Gang stalking as pseudo-investigation: Ahmaud Arbery was stalked for many years, slandered after he was murdered

Gang Stalking Case Study: Ahmaud Arbery

The cold-blooded murder of Ahmaud Arbery stands out as a classic gang stalking event, for the following reasons:

  • he was demonstrably stalked and followed, over a long period of time, by current and former police, investigators, county prosecutors, their relatives and associates (a “gang” by any definition)
  • these people stalked him everywhere, and two years before they murdered him, they attempted to shoot him with a Taser, despite the fact that he showed no resistance to police, held up his hands, and complied with police commands (the actual deployment of an “electronic weapon”)
  • he was slandered across his community as a thief, burglar, etc.–despite the police never obtaining an arrest warrant, or even interrogating him about these accusations (community policing relies upon slander and smear campaigns, rather than due process of law, such as evidence, and proof, and court room trials)
  • he was said to be “mentally ill, ” according to some–and all of those employed by the same employers as the gang that murdered him (gang stalkers are all “official sources” who work in the state system, as was his gang of murderers, and as such, they claim that targeted individuals like Arbery are “delusional” in their compliants)
  • nameable, identifiable and actual gangs hidden behind the cloak of institutional authority are provably involved in this murder, preceded by stalking
  • an actual conspiracy took place to not only stalk Arbery–but then to cover up the homicide. Indeed, gang stalking is not a “conspiracy theory,” it is actual conspiracy at every turn. Here are some videos documenting the actual conspiracy that from ABC News.

Above are just some key points that match the complaints of gang stalking targets. So on point one, we now see that this gang has been arrested and charged, two prosecutors recused themselves from the case because they impeded the prosecution of that case AS prosecutors–and are now under investigation themselves–and three from that gang are now facing capital murder charges, even as his murderer’s try to put HIM on trial in the press.

In fact, the case was only brought to trial because his mother was persistent in her independent research on social media, which found the links between these gang members so that the case could move forwards. She has also filed a civil lawsuit in that case

necessary Arbery had been accused many years before of bringing a gun into his school, and he was stalked from that point forwards–if not even much earlier than that.

As for the claim of the use of electronic weapons–their is footage of that encounter. I won’t post it because it is EXTREMELY DISTURBING to watch–one of millions of examples where criminally negligent, low-IQ, trigger happy, racist cops across America laugh, as they shoot people.

Rational people ask “why would anyone attempt to shoot a compliant, non-resisting subject? And the answer is the “Israelification” of racist American police. Also see this for reference of that ideology. The cop in this video is the very face of armed cowardice.

Here is a link to the “directed energy electronic weapon” video, from The Sun:

DISTURBING video shows cops trying to Taser Ahmaud Arbery just for sitting in his car – two years before he was shot dead in an alleged race hate murder.

Family lawyers say it shows how he was “harassed” by local officers in the years before an ex-cop and his son chased and killed him while he was jogging in Georgia.

Beyond the fact that Arbery was a black man in a notoriously Ku Klux Klan area, which at one time ranked number two in America for the highest amount of lynchings of black men (just behind Mississippi), any diagnoses of mental illness must be preceded by that fact–but of course these claims are NOT predicated on that evidence, as psychology is little more than sociology with prescriptions–and the vast majority of psychological diagnoses is just labeling theory, sans evidence, a form of defamation by pseudo-science.

But for my purpose today, I want to note that all the points above are fact based, with evidence. And then, to contrast that evidence with a classic smear piece in media about Arbery, his mental health” and his purported “criminality,” f which there is little evidence.

First, the Smear:

BLM Martyr Ahmaud Arbery Was Known As ‘The Jogger’, Used Jogging As Alibi, Robbery Tactic – Court Docs

Ahmaud Arbery was shot by passersby when he jogged through a construction site with work boots.

In the headline alone, we can easily pick out the “official narrative” as the writer begins to try the case in the press.

[post in progress, check back later for the finished product]

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