Tools: Gang Stalking, Journalism, and Investigative Research toolkits, and the CIA Glossary of Intelligence Terms

Below are many resources you can use to become a better journalist/psychologist/sociologist/criminologist when writing or, reporting on topics like gang stalking, and other surveillance state issues in the post-Constitutional era. Especially note the free investigative tools below, and the various technological terms and glossaries.

NOTE: If you are in an emergency situation, and need immediate tools, here are the APP’s that other journalists activists, dissidents and gang stalking targets around the world are using–but start with your cell phone, and record what is happening. Then, there are tons of live-streaming free services too, and other APPs for immediate help for targeted individuals–here are ten of them.

If you have more time, the free operating system Kali, in Kali Linux forensics mode will tell you who is hacking you, and a lot more. Wireshark can be started an run on any computer or cell phone, and will tell you who and what is coming into or out of your devices. There are also hidden camera and hidden microphone finders at APKpure and GooglePlay, as well as white noise generators that can defeat electronic surveillance and so on.But nothing beats having human witnesses that you now and trust! Always report odd happenings and stalking to trusted friends and relatives.

Lastly know this: nearly 100% of gang stalking complaints are far right and far left funded fundamentalist christians, Zionists, and corporate state agents, including current and former police, military, and intelligence agents–so, learn to think like a cop, and how to think like a spy, from former GHCQ spy master Sir David Omand: It all starts with his SEES model, covering four types of information: Situational awareness of what is happening; Explanation of why we are seeing what we do and the motivations of those involved; Estimates of how events may unfold under different assumptions; and Strategic notice of issues that may come to challenge us in the long term.”

Then, before actually using these tools below, note that security professionals advise that you look at the “who, how, and why and what” you are using when you download information, security applications, or other software. As we see over and over, gang stalkers are very tech savvy exploiters, and all of them are affiliated with Big Tech, or intelligence agencies.

So-what is the baseline of security when researching gang stalkers? A note from Tactical Tech about security (TT also advises NGOs so be careful there too–many NGOs are implicated in hacking, stalking, and cyber stalking aka “gang stalking” campaigns too):

When deciding on a tool for (researching gang stalkers*), ask yourself, is it:

1. Open source – is the software non-proprietary and is the code available publicly so that it can be scrutinized by users?

2. Trusted – has the software been independently reviewed or audited?

3. Mature – does it have a stable, active user-based community and is it responsive to a developer community?

4. User-friendly – is it easy to use?

5. Multi-language with localisation support – can it be found in other languages or easily localised?

6. Multi-platform – can it be used on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, etc.?

7. Documented – are its sources, installation, usage and updates available online?

Seek Truth, and Report It! The Society of Professional Journalists “Journalists Toolbox” of free investigative tools.

The Journalists Code of Ethics, also from the SPJ

SPJ Diversity Toolbox: how to broaden the spectrum of sources and add unique voices to your reportage.

Einvestigator Free Tools: Free private investigator grade tools and toys from Einvestigator online.

CIA Glossary of Intelligence Terms: how to identify spooks and their “influence operators” online Hard link below)

A note about credibility, ethics, journalism, and the “Hate Speech Lobby” which straddles both left and right wing ideologies: The Catholic League, the Anti Defamation League, and women’s groups are united in suppressing criticism, and dissent

The #MeToo movement has the hallmarks of a moral crusade,and a power grab, similar to how the Ku Klux Klan organized women. The Catholic League is compiling “lists” of people who speak out against the church, notoriously targeting comedian Bill Maher; and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League are notorious spies and slanderers who hide their own hatred, bias, and smears behind “hate speech” legislation.

Keeping in mind that the same people who waged the Inquisition in Spain and Europe were all over the map criticizing Maher for his one time use of the N-word, lol. All told, suppression of speech is a lucrative business model, and an organizing force; but also, is the hallmark of a highly organized “influence operation”that leads eventually to fascism, and other bad things.

Also not a coincidence is that ultra-conservatives (neocons) like former head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, James “Your Fired” Comey, former Attorney General Bill Barr, and many other persons who engage in the due process free and ineptly named Countering Violent Extremism progams (CVE) and other counter-terrorism shit shows are Opus Dei, and other religious secret society members too. Most CVE targets dissident voices online, Muslims, atheists, non-conformists, activists, and others who are not “Religulous.”painting a picture of a religious moral crusade.

Then, the same people that Russian author, dissident and political prisoner Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about after he was liberated from the Russian Gulag now run the ADL, and not in-coincidentally but were also involved in COINTELPRO when they fled to the USA and elsewhere during their Stalinist purges in Russia. Their relatives and descendants also work at the highest levels of the FBI, and the DHS too, which is said to be responsible for gang stalking.This bibliography of the Gulag Narratives provides a more broad background for Solzhenitsyn’s alleged anti-semitism.

Like the Nazi’s during Operation Paperclip finding their way to America, these types of Jews also found a welcome home in America’s various intelligence agencies, and drive policy even today, and we can see this in cases across America, like the Kyle Rittenhouse case, where white christians and Jews battle each other in the streets for control of a primarily religious narrative, hidden in carefully micro-managed discussions about “human rights.” The only problem there is that they seek to anhilihate each others rights, and lives, taking your own rights with them.

To understand how this kind of religious/tribal insanity plays out in the press take a look at the case of Jewish-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, versus Catholic spy Robert Hanssen Regardless of viewpoint, any sane person can agree that media is confused about the parameters of ethical journalism on these gang stalking and religion/tribe/sect/ cult related issues.

And, because of the multi-billion dollar lobbyists from all of these “neocon” organizations who operate in the “gang stalking dialectic online,”, we now know that one out of three Americans suffered “severe harassment” online in 2018. Such is an “influence operation” online, the speech monitors and their Nazi-Jewish-Anti Defamation League-Catholic League sponsors and their agency assets are THAT prolific.

Lastly, Public Relations Terminology is perhaps the most important dialectic tool to recognize that there is a huge public relations component to gang stalking, and elements of information, misinformation, and outright disinformation contained within its many nuanced dialogues.

Here are 50 PR terms from Thompson PR, including “crisis communications” aka “crisis PR”which runs after every mass shooting that was precipitated by gang stalking. The Molson Coors shooting, the Virginia Beach shooting, the Portapique shooting–all of these were preceded by documented stalking by state agents and others in their orbit-and a in many of these cases, police crisis PR managers were present before, during and after these events, most notably the strange case of fake-bomber Cesar Sayok, who was stalked and also a stalker on Twitter by police, and flagged by none other than talking head and crisis PR agent Rochelle Ritchie ** long before he was arrested for mailing fake bombs to George Soros and company.

*my edit. I changed “your organisation” to “researching gang stalkers”. As we see repeatedly, NGOs and other “organisations” are implicated all over the net as actual organized gang stalkers

**In these odd events, the USA and the west in general gender the narrative of violence, and stalking as “male” and who stalked who first is always debatable, as we see Ms. Ritchie allied with police mobs, Israeli hasbara trolls, racist ADL types and others who on one hand incite people with bad speech, and then ratchet up the rhetoric, and then turn it over to the police speech online and seek to radicalize speakers through harassment and incitement. For all anyone knows, Sayoc was himself a target of these mobs first.