The expanding net of Gang Stalking Lawsuits: Moore v. Edwards, Moore V. Jim H. Johnson and Moore V. Union County Mississippi, as a low level so-called “sex offender” gets mobbed–and films it as it happens

Comes once, comes twice–coming three times!!!: Richard Moore is suing window ledge slobbering, gang stalking voyeurs in Northern Mississippi. Who just attacked him, again, as an organized mob.And no one has prosecuted them–yet. The good news? He caught the mob on film.

All of my communication is compromised. Union County deputies along with their contract stalkers staged a mob scene next door to me last Sunday. The Alpine Volunteer Fire department. As an angry mob converged, my surveillance camera caught all the death threats and obscenities while a child was present.

It seems that, in the jurisdiction where Mr. Moore resides, inter-generational hate and sociopathy is the norm not the exception. After all–“its for the children,” they say, in such jurisdictions. Have a look at the case of little Christopher Bowen, who was abused by a “ring of child abusers” in another jurisdiction for comparison.

The perversity of targeting a guy who was likely framed with illicit pornography, now being stalked by people who point cameras at his house 24-7, wiretap his internet, and actually leer into his windows, try to run him off the roads, and who seem to be able to stalk him at all times is is notable, because depending on who you ask, sexual voyeurism is in fact a sexual “paraphilia” that can turn into a sexual disorder, depending on which shrink you ask. After all–most psychology and its usefulness in describing anything “real” at all is only useful in the society that created it–all of them Jewish-christians.

It doesn’t work very well in “Bushman” culture, Hopi villages, Amazon rain forest cultures–or in China–even Russia for that matter.Psychology is only useful in the FVEYs nations–a new “bible” of sorts, codifying post-biblical behaviors as “in accordance with” or not “in accordance with” Jewish-christian social engineering schemes.

Regardless–gang stalkers are major voyeurs–literal window ledge slobbering scumbags, and they are literally looking into all of our Windows operating system online, and frequently, into our actual windows/yards/pathways of our homes offline. This is the very nature of western religious basis–the idea that “good people” have some “godgiven right” to look into the homes of “bad people” to keep them free of sin. And what a sin it is, that voyeurism!

Only faithless devils would create or tolerate a police state based in total surveillance, which is what the west is now, due to chronic FVEYs spying, and Fusion Center PSYOPs. Who could invent a better system of faithlessness than “christians” guided by their Jewish neocon masters? ANd that is exactly what the surveillance state and its apparatchiks are–faithless, lying monsters, slobbering into our windows at all times now.

There simply is no god–there never was. Only the good will of good people can identify this massive and actual “conspiracy of deprivation of human rights.”

Today alone, my blog fielded hits from the US and Britain (nearly 80% of al my traffic comes from these nations) but also: Turkey, South Africa, the Netherlands (where the FBI has voyeurs at the switches), Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland. A simple demographic observation reveals that four out of five of the FVEYs nations looked in here, as did Turkey, where the US/UK/ Israeli “ISIS” PSYOP is headquartered (my other blogs routinely get hacking attempts from Ankara). And Ireland–I always suspect two persons from Ireland, both of whom can be named and traced. I won’t name them publicly yet, but for my purposes today, one of them is a Jesuit whackjob.

Regardless–Richard Moore is suing some gang stalkers, and taking names. To him, and to others who range from journalists to attorney’s and others who have asked for or received my advice (in his case entirely unsolicited), the following applies at all times:

I also want you to know that regardless of the fact that they have compromised your internet, there are ways around that, as long as you have good evidence. The US attorney might even help you organize a sting against these bastards–work that angle.

That would look like this: you approach the US Attorney with an offer to use your own laptop, and offer to let them install their own spyware. Then, you use that system as your hackers attack you, and voila! Evidence for a prosecution.

As you said, the US Attorney might take a look at it, and so will several of the progressive prosecutors across the country. Good evidence is the key, and if you “jurisdiction shop” you might find that state prosecutors around the country are open to clean evidence–none of that gibberish about electronic brain zappers and so on.

I AM NOT A LAWYER! MY ADVICE IS STRICTLY BASED UPON RESEARCH AND BEST PRACTICES FOR JOURNALISTS SUCH AS MYSELF, who have gotten a few gang stalking cases into the courts, and into the news.

Cases like the Pasco County Sheriff and the Tampa Bay Times piece called “Targeted”–those journalists won a Pulitzer for describing a creeper sheriff targeting children! Or this: Teri Webster describes gang stalkers as exactly what they are, nearly 100% current and retired military, police, and intelligence agents and their flying monkey’s. I mean–even the US Attorney’s are taking stalkers to court now–all because one guy separated the psychobabblers from their victims, and got these cases into the MSM–whoever that “one guy” was, I am certain he shot Liberty Valance too.
No one knows to this very day, who it was that shot the small town bully and murderer Liberty Valance. But most people suspect “the feds was wut done it.”

Then, there’s this:

Do you have camera’s? Dash cams, front and rear? Hidden camera’s(clock camera’s, tiny pinhole camera’s etc.) and wildlife camera’s are quite useful.

I did that and collected a nice couple of video’s–cars trying to cause rear end collisions, squad cars stalking me, the one headlight b.s., the boxing in on the freeways–all very good stuff that helped me get the story out to other journalists.

Now: as for how they have hacked your computer, etc., there are a few programs you might want to consider if you can get them:

-an emulator, such as Oracle VM Virtual Box, which is a program that acts as separate computer operating system on your own computer. It uses something called “.iso” files to run alternative operating systems, from right within your own Windows machine! Valuable….

Kali Linux is a free operating system that can be used to trace your online stalkers, and even hack them back. It is the exact same system used by agency level hackers that are hacking you–its free, and not too hard to learn, and it has “forensic” applications that can teach you how to trace these people who are stalking you online. No doubt, you will be able to prove that the hacking comes from Fusion Centers.

-I cannot sing higher praises for Wireshark–it was the first tool that told me directly that Fusion Center’s were monitoring me, and that they used the “lawful intercept” protocol as legal justification for stalking me. That protocol at the time was used against all American’s but especially dissidents with overseas contacts–it was the gov’s excuse to target our communications under the terrorist laws at the time.


Don’t just stop at suing one stalker–because these cases involve police and others stirring up mobs against their targets. SUE THEM ALL, as we saw in the case of Rick Krlich in Ohio–but also, we see that you can expose the entire gang and harm them with the law itself, harm them in real world ways, and harm them with real world evidence.

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