Who wants an easy $125,000 USD? I have it, you want it. Contact me for information.

Reward offered: $125,000 in the curious death of attorney Abe Dabela–how do “state gangs” kill a highly acclaimed lawyer and get away with it? Was he not “white enough” for an FBI investigation?

Stupid police and their gangs make democracy look like a joke to communists, and others–if American cops don’t follow the law, who does? Yup. Lots of Hollywood b.s., convincing people that “freedom” somehow exists like Bogfoot, in the USA.

NEWS, folks: the USA is a 100% current and former police, military, and intelligence informed racket–an actual police state by definition. No “freedom seekers” need to apply! Because “gangs” of “stalkers” who are all deep state players interfere with, and destroy “freedom.”

But here is an easy $125K for ANYONE who can help me solve a murder. For som ereason, white, local and incestuously related police, frefighters, and others in the area where Abe was murdered cannot seem to help. Guess why?

Here’s Abe, whose father is a doctor. He was an acclaimed lawyer. He was stalked by fire fighters, in and around Redding, CT. Then he was “found” with a bullet behind his ear, and “muddy footprints” on his back–real targets know how gangs of police stalkers like to hit you up from behind. It’s a “thing.”

Abe died with ” muddy footprints on his back, and a bullet behind his ear” in Douglass Fuchs Sandyhook territory–that odd moment when communist gun control policies meet murdering “cowboys,” and their ADL sponsors.

Here is the Reward Poster:

Here is the media coverage— a LOT OF MEDIA has covered this story!

Here is the meme–your answers can gain you $ A LOT OF F_ING MONEY.

Please help me solve this case, and put a few gang stalkers in prison.Then, let’s apply that money to other cases–I guarantee you will be a millionaire will be we are done with them. Chasing gangs of stalkers is a lucrative industry now–just look at the eBay gang, or the Pasco County cases for evidence–where are all of the “good gang stalkers?” when you need them?

6 thoughts on “Who wants an easy $125,000 USD? I have it, you want it. Contact me for information.

    1. Excellent! Yeah–this guy was also investigating Sandy Hook shooting, and the FEMA sheriff Douglass Fuchs.

      Here is the main website, and the NAACP is also on the case–you could contact them FIRST and ask them what facts they most want to publicize.


      Use my search feature to see what I have written so far. In his case, a gang of firefighters was stalking him around from bar to bar just before he was killed.

      Very sad fact: he was probably the only black attorney in that entire area.


      1. Interesting. Have you written about the KKK past of your relatives? I think they would find that interesting, maybe even historical.

        There are other reasons I am sure, but its worth “lobbying” them for attention.


      2. Right. You need to separate that part of your story out, so that readers have a reference point. Like for example, separate your father Fred, from your uncle, so that ts clear only one of them was a total racist, whereas the other played in the integrated NFL.


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