Support Group for Atheists Demonized or Abandoned by Friends or Family:help for targeted individuals

In the last month, I have fielded emails from people who are targeted by:

  • the “higher power” Masonic cults of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous, and the recovery industry
  • the healthcare industrial complex/medical mafia, and its web of associates who are trying to “drive them crazy.”
  • a christian who is targeted by other christians
  • a non-theist who finds that the answers Jewish-christian society provides for him are all bunkem
  • a woman who is of a non-typical white ethnicity, targeted by christians

This is just a sampling of one months comments and emails–a gang stalking statistic if you will.

And because targets become isolated due to stalkers who are very well connected, and ingrained (embedded?) in our so-called “free societies,” its hard to provide resources for real targets, because as we see time and time again, Jewish-christians and their shenanigans infiltrate and co-opt all avenues of help, and attempt to force, coerce and manipulate people to adopt their belief systems.

Take a look here at the “addiction recovery” industrial complex for one example of co-option of resources, and narratives of “recovery,” and here at one woman’s take on those industries.

SO–I found a unique resource today, and I thought I would pass it on: a support group for atheists. And by passing it on, I don’t mean to say that atheism is the answer for anyone–and my personal opinion about atheists is about the same as my opinion about Jewish-christians: there are lots of crackpots, assholes, and jerks in either crowd.

I find it quite unique that I have christians seeking me out for help–something is purely lacking in those teachigs. But help them I do, if I can. In fact, my ongoing case study of Richard Moore in Mississippi is one for the record books: if you could have told me that one day I would be assisting a bible thumping Baptist fight back against terrorist religious cultists in the hell-hole slavery state of Mississippi, I would have laughed in your face. Use my search feature, KW: Richard Moore.

The guy needs help–I watched the video’s of state patrol terroizing him on the highways, and monster truck driving asshats tearing across his lawn and shouting threats–gangs of stalkers are very real in the KKK state of MS–and I ask my readers to investigate his case–it is one of the more egregious gang stalking cases I have ever seen.

But brotherly love demands that we do what we can to pick up anyone who stumbles( or gets pushed) before us, and restore them. If even one of those who target him had ever read their own damned bible, they would see that it’s the keystone to happiness-helping those who have fallen, and doing it without penalty. Restoring one restores all.

Well–atheists have some pitfalls, most of which is that they, like christians, have been co-opted by well organized disinformation movements. And, their ranks are rank–beastly even. Of those I have known, most of them are Harvard brainwashed “free thinkers” who have an agenda that is anythig but free.

But hey–resources are resources, and if you are feeling bad, or suicidal even–take a look here first at how gang stalkers will indeed try to kill you, and how well organized they are doing it, and then go over to the Atheist Support Group to find a friend or two–because as we all know, the Jewish-christians “create the disease, and then sell you the cure.”

Sin, An Imaginary Disease

And really–who wants to hear that bible shit written by dead people when you are feeling low anyways? What you need is a shot of life! If nothing, atheists can prvide that for free–no cost rabble rousing life.

Contact these guys:

Support Group for Atheists Demonized or Abandoned by Friends or Family

Do you feel isolated and alone? Are your friends or family giving you a hard time for being yourself? Are you afraid of sharing your views with those around you?At Atheist Republic, we are atheists who care and we really mean that. Many atheists around the world do not have the opportunity to express their thoughts to others around them. We are a group of friends who want to be a shoulder to cry on, help provide resources for additional assistance and be a friend to someone who needs one.If you are in immediate danger, please contact trained professionals. If you’re looking for resources for asylum we can point you in the right direction however, we can not actually assist with funds or contact anyone on your behalf. If you just want a friend to talk to, we’re here for you.

Then, read this testimonial:

This page… gives me an outlet that I don’t have in the real world, living in a small, conservative town, surrounded by religious family members that I don’t feel like I can talk to (Not even my own mother). I don’t feel so isolated knowing that there are other people going through the same experience as me.

I myself take comfort in the many stories and myths of indigenous cultures of all kinds, seeking commonality. Recently, I am a fan of the various proto-Celtic, Celtic and Druidic historical and archeological findings that refute the Roman-Jewish-christian collonialism and slavery that all cultures have endured.

See the source image
Look at that amazing sky disc–the Nebra Sky Disc–the oldest description of the universe ever found! And those excellent bronze daggers–those gorgeous axe and pick heads–just wow! They were here before the bible was here.In fact, soe archaeologists believe that there was once a one-world religion that spanned the globe from old world of Europe, the near east, to Asia, to the New World, and they built structures that were similar across time and space–pyramids, and Stonehenge like megaliths can be found on all major human habitated continents Source: Business Insider

And this:

See the source image
The Nebra Sky Disc is the worlds first star map–and pre-flood high tech, from

But your answers might be different and that’s ok too–go find others who are NOT like the people who are stalking and harassing you.

And, if you have time, take a look at the following:

Are there atheists in foxholes? You damn betcha there are–Military Atheists has lots of them all hunkered down together.

Ten Common Myths About Atheists

Atheist Resources

You Don't Need Religion to Have Morals

2 thoughts on “Support Group for Atheists Demonized or Abandoned by Friends or Family:help for targeted individuals

  1. Look up Celebrate Recovery and you get the master Cult leader Rick Warren and the Purpose Driven Life ( lie) and his Saddleback back Church( broke back mountain) . This is a copy of AA and this cult them is interested in thousands nof churches, and other ” community organizations Nation wide. Now you have the treasure map to the Community fake backbone of pathetic community policing perverts hiding behind Religion. This real Christian however isn’t afraid to spotlight the shit on his doorstep!


    1. Yeah, he has access to some 37000 churches. I have no doubt it is a cult.

      I keep asking you: please send me the documents that you have, those contracts where they have parents sign off so that their children can go stalking through the world under the watchful eyes of their stalkers in chief.

      Journalism depends upon documents.

      And I think I mentioned that several mass shootings have occured in Colorado, near to that Red Rocks church to–Coloradoo is sucha joke, with so much of that fundamentalist crao having taken over, and destroyed the natural beauty of that place.

      These people are what evil is.


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