The addiction and recovery narrative is implicated in gang stalking, and the official sources all work alongside the DVIC narrative: meet Dr. Andrew Lustig, gang stalking denialism

There is a distinct strain of Protestant-Christian* Temperance and Prohibitionist sentiment under girding the narratives of gang stalking, so much so that we see that AA is merely a cult, and that the Protestant elements of our societies are united behind a “medicate them” narrative. Such is the power of British-Israel, which has long sought total control over recreational drugs and alcohol use. See this, and this, below:

Te Domestic Violence Industrial Complex and its narrators in the DV industry, counseling, mental health, and recovery-addiction have replaced democratic voice with shitty women telling tall tales

Then, let’s look at the women who put themselves into this narrative about “gang stalking is a delusion!!!“, starting with Roisin Kiberd, writer, and internet addict, a social media “pundit” who calls all TI’s “crazy.” Her picture speaks for itself. Oh! How to market, sell, or otherwise convince buyers that white females make sense! I know–let’s put them in a position to bully victims of gang stalkers–100% of whom are current and former police, military–paramedics, fire fighters, state workers, hospital and “recovery” racketeers–these women and their enablers are at every point and turn filling the over-tight heels of Nurse Ratched–institutional mouthpieces for the recovery industry, and bullies of one type or another.

That they all look alike cannot be missed–look, seriously!

Roisin Kiberd in full kilt. A white female “warrior” whose tools are gaslighting the complaints of males in her own family lineage.

Here is Roisin Kiberds sloppy, wet, but HUGELY successful narrative published in the MSM, telling people that “gang stalking is a delusion,” and that those who are gang stalked by these gangs of current and former police, military, and intel agents with their Big Pharma swords in their hands.

Look--this narrative is really foul and smelly! Gangs of women who are sociopathically inclined to hide their deviance behind #fakeRape and other gibberish are now legit! See–gang stalking isn’t “real” because they are now cited in Wikipedia!

And here is her compatriot in gang stalking denialism–a dead ringer for a Roisin Kiberd/Amber Heard/white damsel, and DVIC- spawned narrator–Dr. Lorraine Sheridan–oh, those poor white females, stalked everywhere they go! White Knights ASAP!!!!!Misogyny!!!! Please send Ukrainian Nazi’s ASAP–save these damsels in distress from people with “gang stalking delusions!!!” And while your at it, here’s some KKKchristian Temperance up your ass, and some Big Pharma down your throat!

Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, spawn of the KKK. I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart if I saw them on the street, their so white! SO pearly! So….something I cannot related to at all!

Compare these type of “gang stalking denialists” to Amber Heard’s now-famous turd, that she shat in Johnny Depps bed–

Yes–the white damsel in distress is quite a handful of shit. Like a pearly white sheet, with shat. Please–anyone!!–take these cows out of our breeding stock!

More turdriffic turdjoinment for you:

Yup–a certain kind of white female, and a definite malodorous narrative is behind this gaslighting–lol. Am I smelling methane, or is that a “shart delusion?”

Now–on to Dr. Andrew Lustig, who–for whatever reason–denies that gang stalking exists. I am trying to hunt down a picture of the good doctor, but I could just as easily insert one of Sheridan, Kiberd, or any other–they literally look alike don’t you agree?And note: no black people are present in this discussion, just old white men like Lustig, and these white damsels in distress.

Many who claim gang stalking also make connections to addiction and recovery industry agents. Dr. Andrew Lustig, who has now engaged with the gang stalking dialectic as a denialist is one such “agent.” It is classic “White Anglo Saxon Protestant” (WASP) gibberish, and falsification of facts, via psychobabble.

Take a look:

Linguistic Analysis of Online Communication About a Novel Persecutory Belief System (Gangstalking): Mixed Methods Study

No one online–ever–was studying gang stalking from a linguistic perspective before me. You can find evidence of that over at Dr. Mike Wood’s Conspiracy Theory blog, where he was so embarrassed at the ineptitude of his own assertions in the face of overwhelming evidence, that he abandoned his own blog.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the mystery of “academics who steal creative theses because they lack them themselves,” in the case of Dr. Andrew Lustig, and the psychobabble of burying original sources, in favor of gibberish, vomited into an Lorraine Sheridan’s now-portable echo chamber–the first line of Lustig’s work “mirrors” Sheridan’s work–Oh, Narcissus!

Gangstalking is a novel persecutory belief system whereby those affected believe they are being followed, stalked, and harassed by a large number of people, often numbering in the thousands. The harassment is experienced as an accretion of innumerable individually benign acts such as people clearing their throat, muttering under their breath, or giving dirty looks as they pass on the street. Individuals affected by this belief system congregate in online fora to seek support, share experiences, and interact with other like-minded individuals. Such people identify themselves as targeted individuals.

Such an assertion is a real no-starter, because actual targeted individuals DO NOT describe themselves that way, and of those who do say similar things, they usually have evidence–here, have a look at the case study of Richard Moore in Mississippi, who documents ACTUAL persecution by “community policing mobs,” and years worth of false arrests for first amendment protected speech. The guy is sober as a jaybird, yet stalked and hunted like a scapegoat.

Those curious hits my blog gets EVERY WEEK from Toronto are quite telling–and awhile ago, from Sydney Australia too. Folks–why don’t you just engage with my case study of Richard Moore? Take me up on my offer and invitation to dialogue? Riiiight. Y’all don’t want “some internet person” upstaging you, but you are quite happy to steal a theisi or two.

