Uh-oh…here comes Kazakhstan! And, speaking of wiggers….

That scene–you know it–where Sasha Baron-Cohen introduces Kazakhstan in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

My name Borat.

I like you. I like sex.

It’s nice.

This my country of Kazakhstan.

It locate between Tajikistan

and Kyrgyzstan…

…and assholes Uzbekistan.

This my town of Kuzcek.

This Urkin, the town rapist.

Naughty, naughty.

Over here, our town kindergarten.

And here live Mukhtar Sakanov…

…town mechanic and abortionist.

This my house. Entry, please.

He is my neighbor,

Nursultan Tulyakbay.

He is pain in my assholes.

I get a window from a glass,

he must get a window from a glass.

I get a step, he must get a step.

I get a clock radio, he cannot afford.

Great success.

This is Natalya.

She is my sister.

She is number four prostitute

in all of Kazakhstan.


This is my mother.

She oldest woman

in whole of Kuzcek.

She is 43. I love her.

And this my wife, Oxana.

She’s boring.

What you say about me,

you skinny piece of sh*t?

Not now, please.

Why don’t you do something

useful and dig your mother a grave.


Borat demonstrating the preferred mode of travel for Kazakh’s. Kazakh’s are one of many post-Ottoman Empire Wigger people’s.

Well, anyways–its the first time my blog has fielded hits from the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, and I suspect they are closing in on me! One day hits from Russia and Belarus, the next day Sierra Leone or Nicaragua–and now the Kazakh’s are onto me!

Gang stalking, as we see, is far from an imaginary friend that some “delusional” people feed. In fact, gang stalking is a world wide phenomenon, and many people are interested in the topic–but also, interested in ME! Whodathunkit?

Just a few short decades ago I was slinging propagada in the US as a US citizen, and now what? Yup–teling it like it is all over the nternet. The fundoes and the Masons–and all of their NED funded NGO’s have got my name on a list now.

I am such a trouble maker–gee, I hope those asshats in Lexington KY are getting all this via my computer “implant.”

Like Kazakhstan, I too have my own troubles with doing journalism in the national interest. I was delusional for most of my life, thinking the USA was a democracy!

Crazy, silly me. I was wrong. It’s a full blown police and surveillance state–worse than eastern bloc countries.Which is why I am learning from Eastern Bloc countries how I can doing journalisms.better, and learn to self-censor my thoughts and ideas.

Or, as Borat put it:

My profession, work as a

television reporter for Kazakhstan.

Please, you see.


Here comes the Jew.

It’s a big one this year.


He nearly got the money there.

Wait, here comes Mrs. Jew.

She’s stopped.

Is she? Is she?

Here it comes.

She’s laid a Jew egg.

Go kids! Crush that

Jew chick before he hatches!

Although Kazakhstan glorious country,

it have problem too.

Economic, sociaI and Jew.

This why Ministry of Information

have decide to send me to U.S. and A…

…greatest country in the world

Yeah–I guess a shout out to the Wiggers of Kazakhstan is in order.

Hey, Wigger’s!

All lines from Borat are the original work of that film. The film can be viewed here, and the script can be found here.

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