Jewish-christian spy-ops via organized religion, as no one with a brain takes the latest news seriously–we now live under a Ministry of Truth

When I read headlines like “Southern Baptists gear up for major Ukraine relief effort,” I am reminded of what treacherous people Jewish-christians are, and how they are always “saving” people just after they bomb them; doubling down on saving nubile nymphets and babies at every turn. It’s a really sick enterprise.

Related Story: Southern Baptists, and other Protestant’s ranging from Free Will Baptists, and Presbyterians, and so on still run Ku Klux Klan type operations all over the south. Use my search feature, keywords Richard Moore, Union County, and so on for more posts about that. The US hasn’t solved its own problems, much less the problems of the Ukraine–ever. It’s just an endless war that shifts playing fields every couple of years.

And even Twitters new owner Elon Musk is subtly calling out the latest Freemason shenanigans on Twitter, taking George Soros, the Clinton Foundation (they just LOVE the children!) and corporations like Coca Cola to task over how they suppress free speech on Twitter.

So, as I watch one man targeted by corrupt elements of policing in Mississippi, I also note the factions in his area that can be analyzed–and take names.

Here’s more about how the Baptists will save everybody in the Ukraine, so that NATO can continue building bioweapons labs there–or start WW3, which ever comes first. But I guarantee you Ukraine can win this war! If only the entire world sends more bombs, and ca$h!

Mississippi Baptists have longstanding ties to the Eastern European people of Ukraine since they gained their independence from the former USSR in 1991. Volunteers from Mississippi Baptist churches and pastors from our state have made many trips to the cities and communities of Ukraine, sharing the Gospel and assisting the growing indigenous church with discipleship and training over the past two decades.

With this strong tie and the many friendships that exist, Mississippi Baptists are joining together to express concern, pray, and respond with our Southern Baptist partners in meeting the needs of the Ukraine people.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia that has been simmering since 2014 has erupted this week with Russian forces staging a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. After weeks of heightened tensions and escalating conflict in eastern Ukraine, on February 24 Russian troops entered the country.

Hmmmm. I wonder if these Baptists are the same Baptists here in New Albany, MS that organize gang stalking of men like Richard Moore from churches? Take a look. Nothing like good-ol’ Jewish-christian love to send a message of care!

But all Jewish -christian operations are merely spying and war by any other name–its what they do.

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