How Women In The KKK Were Instrumental To Its Rise: past as present, as precedent

The origin of the “Karen” meme: The KKK’s “Kamelias” are female KKK members.

From Buzzfeed News’ Linda Gordon:

A “phenomenon that many progressive feminists found and still find anomalous — the existence not only of conservative feminism but even of bigoted feminism”

…women clamored to participate from the moment the second Klan reappeared. They contributed a new argument for the cause: that women’s emergence as active citizens would help purify the country. That claim may well have emerged only after the women’s suffrage amendment was ratified in 1920; before that, many Klanspeople of both sexes probably had doubts about the righteousness of women entering politics. Nevertheless, the claim that women might bring “family values” back into the nation’s governance — a claim made at the time in movements of all political hues — created a contradiction within conservative movements: Despite an ideological commitment to Victorian gender norms, including women’s domesticity, many conservative women enjoyed participating in politics. In fact, some Klanswomen interpreted political activism as a female responsibility. Then, once active, they often came to resent men’s attempts to control them and even challenged men’s power. Thus we meet a phenomenon that many progressive feminists found and still find anomalous — the existence not only of conservative feminism but even of bigoted feminism. Readers who have not already done so must rid themselves of notions that women’s politics are always kinder, gentler, and less racist than men’s.

Related Concepts in “gang stalking”

The #MeToo Movement is modeled on the Ku Klux Klan’s womens auxilliary, the Kamelia’s and their notorious “poison squads” waging “whisper campaigns.” Repeatedly, we find women as stalkers at many mass shootings, and the press carrying narratives that the men these gangs of women targeted were involvedhearsay presented as fact and derived in family courts, domestic violence, sexual harassment allegations, etc. Hot Yoga shooter Scott Bierele is perhaps the best example (search here, tags Scott Bierele, Ian Long, Thousand Oaks shooting, Matt Riehl, Butler News)

The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals has also masked its racist goals behind morphing the definition of “foreign terrorist” into targeting men accused in these kangaroo courts, and participates in the “PSYOPs” behind targeting such men. Search here, tags ATAP, threat assessment, slander, pseudo-feminism, women’s gangs, women’s violence, women’s empowerment, etc.

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