Meet a junk science peddler, serial fraudster, and ex-Israeli spy Avinoam Sapir, the man behind SCAN Analysis

Evil, sociopathic and religion stained racist spies like Avinoam Sapir don’t simply retire–hell no!

At 71 years young, this evil miscreant has gone over to the “dark side*” pimping junk science, and selling courses that reek of racism–and religion too.

Junk science like SCAN is the root problem in so many false convictions

His product called SCAN Content Analysis is predictably bad, and depends not on any science that anyone can name, test, or “prove” beyond random chance, save for the “science” of forcing bad confessions down falsely convicted marginalized peoples throats using the psychic equivalent of “mind control,” aka “the third degree.”

Let’s meet this old shatan, and see what Scratch is up to with his “SCAN Analysis:”

Known as Scientific Content Analysis, or SCAN, the course is one of many training programs sponsored in recent years by ARIC, many of them of dubious value. A flier advertising SCAN was among the documents included in the BlueLeaks hack of ARIC and other “fusion centers” across the country.

SCAN was developed 30 years ago by Avinoam Sapir, a 71-year-old former Israeli intelligence officer who travels the world teaching the course, including a stop in our city. (Unlike other trainings promoted by ARIC, the three-day SCAN course hosted by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office was not free.) Sapir claims the technique is 95% effective in detecting deception and sells SCAN analyses online of everything from the Book of Genesis to the Robert Mueller report. “Junk science like SCAN is the root problem in so many false convictions.” – Just Liberty’s Kathy Mitchell.

The LSI website‘s assertions and testimonials about SCAN have the savor of a late-night infomercial. They claim that “SCAN will solve every case for you quickly and easily. You only need the subject’s own words, given of his/her own free will.” The technique is appealingly simple: “To use SCAN you need to do the following: 1. Give the subject a pen and paper. 2. Ask the subject to write down his/her version of what happened. 3. Analyze the statement and solve the case.”.

Law enforcers worldwide, including the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, have bought the LSI sales pitch that “Training your personnel in the SCAN technique will be the best investment in their law enforcement career!” But multiple studies have concluded that SCAN is utter nonsense. A 2016 U.S. government review of the program concluded that it “did not distinguish truth-tellers from liars above the level of chance” and that some of its “indicators of deception” were in fact signs that a suspect was telling the truth.

“Junk science like SCAN is the root problem in so many false convictions,” said criminal justice reform advocate Kathy Mitchell of Just Liberty. “We have no idea how many people have falsely confessed based on coercive techniques that we now know are no better than guesswork. And SCAN incorporates handwriting analysis, which should be consigned to the dustbin of history.”

So, unlike ROGS Analysis, which is a proven content analysis of gang stalking and its perpetrators, and which is used to identify “gangs” of “stalkers,” ROGS posits that “nearly 100% of all gang stalking is carried out by current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, and others in their sphere of influence, such as behavioral analysts, forensic psychologists, and others; and their friends, relatives and associates,” and “pundits” who do studies like these academic frauds here.

Feel free to compare ROGS Analysis to Avinoam Sapir’s SCAN Analysis, anytime. My results have validated my hypotheses repeatedly, most notably as we saw Wanda Cooper Jones use similar analysis to identify and prosecute a “gang” of police, prosecutors, and other public employees that stalked her son Ahmaud for many years, eventually gunning him down in cold blood–the equivalent of a modern day lynching.

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