The problem of secret police in a “democracy” is highlighted as the FBI accused of heisting a few tons of ghost gold in PA: revisiting Dent’s Run gold claim

The original working title of this post was going to be “The Piracy and Secret Police Problem in America: The FBI say’s “Give me me goooold matey’s!” but I thought that it would do a disservice to pirates–and leave out key details about the honor system of pirates, which for better or worse, was every bit as dastardly and easy to subvert as the non-rules that revolve around buried treasure in the USA and Britain. The difference? Nations masquerade as following the “rule of law” when it is convenient, whereas pirates–well, we expect somebluster and blarney out of them.

The real story though is more like how the Nazi SS trolled the world looking for ancient art and treasures that it could steal from nations that didn’t have hoardes of bankster funded criminals in official capacities to protect it. The Nazi’s, love ’em or hate ’em were simply the experimental ant farms of iternational finance–and these banksters follow no known laws or constitutions ANYWHERE, ever.

Related Story: The Oligarchy that controls 100% of the US private intelligence firms–read it” 5 Corporations Now Dominate Our Privatized Intelligence Industry. This unaccountable oligarchy of spies controls the information that guides our military and civilian leaders.

The Iraq War was an illegal treasure hunting farce, and a mockery of international laws, including the Geneva Conventions on torture. It was as if the “deep state” and their financiers agreed to engage in massive piracy but with a 21st century feel–depleted uranium salted on cildren’s playgrounds, torture scandal after tortre scandal–and the hunting and killing of journalists that Julian Assange and Wikileaks (thanks to Bradley Manning!)–that seems worth mentioning.

The modern police and surveillance state is a collusion between international corporations and intelligence agencies at every single level

Related Story: Those bothersome laws and rules get tossed right out the window when the FBI and other similar western agencies and their ca$h courts can grab some easy dollah$ in the name of “National $ecurity” or other doctrine’s that fly over the cibil rights and due processes guaranteed to US citizens by their constitution–treasure hunter Tommy Thompson locked in jail for 5 years, with no trial, and no charge, under an obscure “law” allows a judge to violate habeus corpus, and as the courts and the fed put the squeeze on him to shake loose some shekels. pounds pirates treasure that he found, after a long and expensive search.

Well, that said, have a look at this controversy from Pennsylvania, which has been going on for too long already, with the bankster backed FBI sweeping into PA one night, violating curfew laws, and then, disappearing into the night with a caravan full of armored cars, similar to Brinks Trucks.

What started as a treasure hunt, ended up in what looks like a massive hindreds of millions of dollars swindle, by expert swindlers, bag men, and con artists–and no, these aren’t pirates, these are US FBI and Treasury agents. Note the highlighted text in the following AP story:

Treasure hunters sue for records on FBI’s Civil War gold dig

Treasure hunters who believe they found a huge cache of fabled Civil War-era gold in Pennsylvania are now on the prowl for something as elusive as the buried booty itself: government records of the FBI’s excavation.

Finders Keepers filed a federal lawsuit against the Justice Department over its failure to produce documents on the FBI’s search for the legendary gold, which took place nearly four years ago at a remote woodland site in northwestern Pennsylvania.

The FBI has since dragged its feet on the treasure hunters’ Freedom of Information Act request for records, their lawyer said Wednesday.

“There’s been a pattern of behavior by the FBI that’s been very troubling,” said Anne Weismann, who represents Finders Keepers. She questioned whether the agency is “acting in good faith.”

After meeting with the treasure hunters in early 2018, the FBI brought in a contractor with more sophisticated instruments. The contractor detected an underground mass that weighed up to nine tons and had the density of gold, according to an FBI affidavit unsealed last year at the request of news organizations, including The Associated Press.

The Paradas accompanied the FBI to the site in Dent’s Run, about 135 miles (220 kilometers) northeast of Pittsburgh, but say they were confined to their car while the FBI excavated.

The FBI has long insisted the March 2018 dig came up empty, but the agency has consistently stymied the Paradas’ efforts to obtain information.

The FBI initially claimed it had no files about the investigation. Then, after the Justice Department ordered a more thorough review, the FBI said its records were exempt from public disclosure. Finally, in the wake of the treasure hunters’ appeal, the FBI said it had located 2,400 pages of records and 17 video files that it could potentially turn over — but that it would take years to do so.

Finders Keepers asked the Justice Department for expedited processing, which can be granted in cases where there is widespread media interest involving questions about the government’s integrity.[*] The Justice Department denied the request — and, as of last month, had yet to assign the FOIA request to a staffer for processing, according to the lawsuit.

“From the outset, it seems as if the FBI is doing everything it can to avoid answering the question of whether they actually found gold,” Weismann said

*modern policing, and secret police agency tactics are the real issue, not “the governments integrity.” There is less than zero chance that America’s integrity as a nation, its obligation to the rule of law, or its simple obligation for a publicly funded agency, the FBI to simply do what the law calls for it to do, which is to release records in a timely fashion, according to law, and in the publics interests, as well as to to not lie and deceive the public. None of that happened, because a Secret Police by definition does exactly what the FBI did here, including hiding facts like weasels, lying about facts, buying time against being caught doing whatever it hade done, and more. A secret police by any definition, not beholden to law or convention–like the CIA beyond the rule of law in every way, acting with with repugnant impunity.


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