Waffle House shooter found guilty, not insane, highlighting the conflation of gang stalking “delusions” with schizophrenia disorders

From AP News:

Travis Reinking, center, reacts as the verdict is read during day five of Reinking's murder trial at the Justice A.A. Birch Building in Nashville, Tenn., Friday, Feb. 4, 2022. A jury found Reinking guilty of first-degree murder in the deaths of four people at a Waffle House in 2018. (Andrew Nelles/The Tennessean via AP, Pool)
Travis Reinking, center, reacts as the verdict is read during day five of Reinking’s murder trial at the Justice A.A. Birch Building in Nashville, Tenn., Friday, Feb. 4, 2022. A jury found Reinking guilty of first-degree murder in the deaths of four people at a Waffle House in 2018. (Andrew Nelles/The Tennessean via AP, Pool)

Waffle House shooter found guilty on 4 counts of murder

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A man who shot and killed four people at a Nashville Waffle House in 2018 was found guilty on four counts of first-degree murder Friday by a jury that rejected his insanity defense.

Travis Reinking, 33, did not dispute the details of the shooting, which was caught on surveillance video and witnessed by numerous people.

Naked save for a green jacket, Reinking opened fire inside the restaurant just after 3:20 a.m. on April 22, 2018, killing Taurean Sanderlin, 29; Joey Perez, 20; Akilah Dasilva, 23; and DeEbony Groves, 21. He fled after restaurant patron James Shaw Jr. wrestled his assault-style rifle away from him, triggering a manhunt.

Evidence presented during the trial showed Reinking had schizophrenia and had suffered delusions for years, believing that unknown people were tormenting him. He contacted law enforcement several times to report that he was being threatened, stalked and harassed. In July 2017, he was detained by the Secret Service after he ventured unarmed into a restricted area on the White House grounds and demanded to meet with then-President Donald Trump.

His behavior was so alarming that state police in Illinois, where he lived at the time, revoked Reinking’s state firearms owner identification. But that only meant he had to turn over his guns to someone else with valid identification. Reinking surrendered the guns to his father, who later returned them to his son.


Since law enforcement declined to take his delusions seriously, Reinking began to feel that they and other random people were part of a conspiracy against him, psychologists testified at trial. Shortly before the attack, he believed that someone had drugged him, broken into his apartment and raped him. Reinking told psychologists that while praying about what to do, he received a command from God to go to the Waffle House and shoot three people.

The case above highlights the effects of gang stalking and how it iss conflated with schizophrenia. The diagnoses is largely part of the eugenic approach that was popularized by the medical mafia, and its “health and hygenics” approach to creating a one world government.

From the literature, we see that there is no exact definition of schizophrenia or any coherent description of what it is, but we do see it applied to persons who are “socially undsireable” due to their thoughts and beliefs.

We also see it applied to persons who have undergone extensive gang stalking, and we see attempts to apply it post mortem to mass shooters, and other bizarre evets such as mass stabbings, car crashings, and so on that hit the news too.

Unsurprisingly, marijuana usage is often comorbid with the diagnoses, and implicated as a a causal factor and descriptor of the “disease,” as we see in the case above, his “delusion” included the desire to move to Colorado, and smoe a lot of pot.

More on the political/fake diagnoses of schizophrenia, from the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

The diagnostic concept of schizophrenia: its history, evolution, and future prospects

Assen Jablensky, MD

the existence of a specific brain disease underlying schizophrenia remains a hypothesis. Against a background of an ever-increasing volume of research data, the inconclusiveness of the search for causes of the disorder fuels doubts about the validity of the schizophrenia construct as presently defined. Given the protean nature of the symptoms of schizophrenia and the poor coherence of the clinical and biological findings, such doubts are not without reason

Read that carefully–that a bullshit diagnoses that has destroyed the lives of political activists in all totalitarian regimes throughout history since this bullshit diagnoses became de facto official source mental health slander after its”inventor” Kaeppler put it into the “mental health bible” of totalitarianism, the DSM, this diagnoses is STILL being applied–though no one knows exactly what it is!

I will restate a part of that hypotheses:

the inconclusiveness of the search for causes of the disorder fuels doubts about the validity of the schizophrenia construct as presently defined

Note that it is a construct–something constructed, manufactured, “made.” And that it is “defined” in some way–that it is a definition of something that has no actual definition! And note who makes it–Big Pharma et al.

