Bringing People Together: “Roses are red, Doritos are savory, the U.S. prison system is legalized slavery.” And soup kitchens….

First Draft, unedited

The food industry has been caught in the middle of a culture war since the Great Octopus of International Finance* came to nest on America’s shores in 1913. The question is–what does IT eat? If you guessed “everything it can” you guessed correctly.

The modern co-option of the peoples ability to feed others begins with the idea that “Al Capone (the ultra bad guy) fed the poor.” But the reality is that he was merely antithesis to a larger, more deviant and criminal thiesis.

16 Nov 1930, Chicago, Illinois, USA — Notorious gangster Al Capone attempts to help unemployed men with his soup kitchen “Big Al’s Kitchen for the Needy.” The kitchen provides three meals a day consisting of soup with meat, bread, coffee, and doughnuts, feeding about 3500 people daily at a cost of $300 per day. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS/University of Georgia

Food preparation can be construed as a revolutionary activity, and all over the country we see the trend of local governments that are supported by many private interests such as religious organizations, corporations, and NGO’s who funnel them cash to do their bidding are shutting down food kitchens, and waging war on those who feed the poor. Its a national trend. That’s because independent food kitchens and other such socially minded activity that is not covertly allied with the western Masonic order are targeted as “communists” and worse.

I touched on that a bit over here, where I covered the Doorman Wars of Minneapolis where Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd–both of them were restaurant doormen or security– and where a conservative, primarily white “out group” from the suburbs of Minneapolis waged a covert war for control of bars and restaurant “gates” and doors. NO small surprise then, that Chauvin himself has a background in restaurant kitchen, having studied it before he became a cop; or that two of the other cops who murdered Mr. Floyd were ALSO former restaurant employees.

There are many reasons for this “out group” infiltrating the “in-group” of restaurant culture (a separate essay entirely) but the primary reason is “co-option” of dissent: the primarily white, outlying areas of all major cities, and their government and their churches view the activity of community gardens, soup kitchens, and the feeding of the homeless as an act of revolution and defiance, as if to say “What–our many social charity organizations are not enough? Are you waging war on our society by making a community garden?

By feeding the poor without any further expectations from them (for labor/moral subjugation/continuation of the scapegoating narrative) That’s un-American! Not in line with “America’s traditional values and cultural constructs!! “THAT”S COMMUNIST!””

But the reality is that the western governments and their subsidizing entities (the people who give them easy-peazy trillion dollar loans for forever war) all fail to truly provide for the poor in any substantive way, because ALL of them demand complicity with organized religion, and the many, many NGO’s that claim to serve the poor do in fact serve other masters; and are in fact merely front companies for the organized religion industry, and its social constructs, most of which involve real estate, health care, and other hundreds of billions of dollars industries.

The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Baptist/Protesant/Lutheran/etc. Sunday brunches and the many many other events they sponsor, along with their NGO’s that purport to care for the poor are in fact just a low-ball sales pitch for “the LORD and SAVIOUR and G-d”as a necessary feature in society, as we see that all agencies in the west are infiltrated with hidden religious practice and deeply coded religion. See this for reference.

To say that people have died because they fed the poor and the downtrodden would be an understatement, as the entirety of christian religion worships the mythical Super Jesus, while forgetting that one of his super powers was “feeding the poor, and counseling the criminals.” Remember: he made loaves from fishes, or something similar–talk about trance formation!

SO m-yeah, that can get you killed in western societies.Or worse….see the tale of the “burning of Gandhi Mahal, where an FBI informant says “let my restaurant burn!” and that FBI informant, at the heart of a scandal where organized religion met once per week at that restaurant to coordinate the subversion–not the success–of a social movement.

True social change only happens when you act in the shadows.

Feeding the poor out of your own pocket is an act that will get you stalked or killed in the USA. It happened to the Black Panthers after they opened their free lunch program; it happened to others who had soup kitchens to feed primarily white people during the great depression–and it is happening all over the world today as the banksters cause one after another disruption of our local economies, and force us to accept their racist paradigms, so that they can divide and conquer us all.

Anyways, revolutionary food is a thing.

From Atlas Obscura, a tale of “bringing people together” with culinary culture combat:

The Chef Fighting Mass Incarceration With Food

Kurt Evans is reducing recidivism, one pizza at a time.

“Food is the ultimate conduit for bringing people together,” says chef Kurt Evans. After 13 years working at catering companies and restaurants, he decided to apply this culinary power to a mission: fighting against the injustice of mass incarceration. It’s always top-of-mind and he’ll let you know how he feels: You might spot him in his black t-shirt that says, “Roses are red, Doritos are savory, the U.S. prison system is legalized slavery.”

Evans currently runs Down North Pizza, which he co-founded with his childhood friend Muhammad Abdul-Hadi in North Philadelphia last year. It’s not only the crazy-good Detroit-style square pies (a style Evans chose for its signature thick crust and cheesy, crowned edges), spicy crab fries, and Thai chili wings that have earned the spot praise. Evans and Abdul-Hadi also hire only formerly incarcerated men and women, giving them a chance to launch a culinary career at a fair wage. The goal is to help reduce prison recidivism rates in Black communities.

Down North is just Evans’s latest venture in fighting mass incarceration with food. Since 2018, he’s also run a series of End Mass Incarceration (EMI) dinners, where he brings together policy makers, activists, and people impacted by the criminal justice system to raise funds for nonprofits and generate awareness about prison reform and the criminal justice system. He often begins these meals with an appetizer of “chi chi.” Invented by incarcerated chefs, the popular prison snack is made with commissary classics such as instant ramen noodles and Cheetos, which get smashed, poured into a plastic bag, and formed into a savory loaf with hot water. Evans says he uses chi chi to show “the ingenuity of making simple ingredients from the commissary pantry into a dish.”

*The Great Octopus is a trope that some say is anti-semitic, but ROGS cautions his readers that it is in fact anti-semitic to repeat such nonsense, as most decent Jews know that the “Pharisee sect” of Judaic culture are actual Kabbalists, and are neither Jewish, nor helpful to Jews as a people. And, the Octopus itself is a confabulation of organized Masons, zionists, and Kabbalists, which can be found in all major religions, who cannot seem to grasp that many Arab cultures, such as Palestinians and others are also semites, begging the question “who is actually anti-semitic?”

Dr. Eric Karlstrom, himself a target of such people, writes more about that here at

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