Correlation v. Causation: Uvalde Robb Elementary shooting demonstrates that when “counterterrosism programming” succeeds, mass shootings increase

The Uvalde narrative has changed at least twelve times now--maybe eventually they will get it right and shut up all of those “nasty conspiracy theorists” online who state the following:

The police at the scene of the Uvalde, Texas Robb Elementary School shooting pepper sprayed, handcuffed, and restrained parents under the threat of criminal arrest for trying to help their own children escape, as a mass shooter was inside the school murdering them.

See–my narrative hasn’t changed one bit–my first word, to my last, that is what I have been saying. And that won’t change–these deep state school shootings were long part of the plan, as William Cooper pointed out way back when.

Texas governor Greg Abbot is “absolutely livvid” about the fraud and cover up evident in the shifting shifty narrative that is taking place in Uvalde, particularly the fact that he was “misled by law enforcement”about how the shooting happened. I myself cannot help but notice the number 12 or 13 in these cases. It is also a predictable feature og these narratives–use my search box, keywords “twelve, 12, thirteen, 13” and so on.

And look–another 12! Again–from Business Insider:

New details included that the gunman shot at people for 12 minutes outside the school, and that a school resource officer didn’t confront the shooter but drove past him and mistakenly confronted a teacher instead.

I have also been saying this: every time the FBI increases surveillance, and uses counterterrorism tactics against online speakers, via surveilling social media, and interacting with future mass shooters online–that these shootings INCREASE, because counterterrorism is basically intense bullying and harassment, combined with psychological operations, directed at individuals–and that increase in mass shootings, according to the FBI’s own statistics.

While there is no evidence of the shooter being radicalized online–yet–we see repeatedly that these cases ALL involve exactly what I describe. EXACTLY what I describe–take a look at an extreme case of this use of “public safety” as a catchall phrase to occlude these tactics, and counterterrorism PSYOP online and off in the case of Richard Moore in Mississippi. On the radar indeed!

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