SO, this is what it is, and the story above is a story about who gets defined by it, and what type of social impact it has as a social “construction.”

1-A guy claims he is being gang stalked. Have a look at the case of Richard Moore in Mississippi to see what that looks like. Moore has a long list of things that “happe” to him, and he captures it on film. Cars trying to run him off the roads, at oe point succeeding, and totaling his car. He files police report after police report, and submits the evidence of pickup trucks driving over his lawn, and people actually threatening him–on film, in his home. The police refuse to investigate–compare it to the case above for reference. And most recently some sociopath stole his recording equipment too, after an eleborate intersate plot. This is what gang stalking is, and he has a list of names, and three federal lawsuits ongoing too.

2-a guy repeatedly makes complaints to law enforcement about that criminal gang stalking–the police refuse to act. See the case of James Williams in Florida, where similar case facts as Richard Moore are evident. Threats, squealing tires in front of his house, horn honking–all caught on film, and even a speed radar device, where Williams documents people routinely doing 55 in a 40mph zone–and the police refuse to arrest or even ticket named actors whose license plates are caught on filme as they do this stuff. Both cases include sheriffs who are under investigation, one of those investigations is at the Department of Justice level.

3-the situations escalate, as police refuse to take action, but rather, call it “delusional” fantasy

Seriously–these cases are not any type of mental disorder whatsoever, but rather an ondicator of a society in total freefall away from democracy-and the outcomes end badly for all involved. And schizophrenia is a totally bullshit doagnoses, slapped on these cases, cout=rtesy of actual “mobs” of people who work in policing, mental health, and other state functions–all of that underwritten at the state level by the medical mafia’s.

15 thoughts on “Waffle House shooter found guilty, not insane, highlighting the conflation of gang stalking “delusions” with schizophrenia disorders

  1. Totally and completely agree on this. I am personally hoping that each gang stalking target caught and trapped for the grift their life’s destruction was worth to these real criminals gets exonerated after this horrifically evil program of individualized terrorism and financial fraud ends. I also say a prayer for some First Testament justice, since those doing this seem to feel it’s appropriate in a civilized society to behave like the Golden Rule applies only one way, on their one way street.

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    1. Well, yeah, the guy was aproduct of gang stalking.

      What’s interesting in his case is that as a gun rights advocate, a white male, he could have easily allied himself with police.

      The problem though, was his liking for pot, which is a trigger for the white right, pot being a symbol to them of non-white victory (the liquor lobby has always been run by royal families, and wealthy Jews, whereas marijuana was always a “brown people” product, until the Israeli mafia took it over in the early 80’s.)

      While I am glad that you pray, I am an a atheist–we don’t pray, we DO.

      In that light, I ask you to go over to Richard Moore’s Go Fnd Me, and contribute, as he was recently robed by a white supremacist, and their gang.


    1. Um…I doubt it.

      No one will buy stuff like that. Seriously–even morons will spend there money more wisely.

      But what the DO in fact is put it on Fusion Center and other information dtabases and their interlinked Intranet, so that they can circle jerk while tormenting people.

      As we all know, sado-masochism and homo-eroticism is the halmark of male dominated police culture.

      Absolute sickoes.

      The sexual aspect of this case is the ost striking, in my opinion–the guy was nearly naked, and while schizophrenics do that, this case seems more like induced erotic impulse–and like the other white guy, Nathan Allen, I suspect that he was being stalked, and so on by Afrcan American Masons–and that the nudity is part of some ritual, or an aspect of “mind control,” i.e.–they jumped him out of bed or something.

      But who knows? The police reports are all garbled half-factual bullshit, and only these guys can tell us what really happened.


    2. Yaya–I id not answer your question sufficiently. Let me try again:
      -security contractors fro the DHS and other agencies deliberately target, stalk and harass targets
      -they do indeed film them, and
      -they use those films to sell to agencies, and NGO’s who derive profit from stalking, much like a targeted hit
      -states that finance gangs of stalkers derive massive income from federal grants in these black budget operations, and distribute those grants through the Departments of Public Safety, and similar departments–for example, in California, the license plate reading camers, aka ALPR, are a source of revenue for many departments, including Transportation, Safety, and Fusion Centers

      So, yeah–I have an idea that it is possible the guy was filmed, but I do not have evidence of that.


