Jury Trials and the DVIC: Johnny Depp was defamed by path-narc Amber Heard. What next? Take the DVIC out.

Jury trials, and convictions based on evidence are the difference between American systems of law, and British kangaroo courts, or totalitarian systems of justice. Yet as we see, gang stalking is a quasi-legal system in and of itself that exploits the gray area between innocence and guilt, which is what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp with her attempt to become a spokesperson for the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) and its associated industries.

The DVIC is an international octopus, a hydra of industries, conceptual models of social control, and especially public relations narratives that exploit the gray area between crime and conviction, innocence and guil, and especially exploit women who are willing to buy in to what they are selling.

Here is what they are selling:

  • mental health and counseling
  • Big Pharmaceuticals
  • a variety of services related to family courts, domestic violence courts, parole and probation courts, drug courts, and other kangaroo operations where guilt and innocence, as well as liability can be decided
  • addiction and recovery services

This all has roots in the Women’s Christian Temperance Society era, which is ALSO the era of the Rise of the Ku Klux Klan. It is EXACTLY how British-Israel have been marketing narratives for many hundreds of years, and exactly the way that the Protestant KKK, and its Knight Riders exploited the night: the stalking, cross burning, and harassment–even lynching “didn’t happen” if the townsfolk all looked the other way, or stuck to the same story.

And predictably, the backlash was fierce, and Heard’s lies were uncovered layer by layer, and we saw her attacking Depp in his own home, and belittling him as a “pussy” because she didn’t slap him hard enough and more.

Yup–no kidding, the DVIC is some insane gender biased b.s.which only favors state interests, by gedering violence as male, and absolving female sociopaths and path-narcs like Amber Heard.

Let’s dive into the shit that was Heard Around the World, via the memes and quotes that helped vindicate a man falsely accused of domestic violence– but first…let’s un-name her, because she’s just another pretty white bully and liar:

….because “true love” is British-Israel PSYOP with unhealthy doses of Christcuckoldry plugged into the fusehole with DVIC grease.

Smart men fight back, and collect their own dirt on these scheming bankster whores
The difference under the British-Israel scheme of law, and the US system, is that “white knights” are less likely to have influence in a jury trial. This meme is from 2020

“I can say it is a very endearing image, but it is absolute utter falsity, it is fraudulent” – Mr Depp responding to an allegation he held Amber Heard’s dog, Pistol, out of a car window.

It was almost as if there were rules, she has a routine and if that routine isn’t met to her standards then there was going to be a problemJohnny Depp on Amber Heard

“The puppy got a hold of a little ball of hashish and just scooped it up before I could get to it” – Mr Depp speaking about an incident in which one of his and Ms Heard’s dogs ate cannabis.

“I vehemently deny it and would go so far as to say it is pedestrian fiction” – Mr Depp responding to an accusation he subjected Ms Heard to a “three-day ordeal of assaults” during a trip to Australia in March 2015.

“I recall painting on a lampshade, on a wall, on a mirror. I remember dunking my finger in paint thinner and using paint when I had run out of blood to paint with and I could have defaced the painting, I suppose, but I don’t remember specifically” – Mr Depp responding to a question about defacing a painting during the Australia trip in 2015.

“There are several times when I have spoken to Ms Heard and said, ‘listen, we are a crime scene waiting to happen’” – Mr Depp on his relationship with Ms Heard.

“I was convinced that it was either Ms Heard herself or one of her cohort involved in leaving human faeces on the bed” – Mr Depp on the infamous “defecation incident”, in which faeces were found in the couple’s bed at their Los Angeles penthouse in April 2016.

…follow these quotes to the Irish Examiner, where you can read more!

The DVIC is indeed an octopus, with tentacles across the globe, and in every kangaroo court system in the US and Britain.

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