What is “torture” in the gang stalking dialectic? He was put into a “restraint chair doused in pepper spray, and wheeled me out into a dark corridor.” Ask Richard Moore, USAGSA president–“what is torture?”

UPDATE: The post below is unfinished, as my blog was attacked by an unknown web exploit as I attempted to write this.

In the gang stalking dialectic, there are basically two sides: those who deny the brutality and the heinous activity of the modern western police state, and those who are victims of the modern police and surveillance state.

The former are known as “gang stalking denialists,” and the latter are known as “gang stalking victims”

I ask all of my readers (especially my three daily die-hards who read EVERY SINGLE POST) to watch the Kizzy and Kracker Show, and support Richard Moore’s cause by donating to his Go Fund Me–because he is one of the very few actual targeted individuals who have survived actual murder attempts in the USA, Mississippi, where the Ku Klux Klan hides behind badges.

You can read more about him here, and here, and here. As gang stalking cases go, few are stranger, or interconnected to historical struggles, than the case of Richard Moore. And, most cases of claims of gang stalking are better documented than his either–he has cell phone video’s of “men in black” dressed in paramilitary style clothing, shooting guns off on his front lawn.

He has video’s of drones following him around, courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety to demonstrate how these Fusion Center’s waste the taxpayers dollars. He has video’s of false arrests, and yes–claims of being tortured in jails.

And so, he has the tattoos and scars that you might expect on a person whose life was spent documenting how white supremacy in the state of Mississippi and across the USA works in action and practice.

Related Story: The Maine Fusion Center, aka Maine Information and Analysis Center (MIAC), is one of around 80 of these anti-democratic subversion centers nation wide, and goes by a different name than its counterparts–part of a deliberate evasion of transparency. The MIAC Shadow Report documents how they target the poor, the marginalized, the dissidents and the activists in that state.

His cousin Charles Lee Moore was the most famous photographer of the civil rights era, HIs uncle was a Grand Wizard or something in the KKK of old, and his relatives trained the attack dogs of the Ku Klux Klan–those dogs that we saw tearing away the clothing and flesh of freedom marchers–those were his uncle’s dogs, on loan to the Birmingham police department.

Richard is a white male–his body is covered in tattoos–he has a tattoo below his eye,, and an all seeing eye on his throat.

The eye tattoo is a treble clef, not a teardrop, though actual KKK affiliated white females–namely far-right psychobabbler Tiffany Fontenot, has tried to portray that tattoo as a teardrop. Others–pro-mini golfer Astra Miglane Stanwyck, and Kristen Harrison Kimbrell, a woman who assailed my comments section recently all fit profiles themselves.

The treble clef is a symbol used by intelligent people, musicians, and other creatives to indicate joy.

The eye-teardrop has several meanings in “gang culture” one of which is that it can be inferred that the wearer has committed a murder. One teardrop = one murder

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