  2. I would never
    Hurt people or animals
    Yet I have been hurt by people to the fullest degree of gang stalkers in the hospital. I’m becoming catatonic from it all. It seems.


  3. Iv not posted to

    I would never
    Hurt people or animals
    Yet I have been hurt by people to the fullest degree of gang stalkers in the hospital. I’m becoming catatonic from it all. It seems.


  4. OK how do you know some, or all the victims in the Waffle house shooting were gangstalkers? But yeah if they were then i guess they got what they deserved. But how is it that video footage is ignored? I mean you video the perp and get their license plate and yet the cops don’t do anything? WTF??
    But again my wife years ago had her car broke into and they didn’t do a damn thing.
    I Think we should go vigilante and arrest these scum ourselves if we can find them. I”m a Christian bit I don’t like the idea of scum getting away with crap that they’ve had a path of impunity for so long.
    Not mass shootings or anything but if no one will investigate for us investigate for ourselves make citizens arrest\s maybe draw them into self defense record it though so gangstalkers as I’ve read like to lie and say we started it, but record it video and voice so if we get into an altercation and happen to kill one of them they can’t lie. If these scum were to turn as I’ve prayed many times they would have by now. They’re scum and criminals animals they need culled like they’re trying to do to us.
    I record these scum all the time. I expose them when I can. People look at this website https://www.aimeesaudios.com/ it offers some good help. Maybe Pacts.com as well.
    get jammers with as many frequencies you can to jam and lesson the EMF radiation. use a phone number thing that you can have it not allow unknown callers and others calling you. They do this crap to connect to your phone to harass you. stop them and they can’t or will find other ways.
    Buy a gun always be aware of your surroundings if they try to run you off the road watch out and swerve or slow down. don’t believe most of the crap that they say. Radio waves can’t read your mind nor can anyone using your DNA connect to your mind at all at least not yet. ESP is false that’s Lucifer’s area but he can’t read our minds and if he can’t then no one can.it’s false.
    They need technology as well, there are x-ray technologies that can see a form into your house but not much else. TO do the monitoring that some claim you would have to be connected up to something to do so. AN EEG is the only way to do what they say and that has to be hooked up to you. NO ai and I don’t care how advanced it is can’t hook to you neither. The only thing AI can do is using v2k the criminals can use it as voice to harass and torment you but nothing else.
    two way communication is not correct through that crap it’s a lie. If your plate is known which is pretty much is drones can follow you and have cameras and microphones so that would be how some of that is true but not through your mind or theirs. Microwaves hit your head and make you open to artificial and I stress artificial sound and or noise or voices but that’s it.
    Keep your mind occupied all the time v2k crap can only do so much as long as you keep thinking on things unrelated to what they’re trying to do. FFF EM. Don’t go off on anyone Don’t confront unless you have proof and even then, legally. record record record video them voice record etc…
    I carry a small jammer almost every where I go.to stop them from using their cell phone. Stare at those with phones watch WTF they’re trying to look at if you can. Say under your breath gangstalkers get killed if you suspect one nearby. RF Jammers. bug scanners etc…
    that’s what I do. keep a log get USB flash drives to keep record on to keep off your computer.
    gain evidence against them then file a lawsuit on your own since most cops aren’t going to or DA’s. But if you can send evidence to one and see if you can’t get a criminal charge filed. Get an Hscada test. do your own blood tests to test for hydragel etc… hope some of that helps.


    1. Well–none of that helps me, because I helped myself, and got the hell out of America. The gang stalking stopped exactly as if I had flushed a toilet.

      All of that stuff you are talking about electronics, etc. is just more of the same–no one where I live has any problems remotely similar–US society is imploding upon itself, and the religious neocons are set to take over.

      This is all by design: religious crackpots at the top (Mike Pompeo and a Supreme Court full of Catholics and Jews) and communism for the masses–a prole society on the dole.

      So, there you go, a two tiered society is already quite active in the US. Parolees, mothers who married the state and its free money for unwed moms, family courts–these are the second tier.

      Their only moral claim left is that “they are not pedophiles” like the scapegoat Richard Moore-its entirely Masonic/Kabbalist/Opus Deists in cotrol, and this is their black magic.


    2. I am not sure if I was clear enough here: I don’t know if the Waffle House victims were also, in fact, gang stalkers. That would take weeks of research.

