Who is targeting US citizens and others in the FVEYs alliance with suppression of words, opinions, and pure speech” online? Forget the Russians and the Chinese…

The US Cyber Command and its allies in the FVEYs nations have targeted my own speech, which I documented at http://www.researchorganizedgangstalking.org. Keywords “Fort Hood, hacking, de-platforming,” etc.

Unlike most bloggers, I have had enough of being misled by the western propaganda stream, and its “cyber-warriors” who target our ideas, and so , I did something about it–I blogged.

But that wasn’t enough–because I was also followed, stalked, hacked, and attacked, both online and off–not by the “Russians and the Chinese” mind you– but by “America’s finest,” lol. I took names, and documented it with evidence–it wasn’t the Russians or the Chinese attacking and hacking my blogs, not by a longshot.

It was Americans, targeting me, another American. That’s as creepy and bad as it gets, but wait! It gets better, I assure you.

You can read more about that at the blog I mentioned above.

In the meantime, I spawned, and gained internet cred–look! Readers like me [heart].

And here is more about “who is hacking my internet, and cell phone?” for targeted individuals.

Yup. It’s the US Cyber Command and their little Zionist-Nazi pals in Israel, and other FVEYs nations, no doubt about it whatsoever.

No rational person can separate the actions of modern Jews from the actions of Nazi’s of the previous ra–as we see time and again, the very core teachings of Jewish rabbi’s are racist as hell. segregationist, and genocidal. From the tree, grows the poisoned fruit.

My three Israeli followers might want to take note of that–I simply cannot perceive Nazi’s as anything worse than you, or the toxic, racist, tribalist, superstitious, genocidal Zionism that you “believe in.”

Who is stalking targeted individuals?!


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