ScuttleBeaute writes from Pennsylvania “But what about when the FBI entraps you in a honeypot? How long before they come in guns-a-blazing to molest your electronic devices?!>!”

Hi, ScuttleBeaute, and thanks for your question.

I have profiled you since you were a young-un, waaaay back in the days when YuGiOh was a hot item. And guess what? There are connections between online gaming platforms, forums, and military PSYOP, but that’s a long story. SO: lets focus on your question of “time.” I have seen in the last three days, the following activity, from you and your associates:

  • My WordPress blog was briefly unresponsive, returning errors that “server cannot be found,” and the like.
  • A 1000% drop in my “statistics,” meaning that only you are reading this blog, or that your associates ( most from Canada) have somehow derailed this blogs outreach to the world ( not a good look I assure you.)
  • that this blogs stats, formerly around 300 per day, dropped to an all time low around 30, just after it was taken offline by an unknown assault.Screen caps available
  • todays ststs reflect only one reader reading, but three countires looking in, Britain, the USA, and the Netherlands, where the FBI maintains rat and snitches in IT companies.
  • That the net effect is that the one reader is likely controlling, and accessing my blog, and internet conection( another story entirely).

So: to begin to answer my slobbering voyeurs question about “honeypots,” we begin thus:

Start with the bizarre, and dubious narrative of the “FBI’s Story of Finding Silk Road’s Server Sounds a Lot Like Hacking,” and work your way out (or in, depending upon where YOU yourself would like to gain employment.)

Everyone knows that story is a sham, and a farce. We all know that the Silk Road case was an early assault on constitutional liberty, via dark web, hacking, computer “implants” and constant surveillance of targeted individuals internet connections–here, this is an example of how this works at my own blog, but there are thousands of others like me, enduring constant spying and hacking, with no way* to get these shitbags in a court room!My blog has been hacked, my internet taken over by the “deep state” since some stupid fat rat on the governments “informant string” put her problems into my space.

Then, there are the extremely complex cybertrails that take millions of dollars to trace out–and only the feds have the kind of money it takes to obfuscate methodology in these cases! And, they expect zero opposition (especially in that era, where they were the Masters of Darknet hacking, and judges too stupid to ask the right questions about methodology)

To hear the FBI tell it, tracking down the secret server behind the billion-dollar drug market known as the Silk Road was as easy as knocking on a door. The bureau’s latest court filing in the case describes how the hidden site accidentally revealed its location to anyone who visited its login page, thanks to a software misconfiguration.

But the technical side of the security community, who have long tracked the dark web’s experiments in evading law enforcement, don’t buy that simple story. They read the FBI’s statement differently: as a carefully worded admission that it didn’t knock on the Silk Road’s door so much as hack its way in.

This is the beginning of answering your question–note that pre-emminent cyber-researchers have answered it. The Agencies–all of them–are playing a HGE “hide the ball” game, and in that era, winning cases, because few would say out loud what we all know today: the government is BREAKING THE LAW, in order to create the APPEARANCE of UPHOLDING the law.

Lots of contradictions, ay? A clearly “two tiered narrative” of events and cases–targeting those of us who give a delightful Sutherland Salute to these criminals and state actors–“criminal state” actors. The pattern repeats all across the fallen democracies of the Five Eyes Nation-states. There IS NO LAW that any agency can cite that validates their practices. Only vague, anti-law “counerterrorism” policy statements–some of those written into law, but all of which defy, and violate human rights and the Human Rights Conventions.

So–they want to eat cake, but smash your face in shit if you to want to eat cake. See how that works? Yup–it’s a Hong Kong gangster shitshow, where Lao Da gets to get fat, while he holds a cleaver over your mother’s head. No real law, no real due process, just Gangster Computer God shitshows.

Well, anyways….Ross Ulbricht was the target. The investigation lasted…, and then he was entrapped into a #fake hit job scenario, as the feds sought headlines. Poor Ross, selling his art today, from behind America’s Gulag Walls. Please buy with Bitcoin! Ross Ulbricht is quite an artist, look:

Ross Ulbricht captures life in the less-than-rehabilitation focused American Gulag. As the US has shifted to a worse-that-Russian-Gulags-ever-were model, Ross brings a few points home.
Look at the less-than-focused-on-human-ability prison system of the USA as Ross rots in a jail cell. It hearkens to the pre-Soviet era art of insane asylums. Contact Free Ross for purchases and inquiries.

Moving on….

The feds set Ulbricht up from within the Internal Revenue Service–the primary “spy” was an IRS agent–a money tracker, and Ulbrichts case should have started and ended with a white collar crime tax evasion type crime. Sure–his site was all about seling drugs–which he never touched–and all about alternative cash flow that the IRS couldn’t count. But then, it got real weird: the FBI et al (their army of hackers trolls and provocateurs, working under cover at the Drug Enforcement Agency) all conspired in the literal sense to “evidence launder” and “paralell construct a case that was flubbed from the get go.

Well, all of that is to ay that you must pay me for any testimony forwards–and know that you will pay one way or another for what you have done. I have the evidence of what you have done, including your email addy, your base station, and your organization. I will turn that over to authorities later this week.

Isnt WordPress FUN?! And later, Your family, if any of the are still alive.

FBI’s Story of Finding Silk Road’s Server Sounds a Lot Like Hacking

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