Nathan Allen, Ramona Cooper, David Green: the “apex predator” meets gang stalkers? Ends badly for all involved.

Answer me this, willya’?

How did Ramona Cooper, and David Green “just happen to be there” just as a crazed “racist” with a normal life suddenly decided to start stealing trucks and crashing them into people? I bet some gang stalking is going on in Winthrop Massachusetts, a podunk “oceanside town” in Massachusetts.I ask: ” were theyinvolved in yet another Anti Defamation League sponsored gang stalking event?” And I ask it out loud an plain.

The brother of the deceased asks a similar rhetorical question, in the form of a “belief”as he is pressured by media to kowtow to Jewish racial supremacist belief systems that state that “hate” is a crime. Or that “hate” motivates criminals.

The simple fact that all rational people accept is that Jewish racial supremacists are what is called “racists” by definition–that their “holy books” discuss it at length, and decide that all non-Jews are like pigs, garbage, or or lesser humans ( I advise all gang stalking targets to read the Jewish Talmud, and especially the Kaballah to understand what racist, tribalist, inhmane miscreants these types of people can be).

Our targets brother said:

I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a hate crime, and any time someone does something violent to somebody, that’s a crime,” said Aria Green. “Don’t focus on that. Focus on my brother’s legacy, which was the people that loved him, and how he loved people.

That belief stated as the Jewish Forward ( an Israeli intelligence”Mossad” controlled press outlet) rambles on about manufactured anti-semitism. Oh, the poor Jews! Please donate some money to protect Jews from Jewish gang stalking that ends terribly!–but that gives Jewish NGO’s who create manufactured terrorists and other Golems massive publicity placements! Jews have been killing Jews since forever–read their “holy books” if you dare. Its what they do.

Not long ago, I was stalked by a “diversity gang,” or what I call a a K4 group of stalkers, as the first wave of the Protestant KKK through the third wave was all white*, whereas today there are now variants of “diverse” gangs that do similar things as what the klan did.

These fanatics had access to my home, cars, and online presence, specifically my blogs. One minute, a “homeless hacker” would pop into my world, he having trained in IT and hacking in the Army, and with some back story about how his crackhead mother sold him into child sex slavery.

Another short minute later, a Prince Hall Freemason who lived in a mobile home on the beach appeared out of nowhere; and the very next, the son of a United Nations Station Chief and spymaster from Gabon, Africa, named Sava Gneme popped up with a camera in his hand on that same beach.

You can have a glimpse of a portion of that encounter via this photograph:

Look at the guy pointing to himself. He thought I was someone that I am not, though he was an excellent judge of character: he “read” my body language, and my confident presence, and likely pegged me as a spook, or other intel type. Gang stalking is so bizarre that innocent people get caught up in the paranoia. Now see if you can spot the obvious spooks and other “gang members” Hint: none of the gang members or gang stalkers in this photograph are black, or brown people (f@ck do I hate those terms, given to us so that we can endlessly squabble against each other for “privileges” doled out by international banksters)

I documented it all with photos, took names, phone numbers, and more. And I wrote abut it over at too. Yo can go over there and search “UN station master, Sava, ADL gang stalking, and Venice Beach” for more evidence of that.

So, in what seems like an eternity ago from that, the Ku Klux Klan ran US politics from the ground up. Today, we see new “apex racists” emboldened by international spy rings like the Anti Defamation League doing similar things as the klan. And these spooks stalk each other, and are indeed the cause of a lot of mayhem.

Sometimes they work together across party lines to stalk mutual targets, especially the “zionist” related stalking events, the “save wimmins and the children!!!” and the “anti-porn/anti-prostitution” groups, all of them mere vigilante’s. Groups claiming goals like “women’s empowerment” that virtually socially engineer all of the human resources departments in the US/FVEYs alliance, save the children, women and whales groups like CASA, the various “Justice Ministries” and the many many UN sponsored NGOs are all stalkers, just to name a few; and we saw the presence of members of the co-opted United Negro College Fund in the recent Everton Brown Baltimore mass shooting too.

So, because researching these people and their shenanigans is what I do, I can spot the signs and symbols involved in these events. The following story exhibits those signs and symbols, particularly how the vague details of the story emerge immediately, like watching the end of a movie, but deliberately skipping over the beginning, middle and end of the “plot.”

