Welcome to my new “follower.” Most “followers” of gang stalking blogs are themselves stalkers–just a heads up, and thanks for your participation.

Gang stalking is REAL, DEMONSTRABLE, and legally ACTIONABLE. And gang stalkers will follow a targeted individual for DECADES. Have no fear–and eat my fire! You will be served accordingly.

Is gang stalking real–can gangs of stalkers be caught, rounded up, sued, and targeted in other ways? They sure can, ne “follower.”

I myself have sued a security “gang” and put one security company out of business. Of course, I had help–an excellent team of lawyers, camera footage, and “wits”–I did not jabber on about “electronic harassment,” and “directed energy weapons,” lizard people, or any of the other garbage that litters the internet with discrediting narratives.

No, I went for “proof” with “evidence” from a legal perspective, and when I initiated my lawsuit, five other persons followed–these cases are easy to win, if you knw where to look for “evidence.”

In my case, it was state level stalkers–an actual state within the USA, , a few disgruntled prosecutors, and decades of stalking by actual state agents that I have and can still name. These pusillanimous cowards–I know where many of them live, and advise them to keep an eye over their shoulders–are due for more fun, but also, their immediate family, friends and associates are on my list now, due to good lawyering, by excellent lawyers.

So first–shout out to my new “follower.” Your own dossier started today. How does that feel? You are now on a “list.” New York? Chcago? Los Angeles? Pines City? Colorado Springs? Wayzata? Hopkins? Mesquite? Monrovia, Detroit? Forrest Lake, or Rochester? Where do you live, I would love to know!

Well–for some of my “followers” I actually DO know, and have turned that information over to relevant authorities outside the USA. Cuz’ I be like rollz like dat.

So, don’t feel this to be an odd welcome, new follower–you are not the first, nor you be the last of those who now begin your own historical entry into the first “gang stalker database” in all of the history of Freemason stalking!. Imagine that? Yeah, because I be like I rollz like dat! I am combining the nationwide Brady List with the friends, associates, and relatives of those on the list, and guess what? A few of your own relatives will be there, I assure you.

Awwww. Cute new babies! Nephews, nieces and grandchildren! You were so prolific throughout your life destroying other peoples families!–the legacy of that is mine, I assure you, new “follower.”

In the meantime, no more wasted words–you know? You can feel free to contact me, while I use your data in interesting ways. Because, I be like roll like dat.

If for some odd reason I have failed to account you accordingly–if I am wrong predisposing of you–feel free to argue your case here. My new “friends” can help me weed it, or you, out later.

Lastly–I NEVER SEEK FOLLOWERS, and actively seek to avoid you people, yet you come. Look here for evidence of that.

So, NEW FOLLOWER–why are you even here? State your case in plain language, or be damned–along with my new entry in my database, ttled “YOU.”

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new “follower.” Most “followers” of gang stalking blogs are themselves stalkers–just a heads up, and thanks for your participation.

    1. LOL. This one used an email address that was suspicious. I don’t always call them our publicly, but this one…yeah, these are 100% state players, and their stupid Freemason associates. 100%


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