Gabby Sones is “The Girl Who Told the Truth”: CPS, Satanic Panic’s, and fake-christian’s exploiting children for ca$h in expensive hoaxes like The Mineola Child Sex Case

The Mineola Child Sex Case, aka the “Mineola Swingers Club” case gets a makeover, as Satanic Panic’s are once again explored in the MSM–Texas Monthly re-visited that case in 2018, nearly a decade after a band of criminals led by foster care profiteer Margie Cantrell and her husband John in the State of Texas, working with Child Protective Services, and crooked Texas Rangers destroyed some peoples lives, while making hundreds of thousands of dollars exploiting children. Cantrell was later charged with abuse, as was her husband, charged with lewd acts on a child under 14.

Many victims of gang stalking first encounter this activity after contact with the many quasi-due process oriented kangaroo courts that oversee the domestic sphere of life in the US. Guided by the idea that the state has an interest in childrens rights, and safety–well being. And, they are infested with political and religious operatives, Free Mason’s and other secret society memnbers, and endemically corrupt .

These courts range from probate, to family and divorce court, and the subsidiary anti-due process oriented domestic violence and drug courts–and many gang stalking complaints emanate from parole systems and anywhere a plea deal is made instead of a target facing a jury trial. Any of the state courts that rely on he said she said complaints, or the grey area suspicions or allegations created by the lack of a trial of facts, and other-than-constitutional guarantees to get their dirty work done, you will find gang stalking taking place.

These courts are the reason the US is not a democracy, but rather a two-tiered police and surveillance society–by and large politicized circuses run by the wealthiest and most socially connected families in each state, rife with misconduct and for-profit scheme’s, in violation of any/many constitutional guarantees, and the judges who sit there directly impede due process in many ways. These systems have replaced chattel slavery in the western world, and specifically in the USA.

Related Story: Kids for Cash is a documentary film about one judge in Pennsylvania, literally selling 3000 children into the state system of slavery known as foster care, and turning a profit. But the [practice continues all over America, in different forms.

US courts are well documented as for-profit state profiteering schemes at all levels too. From exhorbitant court costs to fines and other penalties, US courts at this level function as state controlled businesses, extracting profit from state caused court conflicts

In the case at hand, hundreds of thousands of dollars were doled out to insiders, such as court appointed therapists, social workers, police and investigators– invested in real estate and local economies, and enabled the career aspirations of people who work in these systems, exploiting children.

Many target’s of gang stalking who I have traced online and interviewed first heard the term ” gang stalking” shortly after encountering these state run slavery schemes, run by the medical mafia’s, and dynasty families in states around the USA. And it cannot be forgotten that one of America’s most “famous” mass shooters Myron May was connected to a religion based foster care factory too.

In every generation, legislation and billls are passed to prevent these abuses–yet the hidden Masonic and other elements of our society intervenes, one generation after the next to corrupt the safety net for these children, and exploit them for cash. When these kids come forward, we need to listen–and understand the form of exploitation that this is–and take measures to arrest, and prosecute those who uses these systems in for-profit schemes.

They split up her family, stole the child (and her siblings) away from her beloved father, and accused the non-christians amongst them of running a kindergarten strip club–such is the lengths christian’s will go to confabulate lies and deceit, with little interest in “what is in the child’s best interests,” as they grasp for wads of state supplied ca$h like gambling junkies fondle lotto tickets or Bingo chips.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as we read along and expose a “good christian lady” who herself is a child stealing and exploiting monster–the kind of monster for whom thirteen bullet’s in her face may not be enough to kill her, should she rear her ugly head again….even if you use social media monitoring tools like these free tools here to hunt her down in her lair, where she has yet to face substantial justice.

Monsters like Margie and John Cantrell have ruined many, many lives–along with powerful friends in “high places” enabling them to be what they are; and its rumored that some of their types of demons can even eat bullets with their bare, gnashing teeth–but who knows? Maybe that’s just a story.

Read on, my dear readers, and meet some monster’s who put on a fake kiddie porn show, made hundred’s of thousands of dollars doing it, using the courts and child protective services, and destroyed countless lives and opportunities along the way. The kiddie porn and strip show/sex circus is just one of the many themes that arise in these cases–these people give you the disease, and then they steal the cure too.

Here below is a story of one girl’s journey through the horrific kid$ for ca$h schemes that are run out of these state courts. And, a certain portion of my readers will also recognize the main victim in the following photo immediately:

Sheila, Gabby, Hunter Mayo, and Shauntel

Gabby Scones, the girl with the owl on her shirt–the CIA and Free Mason’s use that owl as a cartel signal, a symbol from the days of the most evil and wicked programs ever devised and foist upon democracies everywhere, by the primarily Catholic CIA–but only AFTER the Masons had infiltrated every level of agencies and government. Many foster children, and state sponsored child abuse survivors quickly relate to this owl symbolism. However, all of these people in the photo were victimized by police, prosecutors, and especially by a “crusading christian woman” who is herself a walking foster care factory, generating black ca$h, hand in hand with Free Mason’s in policing, courts and state level agencies.

The Girl Who Told the Truth

A decade ago, Gabby Sones accused her parents and five others of running the most depraved child sex ring in Texas history. Now she’s ready to clear their names.

When Gabby Sones was fifteen, she would often lie awake at night, restless, replaying memories in her head, watching them roll by like scenes from a movie. Many involved her father, Jimmy. The two were inseparable when she was little. He was a tall, burly, redheaded good ol’ boy who loved to hunt and fish. She was a strawberry-blond tomboy with baby blue eyes, and when she got old enough to hold a fishing pole, he would take her to Lake Tawakoni or Lake Holbrook, where she once caught two dozen sand bass, pulling them out of the cool water one after another.

Jimmy liked to work with his hands, and when he would crawl under his Buick Electra to tinker with the engine, she’d scoot beside him and pass him tools. He drove a big rig for a living, and on short trips to Oklahoma or Louisiana, he’d sometimes take her along. She would sit high in the seat, chattering into the CB radio, watching the world as it sped by. “I can see everything!” she’d cry.

But that was years ago. She hadn’t seen Jimmy or her mom, Sheila, since 2005, when she was seven and Child Protective Services took her from her parents. After that, her memories weren’t as pleasant.

….follow the links! Connect the dots! More about the girl who told the truth here, and the 2015 movie is here.

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