Meet the Worldwide Frankenstein Gangster Computer God: a visionary predicted headlines like the following-

The FBI is investigating American parents as terrorists for showing up at school board meetings.

These investigations are based on people’s political views, and parents are monitored by counterintelligence agents. From Activist Post:

Reps. Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson co-signed a letter to AG Merrick Garland informing him that whistleblowers had confirmed the FBI was actually investigating concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” using a so-called “threat tag” created by the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division.

And how do they get that super secret information about these terrorist parents? By monitoring social media accounts, political affiliations, and “anonymous tips.” America is falling inwards, and when democracy finally collapses, only the police and their associates who do this stuff to other Americans stand to benefit in any way.

Francis Dec, the original internet shit poster, BEFORE there was an internet–predicted that the world would be policed by a “worldwide Frankenstein gangster computer god,” and “Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy” and the potet “Frankenstein Computer God computerized brainthinking sealed robot operating arm surgery cabinet machine,” and he was locked away in insane asylums for positing such a theory. Yet here we are.

And TBH, his theory wasn’t the most highly developed, or presented in scientific fashion–in fact, he was known for rambling screeds that sometimes intermingled bizarre, or racist, or otherwise offensive jargon with his core concept–and while history now vindicates him because he was spot on, little seems to be done about the core facts he suggested: that computers are in fact being used by police states everywhere to police thoughts and ideas–that “influence operations” that batter the minds of people in the west are in fact a form of “brainwashing.”

And it’s not the communists–he was wrong about that. No, it’s the fascists at every point and turn. It doesn’t matter if it’s a communist fascist, or a capitalist one, they are all doing it together.


Take a look at what one portion of the following Techdirt story “The FBI Wants To Be Your Facebook Friend,” to see how fanatical the Worldwide Computer God interacts with policing thoughts, and ideas, and emotions, via a Big Tech collaboration with the police and state arm of thought policing, to create the tools that it needs to create the Golem:

Babel Street has made previous headlines here at Techdirt for selling location data gleaned from cell phone apps to federal agencies (including CBP, ICE, US Secret Service and the US military), allowing them to bypass warrant requirements erected by the Supreme Court’s Carpenter decision.

Babel X targets the internet, focusing on publicly viewable posts hosted by a large number of social media services. The licenses obtained by the FBI target Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn (?), VKontakte, Telegram, and “Deep/Dark Web.”.

The FBI’s wishlist runs deeper than the online services listed above. It also would like access to posts on 8Kun, Discord, Gab, Parler, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, and Weibo, but doesn’t consider lack of immediate access to be a dealbreaker.

The FBI will be performing lots and lots of searches, some possibly constrained by geofences tossed up around areas of interest.

So, to flesh out the Frankenstein, what we have here is a program that can chase down users who have “bad thoughts” which defy the Frankensteins sense of humor (he has none). But worse, the Frankenstein wants to police how you feel–the computer God is desperate to monitor your emotions:

The FBI only wants access to content it can obtain without logins or court orders. That’s still going to be millions of posts depending on the keywords used or the area searched. On top of keyword searches, the FBI wants to be able to capture and analyze “emotions and sentiments,” which will apparently necessitate the use of “emoji searches.”

This will put the FBI on the receiving end of an extremely productive fire hose.

Fire hose indeed–remember how folks in policing use firehoses?

Image: Getty Images

SO, what’s not to love about Francis Dec? The guy was correct, just as George Orwell was correct–but they both got one detail wrong: it isn’t the commies, it’s the fascists doing this stuff, no matter which tribe they are from. As we see through ROGS Analysis, Jews, and christians are vying for the same turf–who can oppress the most people, and smash the most words.

Take a look at this Nina “Scary Poppins” Jankowicz meme, which accurately describes the sentiments of both sides–they both seek to suppress news and information:

Image: Wikispooks

Jankowicz was nominated to be head of the Orwellian Department of Homeland Securty, in the even-more Orwelliian job of Information Czar at the Ministry of Truth. She is a card-carrying House of Windsor-Rothschild reptilian, a protege of British intelligence services, and a fascist in the mould of former New York Times opinion editor, Bari Weiss, who has links to at least one mass shooting.

SO–when we put faces, and organizations, actual thought monitoring programs, and the computer activity surrounding the narratives that are being foist upon people via internet, we see that an actual Gangster Computer God exists in fact, not in fiction–and that Dec was correct.

Fortunately, Jankowicz drafted her resignation letter on May 17, 2022, the day after DHS decided that the board would be shut down, due to the pressure applied by those of us who still recall that “free speech” was once a uniquely American value; but also recalled by those of us who were once on the front lines of speech, and became targeted by the Frankenstein afterwards.

I can say–many can say, with evidence–that such a thing exists, today as a communist Golem, tomorrow as a crucified christian savior trying to purchase his market share–and at all times, other factions of other religious and tribal interests competing for control of the machine.And that machine is power–the very idol of the fascists from every faction.

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