Contact chaining in the news, and the “business” of the National Intelligence Model, as Guardian UK tracks Russian Oligarchs assets, via the British Intelligence Model, aka by “gang stalking” them

Many who are targets of organized gang stalking soon find that those who are harassing them are also harassing their friends, associates, and relatives. And, that these “investigations” are punitive, and designed to destroy a person, group, or organization. That’s a feature, not a bug in the western power structure.

Guardian UK is tracking the assets of the Russian Oligarchs, utilizing similar modeling as the British National Intelligence Model. And that model is NOT tracking the assets of the Ukrainian oligarchs–the western model of organized stalking is effectively a one way street, targeting, and then tracking the wealth generating systems of those it has declared war upon; tracking is iteself an act of war, and all western FVEY’s nations are doing it to their own citizens from the micro to the macro level.

Put another way, it is a “with us or against us” model of financial, social, and cultural control–no different than earlier era’s of high seas piracy employed by the British (and other) Crowns. These are business models, working from ultimately totalitarian systems, save for the thin veneer of “democracy.” And so, Guardian UK is a hollow voice for any kind of just cause, much less discussions about oppressive oligarchs, who flaunt the rules of their socialists systems.

What is the Russian asset tracker and why are we publishing it? Transparency is needed if sanctions imposed after invasion of Ukraine are to be properly enforced

Today, the Guardian and its reporting partners are launching the Russian asset tracker, the most comprehensive audit yet published of wealth held outside Russia linked to some of the country’s all-powerful oligarchs and officials.

We have examined the ownership of 145 assets, worth more than $17bn, comprising real estate, yachts, private jets and shares in businesses. The information, which dates from 2020 to the present and serves as a snapshot in time, was assembled in collaboration with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, Süddeutsche Zeitung and 25 other news outlets.

The irony of the Guardian–a theoretically socialist paper– publishing such a feebly socialist moral imperative driven list rings hollow, considering that Russia is a communist nation–its people are guided by socialist values and principles.

But Guardian’s hypocrisy, and tribal-sectarian war against actual socialists–and its complicity with fascists is glaringly evident in its war on Julian Assange–its fake news and complicity with intelligence agents to destroy evidence of western bankster crime.

Related Story: The Guardian cannot hide its fascist leanings–they famously collaborated with US intelligence when it destroyed evidence of state crimes in the case of the Snowden files–and at the direct request of intel agents from the CIA and British SIS. Max Blumenthal covered it, in a piece titled “The American friends’: New court files expose Sheldon Adelson’s security team in US spy operation against Julian Assange“–but many other sources have revealed this fact of Guardian UK complicity with fascists, intel agents, and fakenews, most glaringly in pieces that attempted via #fakenews to tie Assange to Russia, rather than to discuss Assange in terms of free speech and journalistic privilege in sources. SO–Guardian UK has no claim to socialist values, morals, or virtues.

The most cursory look back into the business in Ukraine in the last two hundred years reveals British royal families, Jewish royal families, and American industrial capitalist oligarchs like the Rockefeller’s et al. conspiring in the literal sense to destroy Russia, while making a hefty profit; and that the Ukraine has long been planned as an “acquisition” of these same groups and their financial systems, guided by Bilderberg Group central planning. The names of the legacy and dynasty families may change, but the goal of capital formation around their enterprises does not.

So, what we see in the Guardian’s selective socialism, that it isn’t a socialism for EVERYONE, it is merely a socialism for wealthy British bankers–that British socialism is merely patriarchy extending through royal families such as the Queen’s lineage, and the Rothschild’s lineage to get the dirty business of banking done. That their version of socialism is in fact a two tiered serfdom, ruled by royal families.

In the west, the colloquial term for this activity that we see in the recent Guardian piece is “organized gang stalking,” when it is done to ordinary people–and it is rampant in the west; but it goes by many names, most recently the phrase “intelligence led predictive policing” has taken the headlines due to several sheriffs departments being sued for using these programs–all of which derive and descend from the British National Intelligence Model.

These programs have also been described as “organized crime fighting,” and “gang data basing” and “colliding parallel investigations,” and many other names–so it is difficult to tie them all together as one program, or one over-arching philosophy, until we read through the National Intelligence Model–and ask “why is a British model being used in America–or anywhere else, for that matter?”

The answers might surprise you. A cursory search of the term “who owns America’s debt” reveals the top five countries who own the US are, in order: Japan, China, Britain, Ireland, and Luxembourg. That’s a curious tribe isn’t it?

Keeping in mind that the US is actually the largest holder of its own debt, tied to pension funds–the debt model also helps explain two important things: 1) how imperialism via debt is fluid internationally, with monarchy and crowns being transferred via debt; and 2) that we now see why China has taken a low-key approach to Ukraine war–it has a number two stake in the debt of the US.

SO, beyond that complexity are many other features and factors that influence how we see the world–or how we see this financial aspect of complicity–how and why do so-called socialist newspapers stand in for fascist interests. We also see other surprising things in the model, such as that Ireland (of all places!) is a major stakeholder–and that Ireland’s wealthiest oligarch billionaire Pallonji Mistry is a Zoaroastrian, not a Catholic or a Protestant.

As a model, the British styled gang stalking that is rampant all over the west today has expanded into every aspect of our culture, and as we see it is a complex web of alliances that defy common understandings of ownership of societies, and the rules that govern those societies; that this is why it is called Masonic in its origins, with Freemasonry being the non-sectarian religion that replaces ordinary religion as the language of social control.

As one source recently informed me, some 30% of US citizens are government and state employees–and those employees pensions are directly tied to the US debt. The same is true in other western nations.

As such, it is an “insiders game” between stakeholders, preying on outsiders who have other ideas about “freedom” and “free speech” and “democracy.” All of these latter terms are despised by the internecine warriors of international finance and corporate conquest. As such, this is why all gang stalkers are current and former police, military, state workers; intel agents, and others tied to such a system.

There is no substantive difference between the British model, and the kleptocracy of the Russian oligarchs–nor is there substantive difference between the Ukrainian oligarchs and the British banking system, tied to monarchies, oligarchs, and US debt.

Using the British Intelligence Model, combined with the predatory practices of “culture warriors” whose efforts are tied to their pensions–we see a picture emerge of the western kleptocracy, stealing lives and opportunities. But we also see the naked nepotism, tribalism, and outright war on democratic processes by these same, who have foregone any and every obligation to “the people” in favor of predation upon the people.

More on the British Intelligence Model–a business based approach to policing human relationships The National Criminal Intelligence Service Model .pdf can be downloaded here. But it isn’t merely business–it is brutal capitalism waged on the individual in most cases–treating the individual as an object to be exploited, and capitalized upon.

At its heart, the British National Intelligence Model is strictly business–and people represent profits or losses in such a model. There is no room for resistance, or compassion.

We see this especially glaring in the cases where states and provinces deploy this model to stalk individuals with endless ambulance drive-bys. Where targets are stalked by police, EMS and fire–with each phony call from community policing assets, with each stalker.

Case after case of this litter the internet–but few newspapers publish stories about this. You can view one easily verified case here, to watch a targeted individual using the scientific method to predict activity such as ambulance stalking–and then moments later, his prediction is validated as an ambulance stages security theater in front of him.

SO whether it is the micro-level of the targeted individual–and there are MANY–or the macro-level of Russian oligarchs, the NIM is a business model–and the precursor to war.

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