The gang stalkers will bang on the walls, and disrupt your sleep: Singapore Air Force asshat in the news for exactly that

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Gang stalkers are always–100% of the time–current and former police, military, intelligence agents, their friends relatives and associates. In the case below, we see what appears to be only one insane bully, but who is in fact protected by a larger gang–the Singapore Air Force.

Like the stalkers in the US Air Force, these people all belong to intelligence cults, Freemasonry, or other occult societes, and police will not prosecute them. The stalking and “noise pollution” has so far gone on for 11 years in this one case.

The “gang” that IS visible includes an Air Force member, who lives with his mother, and that mother, who has verbally harassed, and spat on the victim at some point.

Singapore man ‘terrorises’ neighbours by constantly banging on his apartment walls for 11 years (VIDEO)

PETALING JAYA, May 26 — A Singaporean man has been harassing his neighbours by incessantly banging on his apartment walls for over a decade, leaving fellow residents at their wits’ end.

Rice Media recently reported on the inconsiderate neighbour from a Housing Development Board (HDB) flat in Hougang, detailing a bizarre story spanning 11 years of noise pollution and harassment.

The issue was first brought to light by a resident via her aptly titled TikTok account, myneighbourfromhellsg, which documents the daily banging noises that fill her apartment block.

Speaking to Rice Media under the pseudonym ‘Faye’, the resident said that she shared a wall with the noisy neighbour.

According to Faye, she and her family had been at the receiving end of verbal abuse and harassment from the neighbour since 2011; in one incident, Faye was even spat on by the neighbour’s mother.

The neighbour was also caught on CCTV loitering outside Faye’s room, leading her to put up PVC boards against her window to maintain some semblance of privacy.

Faye also claimed that the Singapore Police Force had told her that they were unable to do anything about the noise, as it was coming from inside the neighbour’s house.

To date, Faye and her family have reportedly attended two mediation sessions and filed 22 police reports against the errant neighbour.

According to Rice Media, the neighbour in question is a 41-year-old man who allegedly works for the Republic of Singapore Air Force, and is an instructor at Aikido Shinju-Kai Singapore.

Since the publication of the article, the Aikido organisation’s Facebook group has earned comments regarding the instructor’s lack of neighbourliness.

‘Imagine your child being taught martial arts by the kind of neighbor-harassing thug featured in that rice media article lol,” reads one comment.

Meanwhile, Faye and her fellow residents are still dealing with the noise, as recorded in her latest TikTok post from today, captioned: ‘Night time, day time, he keep banging.”

….follow the link, connect the dots!

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