      But I do know this: so many mass shootings indicate that these gangs of stalkers are run by or affiliated with current and former police and intel agents. Examples are simply too numerous to list. Here’s just a few:

      -the Columbine shooting had the lead agent Dwayne Fuselier’s own son filming a dry run to that shooting

      -Scott Riehl took out a few gang stalkers disguised as SWAT team members in Colorado, after he had been stalked in several states BY police because they didn’t like the words he said online, such as “I am going to run for sheriff,” against the sheriff who was gang stalking him.

      -the Ten Thousand Oaks shooting managed to cap a few undercover and off duty cops–who just happened to be there, of course, along with “survivors” of the Las Vegas shooting

      In other words (and in the words of several mass shooters too), I am directly implicating the actions and inactions of current and former law enforcement,, their friends, relatives and associates as causal agents in mass shootings. I am saying that they are illegally harassing people, and that those so harassed eventually become “radicalized” i.e., they sometimes kill people after intensive stalking and harassment.


  5. yeah IO agree I wish I could leave I would but not sure where to go where I can keep my guns?
    Plus I don’t want to wear a mask. My guess is they are pedo’s as far as my research goes they don’t care who they rape or kill kids women men it don’t matter. Kids are just as suspect to being targeted buy these animals as anyone else is so yeah I’m sure they are.
    Plus this mass shooting that just happened in Texas killing a bunch of kids are theirs. So yeah they’re not moral at all. That’s the lies they tell people is that they’re only holding people responsible for crimes they didn’t commit, but with people so hateful and easily wanting to believe the worst they go along with them. but it’s them that are the scum and more likely the child molesters and rapists that they accuse their targets of being!
    Those cops in Texas most likely helped cause that kid into this mass shooting.
    I was watching Carlton earlier which is where I learned about this mass shooting, and he had a CIA on there calling it a mental illness thing. My Butt. He’s a gangstalker more than likely so is Carlton and Hannity The idea is to keep those of us like myself who knows what they are up to sedated and then create a mental illness conspiracy scapegoat then Big Pharma makes more money.
    But yeah your lucky but my guess is they know where you are and would start again if they wanted to. Europe’s a cesspool of gangstalkking along with Asia and Africa and all over so…. yeah.
    As far as being in danger these coward have threatened me several times so far and nothing has come of it. i do what I want to hell with them!


    1. Well, you are making a lot of illogical leaps there.

      But I agree that “That’s the lies they tell people is that they’re only holding people responsible for crimes they didn’t commit:”

      A lot of the Masonic-pedophile gang stalking is based off of the files of police records, unsolved cases, gang databases, and there is a link to how organizations like the scurrilous Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs) are behind much of it.

      the LEIU’s are all retired cops feeding d\ata to current cops from their days in law enforcement, and their illegal practices have been institutionalized, and when cops retire, they feed all of their moldie oldies to secret databases, the same kind of databases that were once considered illegal and immoral, are now commonplace.

      Then. there’s the domestic spy outfits like the ADL and the KKK networked throughout that scheme too.

      As for whether they “know where I am at?” I could care less–there have been a few attempts they have made to interact, but I reported them to the authorities. Then, I watched politics in the nations I reside in change, and laws passed to kick these people out of the country.

      I will be blunt: I know where they are, and they know where I am, but I have backup now, and “friends” who find my information useful. And when these scumbags hit the shores they get filed in special dossiers too, flagged as “potential” something or other. I even “gang stalked” an entire diplomatic outpost, alongside a non-US army colonel once–cool, huh? It is possible to flip the script on these people.

      Lastly–tell me more about what you use the email nym AP Hill?


    2. OK, so I read the news–another mass shooting in Texas, by a LatinX kid. Nothing new here.

      William Cooper predicted that the deep state would use mass shootings to take away the US constitutional right to own guns, and he was correct.

      But here’s the thing: other countries don’t have that problem, unless they are allied with ADL/KKK styled binary, Jewish Christian societies. And all of thse societes are violent shitholes. Pick any country where Jews or christian form the majority and you will see massive violence, and death.

      So–while it’s quite sad that the US police state is in fact creating these “Langley-an Candidates” and murdering children, hey, it’s what they do. Masonic world order folks are behind every insane, evil plot, ever.

      So, yeah, what, me worry? I live in a safe place, where I am protected now, by police, and military, instead of harassed, stalked and attacked by them.


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