Extra-terrestrial life spotted at 8,500 feet in space: FBI surveillance footage revealed in Kyle Rittenhouse trial

If the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has highlighted anything, its is how Horseshoe Theory predicts a police state led by gun toting fanatics on either side of the political horseshoe.

And also, how bad aerial photographs are from 8500 feet in the air too:

FBI infrared video shows the final interactions between Kyle Rittenhouse and Joseph Rosenbaum on August 25, 2020, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

MSN: FBI aerial surveillance video shows never-before-seen actions before Kyle Rittenhouse shot unarmed man

Easy on the yellow journalism there, writer! The use of the term “unarmed man” is a loaded term.

[pause, while joke sinks in]

And really, if you want to use the term “unarmed man” you really should be talking about Gaige Grosskreutz, who was holding a pistol, as another guy, Anthony Huber was whacking Rittenhouse in the head with a skateboard–whereupon Rittenhouse shot the skateboard-whacker dead, and blew the right bicep off of Grosskreuz, taking 80-90% of the meat with it.

Unarmed, or disarmed–or both?

Anyways–never, ever bring a ladies pistol to a machine gun fight kids!

Anyways–so there’s this guy, Ed, a former federal defense attorney, who was “wooed” over to the prosecution side of the table, shortly after he got busted smoking meth, while cruising down California Highways, high as a kite, but not quite as high as an FBI surveillance plane at 8500 feet and climbing.

Ahh, those little Cessna’s! And little “poor me cant get laid” says to himself “yeah but white privilege! My dick really is a hummer, everyone should have a look at it!”

Then, he gets special angel wings from “heaven” and goes deep cover as a rock collector here.

Hey folks, this COINTELPRO 2.0 would be laughable if it wasn’t so real. So “flighty.”

*In the gang stalking dialectic, you can identify speakers online as being police, or police/military/intel agency affiliated by how they use the term “extra-terrestrial life,” and “aliens” and so on–actual gang stalkers, as opposed to their victims, and targets, do not use these terms the same way. In this case, the headline says it all–this is how #fakeTI’s use the term extra-terrestrial. In my studies, I have discovered a millionaire who uses the terms exactly the way I do, and that guy, the owner of a firm that leases helicopters to the FBI. The same can be said of USAF, and SWAT team members with helicopter or airplane experience and expertise.

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