I can’t stop laughing–“officer down!!!” as COVID-19 “was the number one killer of law enforcement officers in 2020 and has remained so in 2021”

All that bullshit we hear through the media about how dangerous police work is–it’s not, as year after year after year shows these fat triple dipping fucks aren’t even i the top ten for most dangerous jobs in the US or anywhere else.

And guess what? They are dying left and right of stupidity, as the global medical mafia and its Plandemic picks them off one by one for their “beliefs.”They refuse to protect THEMSELVES, an interesting feature of the police profile indeed–some jurisdictions select for “stupid” while others select for “follows the law,” and “takes precautions against known threats.

Listen dead cops: on one hand your international bankster bosses paid you to be the exact due process and anti-democracy ASSHOLE that you were, and on the other, they tossed you in the trash like a bloody Maxi Pad, or Cuban black bean shart, having used you for their purposes–and WOW! do your corpses stink! Bury yourselves already!

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering Broward County and it’s inhabitants are mafiosi affiliated with the global mob.Broward County Florida could use a little stink to raise awareness of the internecine workings of corruption in policing.

Well, enough “conspiracy theory” for now–read this and have a laugh, as police commit suicide in the face of ” threats to officer safety.”

Cops always pick the wrong fights–and hope the fallout makes them look like heroes, one way or another.

But they alsoforget who is paying their pensions. Yup. International banksters own them like dogs on leashes on one hand, and toss them under the bus on the other hand.

Hey, stupid–that’s what you signed up for!

LOTs and lots of LOL goes around afterwards, as we party and poop on their graves, as they partied over our” assisted suicides,” and forced institutionalizations, and due process free gang stalkings, like the case of Brian Laundrie, and our marginalization in sooooo many cases where you fucks got down on your knees, sacrificed truth over narratives, and left the voters of your county hanging like strange fruit (a historical analogy), and especially when it comes to gang stalking, where current and former police, military, intel agents and others in their sphere of influence hurt others by proxy.


Dear Broward County FL: The entire lot of you could die, and no real American citizen would miss you. You are like the dried dead skin on top of a tumor. For so long Broward County has been a cesspool of police corruption, as you fucks secretly kiss John Walsh on the tip of his cock, and bow to the Hollywood/CIA mafia’s.

And TBH–go die already–please keep dying, people like you! No one will miss you, not even your own kin.


And how did that COVID taste anyways? Was it more, or less bitter than a steroid injection–or a dose of free cocaine from your handlers in the international mafias?

No one will miss you. Exactly no none.

And please–please, please, please!! Take Chris Mathews and John Walsh with you! Those fuckers did more to destroy democracy that the Russians!! or the Jews!! or The EVIL CHINESES ever could have done–and you too.

Die already, Broward County Florida–and take your shitshow sheriffs department, your “gangs” of “intelligence led predictive policing ” acolytes, and your CIA handlers and mafia bosses with you.

You all stink more than alligator breath, a few days after a Brian Laundrie munchfest.

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