I investigate the unique form of police/intelligence agency/state and federal/private investigator/international NGO level of corruption known as “organized gang stalking.” I hate corrupt pigs, and their sows and piglets, probably more than you do, if that is possible.

No phone, no address, beause the US FVEY’s spying has made communication toxic ( the NSA can track any internet user with just an email address) but you can send me an email here, which will go to my private server. Maybe I can help you kick some ass, or, in the least, make those asses worry a bit about jail time.

And take note: even factions of the FBI will take on gang stalking cases, if you have good evidence. See the eBay “gang” of “stalkers,” who are 100% current and former police, military and intelligence agents. Also note that the lead stalker said in court that he was trained to do “illegal things” by the FBI itself.

Note this: If I find your complaint legitimate, I will not reply via email, because so many circle jerking crash test dummy asshats from US agencies, Fusion Centers and intelligence private contractors love to waste time yammering on aboit electronic weapons, rather than anythong genuine or real– but I will write a “post” or story about your case, and you can reply in the comments of that story, so check back here after you write.

And–sometimes I ask readers to donate to one cause or another. If you want my attention, please donate to this Go Fund Me campaign, where Richard Moore is suing several sheriff’s departments over their use of unconstitutional policing and harassment. He is suing several “gangs” of stalkers in various police departments in Union County, MS in federal court. He recently had a sociopath steal his recording equiptment, as police in his area are working to stop his fedral lawsuits from going forwards.

Moore is the cousin of famed civil rights era photographer Charles Lee Moore, an intergenerational target of the KKK, and ex-con who was quite likely framed by Masonic asshats in his state. His case is a litmus test for me to decide if I will help you or not. SO, go there, donate, and then drop me an email.

Other wise, see my various self help sections, full of free tools with which you can learn to fight back.

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