, slobbering puppy, as I read headlines like today’s–because here at ROGS, I have hypotheses about “manufactured terrorism,” and the absolutely bizarre campaigns of personalized terror and other inhumane methods that the FBI, its armies of private contractors, and Infragard agents and other agencies use to stalk, harass, bully, manipulate and terrorize people, some of who eventually “go ballistic.”

You can watch that as it happens right here–you will see how the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, allocating funds to stalk, harass, and terrorize a US citizen, Richard Moore. You will see people breaking in to his house–on film, as he films it–and you will see elements of the Ku Klux Klan disguised as current and former police, firefighters, neighbors and associates firing guns off into his yard by night, and stalking him throughout the day.

You will also note that he has been subjected to countless false arrests, and tortured in various jails there in Mississippi. And you will see at all times, the police from many departments taking zero action against his complaints. Union and Lee County task farces stopping and harassing him on the highways and trying to entrap or harass him variously, and for absolutely no articulable suspicion or common sense of reason–these are the tactics of “countering violent extremism,” (CVE) targeted at Richard Moore, a man who lives alone with a small pug for companionship–seriously, CVE is deranged and bizarre bullshit.

These CVE programs derive from the days of the Nakba, when British-Israel waged land theft in Palestine, and drove people off the lands, and filled them with Ukrainians. This form f policing, called “intelligence led predictive policing”(ILPP) derives from the British “National Intelligence Model,” and this is what they do–they are designed to force their targets to–in the words of one former Pasco County, FL deputy–force you to “move away or sue” the dirty bastards that do this to them–those dirty bastards being the exact police that are doing this to Richard Moore, who is in fact, suing them.

Here is the prediction: Gang stalking research and the science behind ROGS Analysis: wherein I state a hypotheses, and make a prediction

  • When the FBI needs funding, or targets group that the ADL and the B’nai Brith find inconvenient, reports of gang stalking increase

Of course there are many elements to my prediction, based in my hypotheses, and now nearly eight months later, here we are.

Here is the direct result of my prediction: Active shooter incidents rose over 50% in 2021 compared to 2020: “The number of active shooter incidents in the U.S. rose by 52.5% from 2020 to 2021, and over four years, from 2017 to 2021, there was a 96.8% increase, the FBI said in a report published Monday. The bureau noted that the data over those four years shows “an upward trend.”  Updated on: May 24, 2022 / 6:59 PM / CBS News

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