Electronics, and the Science of Gang Stalking: gadgets that can be purchased online, and used by stalkers, but also, used by targets too ;-)

Many claim that they are targeted with electronics in the gang stalking dialectic, and while the vast majority of those are made by crackpots, and people who belong to extremist Jewish-christian religions, electronic gadgets that cause pain, hearing loss, and so on do exist, and can be purchased online.

Take a look at the excellent site Amazing1.com, where you can purchase all kinds of excellent electronic gear, but ALSO, buy exotic and unusual gadgets that defy the ordinary observers imagination, and like any good electronics site–and UNLIKE all of those “tactical spy gear” police and security websites, it has a pranks section, and a science experiment section too with many kid friendly and science fair projects.

Obviously it is a serious website though, and indeed has security products and surveillance tech section too. But what makes Amazing1 a most interesting site is that the seller openly advertises products that can cause pain and suffering to those who encounter such products, and when we start to investigate gangs of stalkers, it is necessary to include the possibility that products such as these can, and are being used in some cases.

Lets take a look at just two of the cool gadgets available at Amazing1.com, a nausea inducer which can make people feel physically ill, and a pain field generator below, that can be used by stalkers, but also can be used by victims too! It’s just one of many “strange electronic devices” that “gangs” of current and former police and miltary, private investigators, and so on–the exact people who are implicated as gang stalkers–use on their targets.

I vaguely touched on the fact that targets of stalkers can turn the tables on theses miscreants in this post here–where I discussed light activated yard sprinklers and scalding hot water, and I do in fact counsel actual targeted individuals that it is ok to harm such people if you can do it within the law (stand your ground, trespassing, castle doctrine, and so on).

WIthout further adieu, meet the tools that gang stalkers use to target their many victims–and while most claim online implicate electronic harassment, mst of those claims are made by actual stalkers, who use weapons such as the following to target their victims.

And as usual–be careful how you use such products, because nearly 100% of all gangs of stalkers are current and former police and military trained asshats–they are dangerous, and I urge my readers to use necessary precautions, and read the laws in your area before using such products.

Image 1
This is a Sonic Nausea Device, and can be used for crowd control and other uses. You can purchase one here How you use it is up to you–read your local laws before using.

Phasor Pain Field Generator & RC, High Power (8 Transducers + Focus Tubes) can be used to create a directional electronic “field of pain”directed at persons who enter your private spaces

Image 1

This device is poweful and effective. Have a look at this review:

In my case, I used it to successfully defend myself against the screaming neighbors and their non-stop screaming kids across the street. Achieving a successful result required enduring a visit from the local police. I am not a lawyer. But I have thirteen years of legal experience. So I knew what to say and what NOT to say when the police came knocking on my door. Also, I knew enough to have the garage door closed so the police couldn’t see the generator when they arrived.

I bought this item to achieve a specific result and within 24 hours of its arrival, that goal was fulfilled! The police told the screaming neighbors that if they would complain about the noise I made then they would be subject to any complaints I made to the police about THEIR noise. And the police encouraged me to call them if I heard any noise from my neighbors in the future.

So, this item works. But you must know how to work it. It’s a bit like buying a gun. If you know what you’re doing, you can defend yourself against punks. But if you’re careless, you could wind up shooting yourself in the foot. It solved an intractable problem for me in less than 24 hours. But whether it will help to solve your problem is TOTALLY up to YOU.

There are many DIY projects, and useful gadgets that any TI would be interested in learning about too. There’s a DIY Laser listening device, where you can listen from 500 feet away, and sonic nausea devices to make people physically ill, as well as many many other ultrasonic devices.

I urge those who are investigating gang stalking and the often bizarre complaints of “electronics” and “targeted individuals” to have a look at this fabulous website, and learn to ask the right questions when dealing with TI’ as clients, interview subjects, or otherwise.