“The gang stalkers will cause you to lose your job”: empirical evidence implicates female leadership, and “womens empowerment” schemes in Human Resources departments as a causal factor in workplace shootings.

My awakening into the “deep state” causation of mass shootings came with the Accent Signage shooting in Minneapolis–and I can, and have named names to interested parties about the pre-ballistics in that event.. See this post for reference.

Let’s recap:

  1. Many years ago (about four) I received information from someone in the security industry about how female NSA agents and others were destroying his ability to get a job. He was a white male, who once was also a double agent for the FBI and its “snitch” focused domestic surveillance apparatus.
  2. I traced his lead to the human resources departments of both the NSA, and local corporations.In many ways, we see the gang stalking debate playing out as another facet of the sex/gender/race war at agencies and elsewhere–those a separate “class” of citizens themselves.
  3. He described a network of female agents, recruits, and candidates for positions at various alphabet agencies, who were spreading rumors about him at job fairs, and other places–chiefly that he was a “bad person” based upon the FBI’s usage of him in several investigations–he was essentially framed as “unemployable” BECAUSE he had contributed TO the FBI and its endless “dossier’s.” Imagine that! The cook, hanging the rooster out to dry, but only AFTER it had been eaten! Yup–macabre as hell, a bunch of bone picking operators, insistent on bloodstains, those agency operations. Makes a guy wanna go CIA!
  4. Shortly thereafter, I met women who work in Human Resources departments of Fortune 50 companies, and watched as laws were broken, data was stolen, and the FBI–to this day–has never once released a press report or “PR placement” acknowledging data breaches of the CHRI, a major US database. Yup–the FBI is a shithole of cross-conflicting narratives, you can bank on that, as surely as you can bet that Susie Q wasn’t an “ordinary” murder–not by a long stretch of anyone’s imagination. I urge “good people” to look at every detail in that case–but have especially urged folks to examine her last several weeks prior to leaving LA. And maybe–contact my “new follower” from Lexington, KY–she seems hot for some acrion
  5. The Accent Signage shooting in Minneapolis had some background operators–ask me about ” the Kates, and the Caits”and that shady PR firm that was popping flashbulbs in Andrew Engledingers face in the months before he went rampaging–and as media tried to bury that in a mental health narrative too.

….post in progress, check back later!

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