Moving on–Lustig, et al.’s objective beyond building a Google Bomb that looks like this [Andrew Lustig; Gavin Brookes ; Daniel Hunt; Lorraine P. Sheridan; David V. James; Joe Pierre; Christine M. Sarteschi; Michael Wood; Mike Mcphate; Joseph Flatley; Amelia Tait; Sharon Weinberger; Sarah Kershaw] filling the internet with an echo chamber of themselves and their colleagues denying that “gangs” of “stalkers” gang stalk people. I will get to that later, but here–

Objective: The objective of the study was to characterize the linguistic and rhetorical practices used by contributors to the gangstalking forum to construct, develop, and contest the gangstalking belief system.

None of the actual TI that I have met in person, or written about after extensive correspondence describe themselves anywhere nearly similar to Lustigs “objective,” which is to force a perception upon the public–that somehow “gang stalking is a belief system” when in fact case after case (see the Pasco County cases for examples, using my search feature) demonstrates that Lustig is NOT an “objective person, nor is his study. And note that he is attempting to shift the term into a catchall phrase, rather than a two part phrase–that the assertion that “gangs” of “stalkers” do indeed stalk people, as opposed to some bogeyman named “Gangstalker!”

Yup–that’s what these people do folks, and I haven’t even started with him–I will deep dive his bio later–starting with his “addictionology” pedigree, and later questioning his choice to use a linguistic analysis.

These people, if nothing, are calculated, and methodical in their “gang stalking denialism.” Evidence:

Methods: This mixed methods study employed corpus linguistics, which involves using computational techniques to examine recurring linguistic patterns in large, digitized bodies of authentic language data. Discourse analysis is an approach to text analysis which focuses on the ways in which linguistic choices made by text creators contribute to particular functions and representations. We assembled a 225,000-word corpus of postings on a gangstalking support forum. We analyzed these data using keyword analysis, collocation analysis, and manual examination of concordances to identify discursive and rhetorical practices among self-identified targeted individuals.

Sure–like mixed martial arts, psychobabblers with a bias always like to muddy the waters, wherease survivors of gang stalking merely do what we can do to get the story to a wider audience. Pure trance formation on their part, opposing first person narratives, and evidence, which–due to the large portion of shitposters online who intentionally mudy the dialectic, is reasonable, considering their “evidence” is pure narrative, while my case study of Richard Moore of the US Anti Gang STalking Association rebuts each and every claim these academics and pundits make, no matter how deeply layered in psychobabble and academic speak.

Seriously, have a read through that paper–it’s a mixture of bias, and predisposition to favoring anonymous shitposters online–all of whom are 100% current and former police, military, intel agents, druf company shills, state wrkers–and their friends, relatives and associates. I will come back to this later, but note that at all points, fro Lustig, to Sheridan, to Sarteschi, none of them actually make ANY contact with actal TI’s and continue to interview “the internet” for their “evidence.”

Seriously00their narratives are that flawed, and that deliberately avoids factual evidence, such as Moore’s case–and Moore is not a one-off by any stretch, as he documents other cases too.

So, once again, ROGS Analysis of gang stalking is the narrative that the forces of Big Pharma are marshalling against, as I can demonstrate with empirical evidence that I was the first person online to analyze the dialectic from a linguistic perspective. Google search results will verify that, as will my work at my old blog ResearchOrganizedGangStalking, and you can use my search feature here at the blog you are reading KW “linguistic analysis” and “Linguistics and gang stalking.” Feel free to write for evidence.

So–that is incontrovertible evidence that I am, at the very least, a trendsetter–once again the narrative that billion dollar industries are competing to stifle. And that’s a good thing! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Oh nooooes! The voices in my head, screaming out “Grandiose much?…Muuuuuch!?”

You betcha;-)

*all of the neocon religious outfits participate at all levels of the addiction recovery industries, and have region-specific competition to gain federal funds and other resources . So, Boston and Chicago for example will have federal funds flowing to Catholic organizations, while the Deep South will see these rackets run by Baptists, Pentecostals, etc.

Related Reading: The KKK and the WCTU: Close Partners in Prohibition, and the white female as a pillar of “virtue” is embodied by the archetype of Nurse Ratched, a character written into existence in the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, by Ken Kesey. The novel is laden with Freemason symbolism, and is one of the most powerful studies of female deviance, malevolence, and institutionalized bullying ever written into literature.

Amber Heard deserves ONE more shot at a good role–I think she would be a shoe-in for Nurse Ratched, or Joan Crawford.
Nurse Ratched is the embodiment of white female supremacy, a position of privilege granted by white knights and the deep state. The history of Europe is the history of industries bidding for the attention–and capital– of white females
Big Pharmaceuticals, and the narrative of medications is the “legitimate” face of the state owned British mafia’s opium trade

Dear reader, please ignore these names–I am building a Google bomb, ok? IGNORE: Andrew Lustig; Gavin Brookes ; Daniel Hunt; Lorraine P. Sheridan; David V. James; Joe Pierre; Christine M. Sarteschi; Michael Wood; Mike Mcphate; Joseph Flatley; Amelia Tait; Sharon Weinberger; Sarah Kershaw

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