The slippery slope of parapraxis, and other junk science

When I was ordering my coffee today at the international chain shop, I said the the young, vibrant female barista “Add a splash of extra milk from your enormous, and beckoning breasts.”

Wheeew! Thankfully, I said that in English!

Otherwise, what I had meant to say was “Možete li dodati dodatno mlijeko?

But since she doesn’t speak English, and I stumble through common Bosnian, it was a win win for both of us–she got to smile at the handsome old American, and I got my extra splash of milk. The coffee was great, as usual, because that shop is always staffed with the best coffee slinger’s in town[add your brand here, by writing and suggesting product placement].

This is what is known in psychology, and now in pop culture as a “Freudian slip” which is completely junk science used by us investigators, hypnotists, psychologists and others to leverage other testimony out of our targets. I say “leverage” because that’s what we do–we use the purported slip, and try to leverage further information from the victim/target.

Let me explain. The target is under interrogation from a shrink, a cop, or a torturer, and he says:

“Well, I was out until fire a.m. that morning. I mean FIVE a.m.!”

The scumbag who has this guy under a microscope like as if he’s examining a bug then says “Oh!? FIRE a.m.? Do you know that a cigarette left on top of a gas rag at the scene of the rodeo fire started some bales of hay on fire, and burnt the whole place down, with the horses in it?”

The “suspect/target/victim of mind control squirms, and imagines such a fire, regardless of whether or not they were there, or even if they smoke cigarettes–what is important in these types of frame jobs is that the victim adopts the interrogators language, and plot line. Hell, we even tossed that guy into Avinoam Sapir’s tried and tested “SCAN analysis,” and guess what? Yup–guilty.

Innocence and guilt means nothing under these circumstances in the world YOU live in–what matters most is that we cover up for the insurance claim–that we make a fall guy accept our words and phrases, and act them out later in the court.Hell–we picked that dumbass up right off the easement next to the gilrs dorms over at Southern Belle dorms, and he must a been doin somethin out there, and he knows it

We repeat it: “SO, what was you doing out there at Fire a.m.?”

Never mind we locked him in a cell for about 24 hours–in a cell with one of biggest black, fartin and snorin mother fuckers on the planet–then yanked him out at chow time for an hour of lectures about the recent Rodeo Fire, and it’s impact on “Our Community”–the stooge stumbles through that psychological mess, and arrives at a conclusion: he either fesses up to being a peeping tom, a potential rapist–cause of one of those girls reported some stalker–or he gets framed for an insurance fire.

Hell, I must have said “fire” at least thirty-some times in the pre-chow lecture alone. Him sittin there sippin at that Coke can like he never tasted a drink before.

And so on, you know–you can use your imagination about how junk science just becomes weaponized psychology that we can use on these guys.

But Burt and his kin got paid nearly $400, 000 USD over that–the barn burned, and all the horses in it. I can still hear those damned mustangs cryin’ out– them damned things is a problem here and elsewhere, you can bet. A problem for all of us.

Related: Are wild mustangs a problem, or are they a way to solve OTHER problems?

Well, Shitferbrains might be clever on that insurance game, with his cousin sellin plans to the state and all, but he still thinks he can get the whole world to watch a damned rodeo, and tried to get the word “rodeo” onto the internet. He has some fancy pants public relations folks courtin him over the idea.

It’s pure bunch of crazy! I’m overseas trackin’ down real criminals and other devils, using NGO dollars, which aint easy to come by for a retired man, while he’s back there ginnin up rodeos–and its always only the locals and crippled up old cowboys that come anymore! I can barely get a damned Bosnian to even say the word “rodeo.” Almost no one else even knows what a rodeo is anymore!

Folks–these are not no longer major world shaking events like they once was, with stars like old Casey, and those fellahs from back when Its a new world out here, and the towel heads and their types have no idea what won the west, or gave them freedom of speech and religion that they is lucky ta have–or even: do they know the name of the realtor that spotted that keen property up on the hill there just over Zion?

Hell no. None of them know about the Zionists, or their zionisticism–its like as if no one cares anymore about how GOD gave us life! And a place to shelter from the devil and his works. No respect from these new-comers, who only want a deal on real estate.

Well, rodeos–.I like em, you like em, and so on. The bull all tied up in hos own shenanigans, the horses outsmarting their riders and so on. But it never caught brush with these newcomers, and the rest of the world cannot tell a bullhorn from a bulls horn in any damned dictionary that I know of. I even wonder sometimes if they know what Zion even stands for?!

SACRIFICE folks. Saving us all from MOLOCH. Don’t that get under your skin people, the fact that the savers from Moloch are tryin to help you out of your sinnin?

And such is the case with “reverse speech analysis” too: it is TOTALLY DEBUNKED, WEAPONIZED JUNK SCIENCE, but our gals like little Tif manage to get a few devils in her web every now and again. She does that for the children of course, and thank GOD for people like her.

Call it junk, or call it science, in MY book, its just all tricks anyways, and either way! Hell the devil is a TRICKSTER folks! He has two tongues!

But danged thing of it is, eiter way? Its quite useful when hunting out those human devils, miscreants, and especially sex offenders, and spinning their heads around like that movie. What the hell was that movie….Oh, yeah, Linda Blair and the Excorcist.

Sure, that was just some Hollywood and all, and Catholic witchcraft, but truth be told I have seen those types of devils face to face, on crack, or what have ya, and I have put a good share of them away where they belong. Its hell or heaven folks, you choose. Its GODS gift to us that free choice, you see?

Yup. Reverse speech is a great tool when you need it. Just look at what our darlin Tiffany Fontenot is doing to this guy here. That should tell you all you need to know, and then some.

Well–none of that is my problem right now, but damn, this mornin coffee tastes mighty good.And I was just tossin you all some fun up there–I didn’t really say that about the young girls brests. Just keepin up the humor, folks. We know how those perverts think about these matters, don’t we?

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