Let’s look deeper at this action-thriller, where a former state trooper and a USAF veteran just “happen” to be in the wrong place at the right time to meet their fate at the hand of a “racist” gunman.

First, we will examine “the narrative” that some want us to hear. From the somewhat dubious “Konniemoments” we see this:

White supremacist’, 28, with a PhD, who considered himself an ‘apex predator’ crashed into home in Massachusetts, then shot two innocent black bystanders in ‘hate crime,’ before being shot dead by cops

A gunman has shot two people in suburban Boston on Saturday before being shot by police, in an incident that saw a plumbing truck crash into the side of a house. The gunman who cops said is a ‘white supremacist’ who considered himself an ‘apex predator’ crashed into the Winthrop, Massachusetts, home on Saturday then ‘executed’ two innocent black bystanders in a suspected hate fueled attack, it is claimed.

Nathan Allen, 28, is believed to have deliberately murdered victims David Green, 58, and Ramona Cooper, 60, because of the color of their skin.

What a coincidence!

Two people who just happen to be there, just happen to fit the profile of gang stalkers, just happen to be the two people that just happened to be there when a wild eyed “racist” just happened to turn his rather simple, happy life around 180 degrees and become a car jacking, gun toting, racist rampager! Shit happens, right?

What a coincidence!

So, that all gibberish in the press may or may not be true, just as we saw in the last centuries lynchings, because we didn’t get to see the beginning, middle or end of the movie that someone, somewhere was writing about that guys life, behind the scenes. But indeed, the FBI profilers and their ADL and KKK cohorts in domestic spying do indeed monitor anyone who contradicts “the narratives,” and indeed cyber-stalks us mercilessly. We saw that with black activist Rakem Balogun, and white gun guy Duncan Lemp, and all of the Ferguson activists–and many others too.

These extra-judicial homicides are not simply black and white.

It is this form of policing that is intentionally causing these events, and it is policing that is hidden, covert, military derived tactics being directed at individuals online and off. This is what radicalization IS.

Then, there is the Mockingbird, hard at work casting its magic spells like a medieval wizard too, in this case, running the narrative of some new FBI profile or another, Look at this, from the DailyBeast:

Online, He Was a Romantic. Then He Went on a Racist Rampage

These events are 100% manufactured terrorism, and I want to know why these two retired military and police officers were coincidentally on the scene, when some “normal guy” “mysteriously” decides to throw his otherwise happy life into the toilet. My money is on “gang stalker Bingo,” but I will eat my words if I am wrong, and write a public apology to the entire world if I am wrong–which the profile, and the evidence so far, says I am not.

*international banksters like to refer to the “first wave, second wave,” etc., up to the “fifth wave”of things where they have complete control of a territory, a politic, or a group of people. So, whereas the first KKK was truly a Masonic organization, and the third wave in the 1960’s-80’s was wholly infiltrated with FBI/ADL provocateurs, this fourth wave is now a mixed bag of various racial makeup, as we see in the “Proud Boys always having an FBI informant “leader,” (but not just any informant–a “quite prolific” and 100% Hispanic informant. >OOOOH< I HATE those racist white men!!!!) or these various bizarre gang stalking events where two black, former police/intel persons “just happen to be there” at this event. These are likely K4 stalkers.

3 thoughts on “Nathan Allen, Ramona Cooper, David Green: the “apex predator” meets gang stalkers? Ends badly for all involved.

  1. dr kola kolawole, male psychiatrist had been convicted of second degree felony forcible sexual abuse and third degree felony forcible sodomy molestation of three juvenile patients at the ontario facility where he worked and sexual assault of a highschool girl in a park.


    1. Hi, and thanks for commenting. I am not aware of the facts of this story, or why you told me that; but thank you, I will look into it.

      Yes–I assume he is African? There is a small contingent of gang stalking cases that involve sexual abuse, and rape, and their rapists silencing them with religious superstition, and stalking.

      I hope the girls a speedy healing, and may they go on to better lives.


    2. Um….I think I am being trolled: I can find NO EVIDENCE of your claim here.

      There are no news reports about a Dr. Kola Kolawole doing anything at all like what you are claiming.

      Please support your comment with evidence or I will delete it.


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