Heroes, running into gunfire in Uvalde, TX? No– American police are duplicitous, cowering political tools of the deep state: Uvalde school shooting demonstrates that AGAIN

Uvalde, Texas police pepper sprayed, handcuffed, and prevented parents from saving their children, as a gunman mowed them down in Robb elementary school. Listen folks, I hope you are catching on: few cops are heroes, they are political tools and stooges of the deep state. As the narrative of the Uvalde elementary shooting rolls out, sensible people will see it my way–these are planned events, and shooters are targeted and manipulated online, until they crack, and do bad stuff.

“Why was the door to the school unlocked that morning? Unknown.”

We have seen it before, in the Parkland massacre, some school safety officer cowering and doing NOTHING to stop a shooter. And we now know that behind every one of these narratives is some FBI agents son, running deep state blather–at Parkland, for example, we saw David Hogg’s internet striptease take place, on Twitter, yammering about his deep state daddy’s ties to black operations. Folks–ALL mass shootings involve bullying, and gangs of current and former police, military and intelligence agents, circulating in the shooters life for many months, and even years before these events just “happen.” And the gangs of police/intel/military/private contractors that are directly causing them are criminal cowards.

Let me be clear: I have disarmed people waving loaded fire arms, and other weapons with my bare hands. I have myself run into gunfire, as well as run from it–and I have been at the center of several armed conflicts–and NONE of that was in a war zone: it happened right in the USA, which is an insanely violent place, full of really demented people, and the deep state egging it on at all times. I was eventually gang stalked until I left the USA, where the gang stalking disappeared–it shut off exactly like flushing a toilet, or flipping a garbage disposal switch.

I have watched how America’s perverted court system, its gangs of predatory police and the various gangs (Mason’s, Knights of Columbus, ADL, etc.) incite actual gang violence, and watched its totally corrupt systems target and manipulate children as resources–I couldn’t save many children from the US deep state, or its two tiered systems of slavery. But one thing is certain: I have never stood by as a child was being shot at, nor prevented anyone from doing so, that’s for damned sure. Also, I have never found a good reason to lie about such facts either, yet MSM is now onboard with MY way of seeing things:

Texas newspaper editor says ‘urgent questions’ about Uvalde massacre have not been answered

As WaPo media critic Erik Wemple tweeted, “TV news anchors always caution that preliminary reports about mass shootings can be wrong, in part because of incorrect information from authorities. But this is of another magnitude altogether.

In the coming weeks, we will hear all kinds of garbage about public safety, and how police “did their best,” trying to “prevent further loss of life,” and that and all of that other hand wringing–but te only thing you should remember is this: they prevented parents who had children IN THAT SCHOOL from saving their OWN CHILDREN. If ever the clash of the deep state v. YOU was ever highlighted, I imagine that would be it. Training parents into “learned helplessness” as their children are being shot at in front of them–a little Holocaust for everyone! A little bit of Pol Pot for all!

It’s over in the US when cops stand down as they do during school shootings, and children are being massacred–but stand up and cheer every man who is murdered in cold blood BY another cop, crying like little bitches “I was afraid for my life when he pointed that candy bar/cell phone/butter knife at his head!”

Anyways, thanks deep state for another “coincidence”: Uvalde Texas is the hometown of possible TX governor candidate Mathew McConaughey. As we all know, gang stalking and coincidence is a Freemason thing, and it’s hoof prints are all over these cases.

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