Help this targeted individual!? Never mind–Teo En Ming is helping himself to live the life he dreams of!

There is a very large segment of the "#fakeTI's" online who are in fact, anti-pornography, anti-prostitution crusaders, masquerading as victims, and they are allied with the far-right PSYOP of "women's empowerment," which has roots in extremist religion. These range from the various "domestic violence industrial complex (DVIC)" advocates like these women here who abuse the … Continue reading Help this targeted individual!? Never mind–Teo En Ming is helping himself to live the life he dreams of!


There is one case of stalking filed every 55 minutes in India. While there are laws on the books, the police are often hesitant to enforce them, and the laws that exist are written exclusively for women–the India law does NOT protect men from stalking whatsoever.

As we see in the US, there are many women who are themselves very active stalkers, which I chronicle here at ROGS. The laws that were written in the 1980’s were gender biased and written for an entirely different era.See my posts about ultra right wing affiliated Playboy Bunny stalkers, the IMDB Gang of stalkers, or especially, Maureen Dizon and her far right companion Derrick Robinson who has been implicated as a stalker himself, having had contact with several mass shooters just before they went on a rampage.

Its time to update stalking laws, that include laws that protect men from gangs, and from the known suspects of the elite that do in fact stalk men politically, and for other reasons, such as the case of the recently indicted “gang” of stalkers from Spear Tip Security, charged with murdering two people in a bizarre security company hit job–the exact kind of odd killing that is often preceded by “gangs” of “sytalkers” appearing in ones life.




Time and again we have witnessed various instances of harassment and stalking ruining lives of individuals. Stalking ranges from strangers skulking in the shadows to monitoring your social media accounts or hacking into your phone. Stalking can be defined as the crime of illegally following or watching someone during a particular period of time. It was only after the Delhi Gang Rape case in 2012 that certain provisions were introduced for punitive punishment in cases with reference to stalking.

It has been proved by the researchers that being stalked can have psychological trauma. An all-inclusive legal framework is required to safeguard the primary victims of stalking. Initially, the article highlights the concept of stalking, provisions mentioned in the Information Technology Act, 2000 and Indian Penal Code as well as their effectiveness. Furthermore, the article focuses upon the judicial pronouncements and some recommendations to tackle the menace of…

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