Seeking asylum from the western “FVEYs Alliance” and its spying apparatus? Help for targeted individuals

Help for Targeted Individuals: seeking asylum in other countries

Are you facing persecution, harassment, death threats, or more? Is your government or its “proxy” agents in churches, and other institutions stalking and harassing you–waging a slander and character assasination campaign?

Fight Back!

If you are a target of “intelligence stalking, aka a gang stalking target in your home country, there is hope that other countries will take you in. Asylum in foreign countries is an option–but if you sound like a crazy person, or hold beliefs that are counter to the belief system of the country where you seek asylum, you will be targeted there too.

Related Story: Edward Snowden sought asylum in Russia, after revealing that the western FVEY’s nations were stalking, torturing, harassing and spying on their own citizens. Atheists and non-christians are being persecuted the world over. Here is som advice about atheism as grounds for asylum. Rainbow Refugee has asylum advice for the LGBTetc. community. If you are a refugee for another reason–particularly an atheist–take a look here for asylum in Russia, and asylum in China.

Have a look at this asylum seeker, who was mercilessly and brutally targeted by the New Zealand government after he sought asylum there as a political refugee. They drove him crazy, trying to get him to renounce his Muslim beliefs, which he did not do, because NZ is a nation where radical christian sects and the British-Israel worldview have seized power, and have literally hunted, and murdered, enslaved, and exploited the native opulation for centuries.

So, chances are you will not get the help you need from a foreign government if you adopt belief systems that are undesireable in the nation you seek as a host. And, your case will be rejected if you talk about all of the gibberish that western counterintelligence agents slip into online searches that describe your situation.

So: do NOT Talk about directed energy weapons, no touch torture, poison gases, satellite terror , and so on, and DO talk about being a victim of Fusion Center spying, police stalking and deprivation of rights, no touch torture in the form of constant harassment by community policing agets, and false imprisonments.

You get the idea–speak with a straight tongue, and enter in at the straight gate: as a victim of the police states that foregone western democracies have all become now, and be prepared to be a good citizen in places where good citizens are respected, not tormented and stalked by Jewish-chritian societies.

And, be prepared to assist your host understand the forms of police state activity that you have endured in the country of your birth–as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! And especially–help your new hosts target those who targeted you.

When I was first targeted, I sought ways out of the US, because the police mechanisms are broken–the US is NOT a democracy by any stretch, and has operated as a police state–by the very definition of that term–since 1993.

I sought to escape by freighter–click that link to contact Hamish Jamieson for rates around the world! But also–don’t forget to compare rates.

I sought and by using a “coyote” aka a “people smuggler” to take me INTO Mexico and on to other LatinX countries in a time when many Mexicans and South Americans were FLEEING their own countries–that’s how bad the US police state has become, targeting those of us who know better, while accepting people with less then fifth grade educations who will scrub US toilets, and become agency informants.

Read this paper about the rise of the use of “coyote’s” in Mexico and the border region in the build-a-wall era. While those new arrivals in the US dream of freedom, what they find is the US police and agencies jumping them in to gangs, and the pre-school to prison pipeline instead.

Like Julian Assange, I considered seeking refuge in Ecuador–and then the CIA intervened in those rocesses. But asylum is still possible for some, and the southern portion of South America in general is beginning to open up for asylum seekers too.

I even contacted a “high value target extraction team” from a foreign country that is NOT on the US-FVEY’s shenanigans, like the ongoing tirture that the US is now known for around the world. And–a HVTET from a foreign government is NOT to be confused with US extraction teams which are primarily focused on kidnapping and then torture–take a look at these guys here, the FBI’s High Value Detainee Interogation Group–this latter group responsible for the torture of hundreds of people around the globe, almost as if they had assumed the CIA role.

Read “From surveillance to torture–the story of the FBI’s “high value target” torture program

For those who are being targeted in the western FVEY’s spying and surveillance nations, asylum is possible in other nations. And if you happen to get out of the US-FVEY’s spying states, your gang stalking will shut off exactly as if you had flipped a light switch, or shut off a dripping faucet.

What gang stalking is most, is “gangs” of people, organized to stalk other “gangs” of people–and both of those types of gangs target those of you who refuse to accept such an anti-democratic, polarizing and police state of existence. When democracy has failed–where can YOU go?

Need Asylum? Keep Calm and Read on , by Allie Jackson Is your life in danger? Are you facing persecution?by Allie Jackson

The Asylum Information Database has asylum information from 22 European countries

The six easiest countries in which to seek asylum, and the ten easiest countries in which to immigrate.

Regardless of your situation, there are options. While obviously each situation is different, your situation needs to be assessed according to your politics, your persecution, and the level of acceptance of the host country for your narrative.

So, for example, Africans are trying to immigrate to Europe due to the constant wars waged by western governments on their soil–LatinX citizens flee to the US because of the the massive poverty and politics of the US-bankig cartel drug wars.

But other refugees are not as obvious–altRight white people now seek asylum in eastern bloc nations like Bulgaria, Serbia, and Hungary, and American blacks who are persecuted for affiliations with black civil rights groups have long sought asylum in Cuba, China and LatinX countries–your situation is as unique as you are, so be prepared to tell your story, and show your scars.

The world is a big place–and you will find what I found: other governments are eager to hear your story! And, even helpful assisting you to identify your stalkers, and take action too.

Good luck, and stay safe out there!

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