The Absurdity of Saying “White Privilege,” by Teodrose Fikre

Is white privilege real? I think it is–and Teodrose Fikre does not. Interesting world we live in, guided by the memetic social programming of the One Percent, and the full time assault they are waging on us via social media.

Poverty is not a choice; in most cases, it is a sentence—a life sentence that “white people” serve along with the rest

Teodrose Fikre

Well, anyways…”The Absurdity of Saying “White Privilege”is a good read. From Ghion online, and Teodrose Fikremariam:

I will admit, I was a part of the same crowd I’m now picking up a pen to speak against. I, too, once went around foolishly talking about “white privilege” this or “white people are evil” that. This was not too long ago; a time when I used to see justice through colored binoculars. I was part and parcel of the very divisive culture I thought I was speaking against. It took two years of hardship to finally shed my blinders and see injustice as it is without putting an adjective in front of it.

This is the wisdom I earned through hardship. Using rhetoric like “white supremacy” and “white privilege” is a way of stereotyping the whole of “white” people and lumping everyone into one group. This is the surest way to turn potential allies in the struggle for justice into adversaries; by doing so we end up perpetuating the very divides that the “system” depends on to splinter people apart. Moreover, it is a blatant lie that being “white” automatically confers some type of privilege. Just because some or even most might have it easier being a certain complexion does not mean all enjoy that privilege. True enough we have it hard being “black” and institutional racism is no joke, but there are tens of millions of “white” people who suffer generational poverty in the Appalachians and beyond that matches the poverty faced by “African-Americans” and “minorities” in the inner cities.

Do we have to negate the suffering of others in order to show that we suffer?

…follow the link, connect the dots!

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